McCain and Graham: Bitter Old Idiots

Seriously… it’s time to say, “Just shut the fuck up!”, to John McCain and Lindsey Graham and all their acolytes and idiots on the Republican side of life determined to foment frustration and manipulate the minds of the less intellectually-inclined.  It is tired and tiring yet typical of folks who refuse to be graceful in losing.  This is total disrespect to the President and the Democrats and the American people, and they don’t want to be accused of anything — not racism, not being wrong, not being uncivil.  So it’s time to tell them to “Just shut the fuck up!”

When George Bush stole the election in 2000, sure there was protest and unrest among the electorate, but after the Supreme Court’s decision was handed down, like it or not, Congress moved on, and even the most disgruntled representatives of disenfranchised voters moved forward without calling the President bad names in public.  The condescending and patronizing diatribes of today’s whiners leads one to believe they won’t quit these rants until they get their way.  But what is that?  Just say it so we know what it is that you want.  Otherwise, “Just shut the fuck up!”
We know you don’t like Susan Rice.  Of all the things the woman could have done, you have focused on one situation, criticized her and called her incompetent, unprofessional, unprepared, unfit, “not so smart”…  Okay, okay, you’ve made your point, but really, what is it that you want to say to the public about her?  We now know when she appeared on television not long after the Benghazi incident, she was doing her job in accordance with the directive set in her hands.  Is there something else underneath it all, something of substance that supports your vociferous vilifications?  Please tell us, because all of this haranguing is tiresome.  So, please hurry up and get to your real point. Otherwise, “Just shut the fuck up!”
It is inevitable that even in times such as these, when more minorities are in positions of power where once they did not exist, that some folks will get nervous, anxious, or even paranoid about the rising tide of the colored empire (to paraphrase Tom from The Great Gatsby).  This annoying feeling has been around for a while for those who cannot accept minorities are not merely monkeys or unholy heathen. When minorities don’t know their place anymore and choose to pursue positions of advancement, or are placed in areas once reserved exclusively for “traditional”
Americans — as Bill O’Reilly now calls white Americans — it is a cause for concern among those whose sense of the world is rooted in pre civil rights America.  So, it would help greatly if the John McCains and Lindsey Grahams of the world step up to the microphone and say what they mean and get it over with.  Their language is no longer subtle, their code no longer covert.  In a time when folks have come to register their dissent loudly and clearly on a website setup by the current administration, letting the White House know they wish to secede from the United States because the President is black — what other reason is there really? — the McCains and Grahams of the world are dangerously close to being the David Dukes of today’s current political climate.  They are really no better than everybody’s favorite whipping boy, Rush Limbaugh, and are more dangerous, perhaps, because they are accorded greater respect thanks to their rank.  Regardless how seriously,or not, anyone takes Limbaugh, everyone knows he is a radio personality, an entertainer.  He is playing the role of the agitator, and he is brilliant at it.  Because of their resumes, McCain’s and Graham’s stances are given more credence and weight where respectability is concerned, and folks who pick up the signals in their not-so-secret code will look to them to execute the next objective.  McCain and Graham should be prepared to accept responsibility for their antagonistic rhetoric should a bomb be lit in their name.
And if they’re not ready to accept the crowns without reservation, then they know what they need to do.  Seriously…
Author: Renard Boissiere

Categories: Politics, Law

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7 Comments on “McCain and Graham: Bitter Old Idiots”

  1. November 27, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    “Just shut the fuck up!”

    It doesn’t sound like you like the tone of the questions being asked. I accept that the Democrats won the election fairly, yet it is important for the Republicans to continue to hold the Democrats responsible while they are in Government. In this instance, it appears that the public was deceived by Susan Rice when the CIA knew it was not a “random uprising” but a “terrorist attack” and she either deliberately or negligently concealed it; possibly to protect Obama’s election campaign. Pointing out those things is fair comment for the Republicans.

    If the Democrats don’t want the Republicans commenting, then don’t give them a scandal worthy to comment on.

    When minorities don’t know their place anymore and choose to pursue positions of advancement

    Calling someone a racist is a very convenient slur to shut people up, isn’t it? Perhaps it isn’t an issue of race to the Republicans, but the fact that debt is being used to pay for welfare and benefits to bribe minority voters into voting for Obama. That isn’t sustainable, where the producers are outnumbered by the welfare receipients… you end up with another Greece.

