What is Intentious?

In·ten·tious    /inˈtenCHəs/    (adj.)  –
Intentionally causing or likely to cause argument; deliberately controversial.


Content you find on Intentious may or may not reflect the personal view of the author.

Intentious is the home of controversial news sharing & discussion. Intentious is dedicated to reporting on important current news and issues that breed strong opinions, contention, bias, debate, discussion and conflicting personal interests.

Our team of editors select content to deliberately incite a passionate response from our readers, providing a platform for the free expression of the voice of the people through uncensored commentary and provocative opinion.

Your blood may boil at times, or you may feel that sharing your opinion on an article is simply unavoidable. Our readers are encouraged to take part, whether anonymously, via a pseudonym or using your real identity.

Unusual or unconventional news topics are rife across Intentious. Any opinions may be published if they pose a strong discussion point or represent a point of division among the opinions of the public. However, our team does strive to report accurately, using the most current information wherever possible, while covering a balanced range of topics.

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