Losers Versus Gentlemen

I was told by some of my female readers that I absolutely must follow on from the Ladies versus Sluts piece about the other half of the problem: Loser men.  However, I do want to keep this fresh and not simply rehash the Ladies vs Sluts piece with resexed pronouns, so this piece won’t match up precisely with the previous one.  Also, I like writing these kinds of articles because I’m a traditionalist, however, not a moralistic traditionalist, but a logical and rational traditionalist.  Basically, I think our ancestors got it as close to right as they could at the time, but without the benefit of science they couldn’t explain articulately why the rules were the way they were.  I like explaining why traditionalism is a valid way of living especially in this modern era or entitlement and sexual licentiousness.

First, I need to rescue a term, a term that has been sadly degraded over the centuries.   A lot of people assume that the world “gentleman” comes from “gentle” and “man”, however, the word “gentle” has more in common with the word “gentry” or the elite.  So a gentleman is an elite-man.  He is an elite-man because he holds himself to higher personal standards than other men.  Now onto the comparison.

1. Resilience

We live in what I’ve heard described as the teacup generation, a generation of people who can’t handle life’s knocks and bumps with out shattering into a thousand pieces.  While there is an annoying number of women who just can’t handle the word ‘no’ when it’s directed at them, it is perhaps more annoying when this is seen in men.  Being resilient is a manly trait.  Resilience isn’t the same as toughness, resilience doesn’t mean you always win, it simply means that you don’t give up easily.  Losers have no resilience, they start a task or a venture and as soon as it gets a little hard put down their aprons and look for a woman to sob themselves into a childish giddiness.   The loser doesn’t go out and get a job, he just joins the dole queue.

Gentlemen on the other hand aren’t satisfied with the humdrum of sitting back and waiting for life to hand them their due, they go out and seek it.  Sure, they’ll screw up many times and they find themselves spending many sleepless nights worrying about whether they’ve made a big mistake or not.  But gentlemen don’t give up.  They keep working towards that plum job, they keep working towards that next promotion, they keep working towards that next fitness goal, they keep working to find that special woman they want to marry and build a family with.   Gentlemen do this not because they are born winners, but because they can handle setbacks, they can handle defeat, they can handle failure and can get back on their feet again and keep at it until they do succeed.

Women could do the world a huge favour if they simply had a rule, don’t date men who lack resilience.   By breeding with men who lack resilience you’re increasing the number of lazy people in the world.  It’s that simple.  Sure, there are millions of reasons why a man might not be resilient, but once he’s an adult only he can change himself for the better.  If he can change himself into a more resilient man then he is worthy of passing his genes on, but if he can’t change himself, despite knowing that he ought and/or wanting to do so, then don’t punish your children with his bad genes.  It’s that simple, and this means the women of the future will have more gentlemen to choose from than what they have today.

2. Classy

Class is a naughty word these days.  We’re all meant to live in some classless communist utopia now where everyone dresses and acts the same.  This is a very primitive and degrading way to live if you’re a winner, but it’s a very safe and comfortable way to live if you’re a loser.  If you’re a loser you tend to like communism, socialism, affirmative action, welfare and the nanny state.  Losers like this sort of thing because they don’t have any faith in their ability to survive without someone wiping their bottom, making their meals for them and telling them they’re great all the time.   For the loser, working as a shop assistant, a paper boy or collecting the dole may seem like respectable careers.  However, in reality only if they the man in question was mentally deficient would these be respectable and admirable careers, but if they have the correct number of arms and legs as well as the correct number of cerebral lobes then they’re literally robbing the world and themselves of something special: a decent human being and maybe even a true gentleman.

Gentlemen look at the world and they see no two people are equal in all things.  Even if they might both be able to run the same distance, one might be faster than the other.  Nature is full of cruelness and unfairness, but unlike the loser, the gentleman doesn’t curl up into a ball of self-pity and mourn the changing nature of the moon.  No, the gentleman embraces these differences and sees the world as an endless array of opportunities to test himself and his abilities.  He doesn’t worry about losers who don’t invest in themselves and their careers, instead he focuses on getting the most out of himself and is career.  He learns to eat and dress properly, maybe he takes some elocution lessons, he learns to dance as well as the fine art of conversation, especially how to be pleasant company.  He takes up hobbies just to test his ability to learn and master new skills.  He goes the extra mile not because someone is prodding him with a stick, but because he wants to be the best he can be.  He wants to be a better class of man.

Embracing the class system is an excellent way to get into the habit of lifelong improvement and aspiring to be your best.  People without class… well they’re people without class aren’t they?  Having class isn’t something you should fear, instead you should fear not being worthy of your class or least lacking pride in it.

3. High Standards

There are a lot of attractive women in the world.  At a casual glance down across the shopping mall, only counting women aged between 20-30, I’d probably consider 70-60% attractive enough to have sex with.  From my experience, most men would probably put the figure a little higher or a little lower.  This is purely going on their physical characteristics.  This is where the mentality of the loser stops when it comes to relationships potential: if the girl is attractive enough to take to bed, then she’s good enough for anything.  The loser doesn’t care if she’s a bitch, if she’s stupid, if her relatives are closer to chimpanzees than to Nobel Laureates genetically, he doesn’t care is she’d make an awful mother, he doesn’t care if she’d hurt and upset his friends and family, he doesn’t care if she’s a greedy self-indulgent whore, all the loser cares about is she’s attractive enough to get a boner ready and this is his “big” opportunity to get “lucky”.