    The reverse is possible, where debt is used to fund welfare is paid to the majority. In both cases it is not sustainable, and I hazard that Libertarians on any side of the political spectrum would still point this out.

    Their language is no longer subtle, their code no longer covert.

    Perhaps, rather than judging them for “talking in code” (i.e. imagining they are racists) judge them for what they are actually saying.

    their antagonistic rhetoric should a bomb be lit in their name.

    Please give examples of this rhetoric and your interpretation.

    The beautiful thing about dog whistles is… only the dog can hear it.

    • James Hill
      November 27, 2012 at 11:22 am #

      There are many, many reasons to vehemently oppose mass immigration that have nothing to do with racism. The mass importation of illegal workers into the US has destroyed blue collar jobs that used to provide a living wage. Liberals and libertarians will point out that these immigrants are doing the jobs Americans won’t, but that’s simply not true. Americans won’t work physically demanding and dangerous jobs for below poverty level wages.

      But the liberals ignore that, partly because they’re stuck on the false argument that to oppose immigration is racist. Neocons ignore it too because having a full time house keeper that costs less than the insurance payments on your Audi is fantastic. The people hit hardest by these policies are mainly low income black families. The liberal solution to that is more welfare, the neocons: more bootstraps.

      • November 28, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

        Americans won’t work physically demanding and dangerous jobs for below poverty level wages.

        The easiest counter to that is… if Americans stop immigrants from working undesirable and dangerous jobs for poverty level wages…

        … are they entitled to buy products from other countries that are produced by labour that does undesirable and dangerous work? If Americans are not happy to work harder for less pay, there are other countries where there are no such compunctions, and those cheap goods are an enabler for the lower and middle classes in America.

        Does globalising or outsourcing the Labor make it right? If the neocons aren’t doing it in America, the Communists are doing it in China… capitalism at work…

        • James Hill
          November 28, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

          This is a good point, and the end result is the same anyway: either the jobs are offshored, or the locals are fired and foreigners hired anyway. In both instances the local economy is wrecked at the expense of cheaply made goods. The depressing thing is that the increase in savings isn’t passed onto the consumer so much as it is used to pay insane bonuses to executives.

          The freeing up of capital across the globe could very well prove to be an unmitigated disaster for the world at large. Multinational companies prey upon emerging economies, use them for cheap labour and flee the second the host country’s standards of living increase enough to affect the bottom line. I wish I had a solution to this problem.

          • November 29, 2012 at 8:59 am #

            Multinational companies prey upon emerging economies, use them for cheap labour and flee the second the host country’s standards of living increase

            Look at Japan and their standard of living. They were the China of the 1970s.

            This “fleeing” is a good thing. This creates the equality that all socialists want… through capitalism

            That multinational executives get enumerated huge amounts of money is because it’s harder to find a good leader than a good janitor. And some of these guys are so mega rich, they could retire early… but they don’t. They are on the phone 18 hours a day making decisions with $100s Millions of stock because it’s a hobby, really. Power for them is a hobby… the money is just a perk.

            There will be a breaking point where we can no longer expect growth figures year-on-year from the stock markets. At the same time, all of the corporate interests are geared towards growth so that people will buy shares and raise the stock price. It’s a positive feedback loop, and the major failing of currency.

  2. James Hill
    November 27, 2012 at 11:17 am #

    This is a pretty good example of the petty tribal rhetoric that has destroyed American politics and threatens politics in Australia and other countries.

    The other side steals elections, the other side complains when their person doesn’t win. The other side hates America and is running it into the ground.

    What’s really rotten is how utterly facile and transparent partisan cheerleading is. Remember when democrats hated foreign wars when Bush was in charge? Now they cheer “smart” warfare and call for violent intervention in places they know nothing about– like Libya. You’re no better than the (admittedly retarded) republicans you despise. Your leaders are corrupt, lazy and stupid, but they’re no worse than the people that support them.

  3. gwallan
    November 27, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    “This is a pretty good example of the petty tribal rhetoric that has destroyed American politics and threatens politics in Australia and other countries.”

    Absolutely agree. The change through my lifetime disgusts me. Our so called western leadership are snake oil peddlers and charlatans. Governance plays out like episodes of Big Brother.

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