Sex For President 1964: Momentum Is Everything, And So Is Machismo

1964 – Lyndon Johnson vs. Barry Goldwater

This is an episode in the series Sex For President, which considers the 2012 U.S. presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the historical context of previous U.S. presidential elections. To read more about the premise of Sex For President, read the first installment at


In the wake of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Johnson was simply sexy by association. Otherwise, this election would have been a tossup. Or not. I mean, if one must choose, what’s sexier, a 6’4″ Texas bulldog, or an out-of-step Republican who looks like the sibling of Truman Capote and Andy Warhol? This is precisely why Ron Paul never had a chance. Every presidential election since 1960 has been a pissing contest. And that’s putting it nicely, folks.


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Author:Brian Howell

Very serious about very few things, and infuriatingly casual about everything else. ADD before ADD was cool. Big on relationships; small on stuff. I'm dispositionally a typical artist in the best and the worst of ways. I love debating. I hate fighting. And at the rate I'm growing up, I'll need about 120 years to complete the life most others do in 80. But that's ok; God knows His plans for me. Also at American Parser, my own blog. Google it.

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