The Real Criminals Who Aid and Abet Gun Crime

Image Credit: A. Buser, Flickr

Image Credit: A. Buser, Flickr

Saturday, December 15th, 2012: I woke this morning with a feeling of overwhelming sadness.  This country’s sense of civility is going to rot thanks to a bunch of zealots who cling to idiotic rhetoric and the politicians who kowtow to lobbyists peddling the interests of clients whose profits are tied to the sale of ammo, firearms & weapons.  It is these evil-doers, all – those who pad their pockets and those whose pockets are so padded – who perpetuate the sickly love-affair with a perverted interpretation of the 2nd Amendment’s intent. But first, consider the human toll that we must bear thanks to their selfishness.

It should not be newsworthy to read the headline, “Players surrender guns,” as a lead into a story about pro football players who turn in their personal firearms after the Jovan Bulcher murder-suicide.

Forget for a second yesterday’s tragedy in Newtown-Sandy Hook, CT, and read these two headlines from the past 12 months here in New Orleans:

These are headlines that appear daily in newspapers and on websites reported from not just urban areas but suburban and exurban and rural/small town America (if reality tv is true), and their recurrence is so frequent, we forget how many innocent lives are lost in Anytown, America, yet the tallies are no less heart-wrenching.

Now, come back to Newtown and place yesterday’s tragedy in the larger context of young lives lost to ceaseless, senseless shootings and what you get is a group of this nation’s “leaders” willing to sacrifice its innocents to maintain a policy and practice that is not only irrational but illogical and, moreover, inconsistent.

Image Credit: A. Buser, Flickr

Image Credit: A. Buser, Flickr

This is the true crime!  This is really “the horror, the horror” to quote Conrad.  At the heart of the heart of their hearts of darkness lies a logic so unbearably indefensible and disgustingly unprincipled, you would have to choke down its defenders’ explanations, like being asked to swallow cotton balls laced with glass.  Keep drinking the kool-aid – hurts so much for our own good.

Of course, when discussing the notion of limiting what kinds of firearms/weapons should be allowed for public sale, 2nd amendment zealots won’t hear of it, can’t stand the idea  will go down defending over their dead bodies the right to have access to every kind of “gun” imaginable.  Well, check it:  it’s not “their” dead bodies that were sacrificed in the slaughter on Friday, December 14th 2012.  It was the dead bodies of innocent adults and children caught unawares in the crosshairs of a demented individual.  It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter whether the guns were obtained legally or illegally, the outcomes are the same.  For every hunter who takes his assault-style firearm to the forest to let fly free gunfire, one nation under God, in the name of good old American sporting life, there’s a psychopath who goes a-hunting for God knows what is going on in his mind.

For every home owner who wants to be prepared to defend life and limb and personal property by owning a glock, there’s an ill-intentioned gang member seeking retribution for some exaggerated atrocity or offense against his turf-color-hood.  And just when you think you might be on the verge of maybe getting a dialog about being sensible and stopping this senselessness, here comes “2nd Amendment Guy” to invoke the populist NRA credo:

“Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.” 

It should be more like this:  guns don’t kill people.  People who purchase guns and leave them hanging around for easy access, and people who purchase guns and resell them illegally, and people who own guns and forget they’re in a disturbed moment:  yep, they’re the ones who aid and abet killing or act on it themselves.  In the end, what’s the difference if the outcome is the same?

In a humorless moment, let’s humor their logic.  Give a knife.  (Here, I hear the voice of Crocodile Dundee saying in his best bad Australian accent, “Knives don’t kill people; people kill people.”  Okay, so if I go hunting with a knife, I’d say there’s a relatively close ratio of how many animals I can kill with a knife to how many I can kill with a regular rifle, not considering how much more intimate the knife-wielding experience becomes.  Similarly, let’s put that knife in the hands of a madman or gang member who takes that same knife to public to unleash his wrath or exact revenge and though no less tragic, if someone is killed or injured, I’d say logic dictates the chances of a mass killing going down are lessened significantly because there is no “automatic” dispensary equivalent for knives as there is for guns.  I know, I’m begging the point, but then again, so do gun advocates when they INSIST that anyone who tampers with or touches the guidelines re: purchasing guns is VIOLATING their 2nd amendment rights.   Go ahead, place another weapon in my hypothetical hands:  a cross-bow.

Still the same.

Don’t waste time trying to make sense with one of these zealots when he’s on fire.  I’d rather call them idiots but don’t want to insult their intelligence because, unfortunately, there are a whole lot of really smart people out there who’ve dug down pretty deeply about this issue, and whether it’s paranoia about a police state or fear of martial law or nightmares about a coming great black menace or merely about maintaining the sanctity of the 2nd amendment — as so many of the “rational” zealots finally fall back on, the simple purity of the Founding Fathers principle — it still comes back to those spineless public servants who occupy seats in the Congress and our respective state legislatures.

The tables should be turned.  List every politician who takes ANY amount of money from an ammo, firearms, or weapons concern that deals in the domestic market (leave law enforcement and military out of it) and pelt them with petitions.  Harass & embarrass them:  put their faces on the internet, in the newspapers on milk/juice cartons.  Let’ drive them mad to make the changes necessary to end this absurd alliance with gun violence, for ostensibly in supporting the interests of gun-makers & their gun lobby, they are a willing party to all the crimes that are committed daily, weekly, monthly, annually.

The devil, my friends, is not in the details.  He is sitting in every legislative seat occupied by a supporter of radical gun advocacy.

Author: Renard Boissiere

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2 Comments on “The Real Criminals Who Aid and Abet Gun Crime”

  1. Nicholas Anthony Flynn
    December 18, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    There can be no justification for a private citizen to own automatic weaponry capable of slaughtering whole crowds of people; a handgun for personal protection in an area where the law-force is woefully inadequate perhaps, but possession of submachine guns?! That can never, ever be excusable.

  2. 3legdog
    December 22, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    Who had a “submachine gun”?

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