Meanwhile the gentleman has some standards.  The gentlemen might spot a nice piece of arse, and he might even think, “gee, that is a nice piece of arse,” but as soon as that woman’s wedding ring flashes up or she brutally kicks a puppy across the lobby, that gentleman crosses his legs and moves onto the next nice piece of arse.  A gentleman doesn’t want a whore, he wants a lady: an intelligent, independent, thoughtful, kind, attractive, stylish, mentally stable  and inspiring woman.   The gentleman does not want a loose woman because he has the self-respect to want to make sure he is paying for his own children’s future and not another man’s “lucky dig”.

Finally, there is nothing more flattering to say to a woman than to tell her that out of the thousands of young attractive, fertile and healthy women he has come across, only she was worthwhile dating.

4. Interesting

Conversation is a missing art these days and one need simply sit down with the nearest loser to discover this.  The loser loves to talk about themselves all day long, especially about their little irritations and foibles.  I broke a nail, oh I’m not as slim as I wish I was, oh I wish my boss hadn’t said that nasty thing to me.   While it’s true, life isn’t all sweetness and happiness, in fact a lot of the time it’s really hard and stressful but part of the mark of a loser is their complete inability to cope with anything minor and even worse, complain about it endlessly.  We all know the sounds a loser makes over the most trivial things: damn, I missed the bus, I can’t believe I missed the bus, that bus driver saw me too, he was the most wretchedly inhuman SOB I’ve ever come across because he drove off just because I was a little late to the bus stop, whinge, whinge, whinge.   Most people learn to close their ears to drown out the sound of the loser because he is dull and depressing.

In contrast, the gentleman understands that there are two types of problems in the world, those which easily put aside and those with require some effort to put aside.  A gentleman never wastes his or other people’s time talking about the problems one can easily put aside unless it’s comical or instructive, instead he focuses on real problems, problems that are interesting to listen to and think about.  Problems whose solutions can sometimes be inspiring to other people and make them question things more deeply.  A gentleman is a man of intriguing questions, deep insight and reliably fascinating conversation.  He does not waste his breath talking about the mundane so that when he speaks people nearby stop to prick their ears to hear what he has to say.

5. Boldness

Boldness in a man is an impressive trait to behold, but here one needs to understand some things.  Boldness isn’t about speaking loudly or rudely.  Boldness is about class and tact.  When arriving at the party, two men might spot an extraordinarily attractive woman.  The loser might walk up to her and demand to know her number, he might stand too close to her and tell her she’s looking sexy.  Some women might find the loser’s advances to be confident, but the more astute women are going to realise that instead he is in fact arrogant.  Arrogance and confidence might both involve being the centre of attention, however, the difference is that arrogance is poverty whereas confidence is wealth.  The loser is arrogant, he hasn’t earned his place at the centre of attention, at the head of the table, or talking to the most attractive woman.  The loser is an interloper trying to impersonate a gentleman.

Fortunately, at this same party, there was another man, a gentleman, this gentleman walks boldly up this extraordinarily attractive woman and stares boldly into her eyes without speaking.  Then, while still keeping a respectful distance, confidently introduces himself.  The gentleman reads the body language of the woman, sees that she’s comfortable with him talking to her and so he closes the distance with her while keeping eye contact.  He then asks her about her opinion of the party, her relationship with the guests, all with the intention of gleaming more information from her, he still hasn’t decided if he actually wants to ask her out or to sleep with her, he’s bold yes, but he’s also patient, discerning, confident and respectful.  He’s not a loser, he’s a gentleman.

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Author:Jason Sutherland

Resist the temptation to assume that you're always right or wrong. Never succumb to thinking you're so insignificant to trust your own thoughts and feelings. Always be responsible and listen carefully to others before passing judgement. Don't trust governments bearing stolen goods.

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10 Comments on “Losers Versus Gentlemen”

  1. Anonymous
    January 16, 2013 at 4:20 pm #

    Another great piece, written with understanding.

  2. Anonymous
    January 21, 2013 at 7:10 am #

    Another shit piece.
    The writing skills, the voice, and the word choice is lacking.
    But you are so up your own ass you probably don’t even realize..
    but hey, only Real eyes realize real lies.

  3. Evelyn
    January 27, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    Interesting piece, Jason. However, I have a thought.. what percentage of the population of men would you consider “losers”? I have to meet and network (in other words, hang out and sometimes, date) with all sorts of men all the time because of my job, and I actually classify alot of men as losers – if I’m just going on points 3 and 4, which for me are one of the most important factors I consider when I want to get serious with a guy.

