Labor Government to decide if you are correct or not.

Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any better, new battle lines have been drawn

Obviously our Labor leaning overlords are tired of being criticised for their failures in Government. So now Stephen Conroy, famous for his “unfettered legal power” to “make you wear red underpants on your head” comment, is now seeking the chairman’s seat on press corrections.

Cabinet meets today to decide on plans from Communications Minister Stephen Conroy to force publishers to submit for the first time to federal government oversight of the councils that adjudicate on print media complaints and corrections.

What stops him from exeting influence to veto anything critical of or unconvenient for the Labor government? Or perhaps to stiffle criticism and scrutiny of policy by the “hate media”?

This is insidious, and dangerous.

It will become unlawful to point out that the emperor no longer has clothes.

Does anyone here see the parallels to the Ministry of Truth?

Without these laws already the Prime Minister’s office can call, infuriated, to have a story pulled and a man fired for daring to ask questions damaging of the Prime Minister. Imagine what power they would wield in suppressing items of the public interest when those powers are enshrined in law. Once these powers are enshrined in law, perhaps it would be illegal then then to comment on the case of former union officials and their alleged corruption

Tony Abbott did get it right when he recently addressed the IPA on the issue of free speech, stating…

“a government that is capabale of censoring a free press, is more than capable of censoring a free people”

To people who hate Tony Abbott… if he is inevitably going to be our next Prime Minister, would it be inconvenient if the Liberals had control of the media and it became unlawful and seditious to criticise Abbott, or to vent your displeasure? What if criticising the Liberals became “wrong”, according to Australia’s judiciary?

Freedom of the press is vital to the health of democracy. It is important that anyone is able to print things about the most powerful people in this country without contrevening a sedition or censorship law.

This seeking of new powers (chairmanship over “press councils”) is grounds not to vote for Labor at the next election.

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Author:Richard Lee

Food Critic

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