Keep Calm and Rape A Lot: T-shirts for Men of Sick Taste

Keep Calm and Rape Her Tee Tshirt Amazon

Keep Calm and Rape Her Tee Tshirt Amazon

An online business selling t-shirts on Amazon has incurred the wrath of the world for selling mens t-shirts with the following slogans in giant print across the front:


After waves of complaints, the vendor has (been forced to?) apologise for the sick, so-called “humorous” tees.

There’s such a thing as bad taste humour, black humour and the like. Some of it is fine on t-shirts, even if it offends other people. However, advertising a seriously violent crime to the masses as though it were a laughable in-joke is a bane for good natured men who believe in an end to discrimination and domestic violence. It’s disgusting. You may as well sell t-shirts calling for the murder of babies while you’re at it. Anything highly illegal is questionable t-shirt material, you should think.

As deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman commented about this outrage,

Domestic violence and sex offences are not something people should make money out of.”

Keep Calm and Knife Her T-shirt Tee

Keep Calm and Knife Her T-shirt Tee

The internet retailer eventually withdrew the stock from the American company who was selling it on their behalf and via Amazon: Solid Gold Bomb.

So how did this happen? How on earth does such a print get through quality control measures?

Is anybody working for either company checking what they sell? If so, I think it’s time somebody was fired, don’t you?

Michael Fowler, the founder of Solid Gold Bomb, issues a written apology and sort-of-explanation on their website.

He blamed “an automated process that created the matched slogans”.

Keep Calm and Hit Her T-shirt

Keep Calm and Hit Her T-shirt

Umm.. what? Sounds like a cop-out to me. You can’t really get angry or retaliate at a computer, can you.

Reading on, he added:

 “As the party responsible within our company for scripting and creating this automated process… I apologise for the offensive response this has created across the world. No words can express how I feel about what has occured and in no way do I condone or promote this serious issue.

“I will offer a more in depth explanation of cause to explain what and how this occured. Both myself and our company and it’s associated Solid Gold Bomb brand have never had any intention of the spread of violent slogans or even poor taste humour t-shirts.

“This was a computer error of my creation and I accept my responsibility in the matter.”‘

Computer error? Since when are computers fucking rapists? How do the slogans “AND RAPE A LOT” or “AND KNIFE HER” just randomly come up in a bin of computer-matched slogans unless someone types them in?

This offered me – and thousands of others – no real explanation and only sought to make people more irritated and irate. It seems impossible that this couldn’t be pinned on somebody deliberately writing out the slogan due to their sick sense of humour.

BoingBoing’s Corey Doctrow tries to offer this “reasonable” way a computer algorithm might go about randomly selecting slogans such as those three above:

1) Start a sentence with the words KEEP CALM AND.

2) Pick a word from this long list of verbs. Any word will do. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’re all fine.

3) Finish the sentence with one of the following: OFF, THEM, IF, THEM or US.

4) Lay these words out in the classic Keep Calm style.

5) Create a mockup jpeg of a t-shirt.

6) Submit the design to Amazon using our boilerplate t-shirt description.

7) Go back to 1 and start again.

Keep Calm and Rape Her Tee Tshirt Amazon

Voila, random t-shirt made! It’s not my fault, the computer did it by itself!!

I’m sorry, but come on. Even Richard Dawkins would be hard pressed to explain how not one, but three, sexist, female domestic violence t-shirts could be created in a pool “at random” by a computer word generating algorithm without some “design by the creator” going on.

Why is there no “AND RAPE HIM” or “AND MURDER HIM” tee? Why is it all “HER”? Why aren’t any of them nonsensical matches of verbs and nouns like “KEEP CALM AND FLY BANANA”?

Am I missing something? o_O

As a post-script, if you do happen to see some dickhead walking around having bought one of these, please firmly and repeatedly kick him in the balls in public. You have my permission.

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Author:Andrew Beato

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4 Comments on “Keep Calm and Rape A Lot: T-shirts for Men of Sick Taste”

  1. James Hill
    March 4, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    Their excuse about a computer making these up is beyond ridiculous, but I’m struggling to care about these t-shirts. They’re not funny, they’re in poor taste, and I have no intention of buying one, but other than that I don’t see them as being particularly harmful, they’re certainly no more harmful than the multitude of t-shirts, books and movies that glorify violence, dictators and genocide.

  2. gwallan
    March 7, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    I’ve been censored. Not allowed to point out that female rapists of young boys have been paid by womens magazines. Doesn’t fit the “always blame men” narrative I guess.

    • March 7, 2013 at 12:25 pm #

      No censorship going on here, gwallan. You can post what you want.

    • Jay
      April 29, 2013 at 10:31 am #

      You are correct, gwallan.

      There is an epidemic of female sex offenders but it’s never acknowledged in the feminized media. There are female pedophiles in schools, daycare, correction facilities and in many other female-centric job sectors.

      Michelle Elliot of Kidscape U.K (a children’s charity) talked about the prevalence of female pedophiles. She was attacked by feminists then and continues to be attacked now. I found a video of her being interviewed here:

      Erin Pizzey pointed out how many “women’s shelters” are being used as predatory grounds for lesbians to prey on the defenseless and vulnerable. Feminists shot her dog and constantly sends her death threats. Canada Court Watch did a series of interviews exposing such activities in women’s shelters in Canada:, and

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