    I find that alot of men will immediately want to get serious or want commitment from you simply because he thinks you are attractive. For example, treating/calling you his girlfriend after only 1 or 2 dates. I’m the kind who prefers to date/know a guy for awhile before I decide I want to be in a relationship with him and be his girlfriend. Going out on dates doesnt immediately qualify us as boyfriend-girlfriend. but alot (not all, but quite a significant number) of men just go for looks and don’t care to learn much about your personality… or if you are an interesting person with interesting, intellectual topics to talk about. In other words, I dont see alot of men having high standards, they just see a pretty girl, as long as she’s friendly enough, nice enough, makes him feel comfy enough then it’s ok for him. Again, I stress that this is not all men, but some. Gentlemen I feel are becoming a rare breed of men. Your thoughtS?

    • January 27, 2013 at 2:23 pm #

      “what percentage of the population of men would you consider “losers”?”

      I would have thought any man who has bought into cultural-Marxism or political correctness is a loser. See this instructional video for instance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7_tWNB2zl8 or this girl has the right idea: http://misfitpolitics.co/2012/03/top-10-reasons-i-will-never-date-a-liberal/

      For points 3 and 4, you can blame the proliferation of sluts post the 1960s. Pussy is just so cheap men don’t bother trying to be interesting or have high standards as men can and do expect to get laid on the first date nowadays. Until the numbers of sluts goes down you’re going to have a hard time finding men who actually put effort into learning the art of conversation. That said, stick to your guns, don’t sleep with them, if they’re worthwhile men, they’ll be patient.

      See, with my girlfriend and I, we have this thing called a ‘connection’ we like the same things, we hate the same things, we think and feel the same about a lot of things. We feel connected with each other. I don’t think it’s possible to feel ‘connected’ with a person after one date. Sure, you may both feel horny and connect over shared feelings of horniness, but that’s the poorest level of intimacy there is. So any man who says he feels so connected with you that he wants to call you his girlfriend after one or two dates is probably emotionally retarded. Again, he’s probably used to getting free or cheap pussy.

      I for one think we need to create schools for young men and women to learn the art of manliness and being lady-like. For example, how many men actually know how to dance? How many can cook up an interesting meal? How many men can actually change a tire by themselves without looking for an instruction manual? How many women think far enough into the future to realise that trying to trap a man with pregnancy is a real bad idea? How many women realise that sleeping around will scare off decent loyal and honest men? How many women realise that the bigger the number of people they’ve slept with the lower their odds of having a successful marriage?

      There is this nice website for the men: http://artofmanliness.com/

      But any equivalent for the women will probably be attacked and burned by the feminists who seem determined to make all women whores fighting jealously over the few remaining men with standards.

  4. Chantal
    February 2, 2013 at 5:05 am #

    I saw Jason on Dr.Phil and totally agree with him and was happy the opinion was coming from a man. I know men are visually stimulated and if even I,as a heterosexual woman, see women sluttily dressed I look at the men around me and see where they are looking when a woman’s tits are hanging out. I’m not surprised if they were to get raped b/c in my opinion that is what you are asking for. Good Job Jason.

    • February 3, 2013 at 10:29 am #

      Men actually can’t stop themselves from looking at cleavage and around the genital area of women. It’s hardwired into men to scan women like this when they see them Women who complain about men who do this usually have some deep-seat hatred or fear of male sexuality. But I’ve also seen women wearing skinny outfits showing off their bits complaining about men doing this. Seriously, women are supposed to be the empathetic sex, but when it comes to understanding how men think, behave and react many women literally come across as painfully ignorant.

      If men didn’t take such an interest in your bits they’d be gay for starters and secondly they’d be terrible lovers because they wouldn’t get passionate or excited over you. Sex would just be a chore. So which is it? Do you want passionate sexual men who will fuck your brains out, or limp castrated men who’ll bow their head passively in your presence?

      That said, how sexy is a man who is filled to the brim with sexual passion for you, but has the self control to say no to you at the same time? That way you as the woman have to please him before he unleashes himself? I think a lot of women would prefer this fantasy to the submissive sleazebag.

  5. Ezmay
    February 7, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    I am personally in love with these 2 sentences.
    “We’re all meant to live in some classless communist utopia now where everyone dresses and acts the same. This is a very primitive and degrading way to live if you’re a winner, but it’s a very safe and comfortable way to live if you’re a loser. ”
    Oh Jason, I think you and I were born into the wrong society, my dear. As much as the feminists would roll over in their graves and even my own mother may stone me, all my life I have wanted nothing more than the be a loving, doting, housewife to a true gentleman like my Grandfather was. He was firm but loving with his children and wife and took care of the household like a man should. My Grandmother was very much a lady, hair always done, make up applied and dinner on the table when Pop (an engineer) returned from his long day in the factory. My Mother and Aunt were always beautifully dressed for family outings and were in their Sunday best for social occasions. The time of hats, gloves and please and thank yous. How can you miss something so much that you never experienced?

    • February 7, 2013 at 9:47 am #

      Those were good times. The babyboomers ruined everything for everyone because they wanted everything for themselves. They weren’t content with taking from their parents so they stole from their children and now their grandchildren. They are dying off faster each year and we are seeing the return of traditionalism and generation who desire real liberty to be as opposed to liberty from responsibility.

  6. May 19, 2013 at 12:56 am #

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