Who cares if Church of England says “NO” to women bishops? What of it?

Go join this Church instead, ffs. Image Credit: blog.gaycatholicpriests.org

Within hours, this decision by the Church of England has created a global shit storm of anti-sexism Tweets and comments across social media, The Church’s PR team obviously must be ready for and expecting it. But should it really be news to the rest of the world? Shock horror, the Church Of England won’t allow females to be bishops, something they have never allowed in the history of their existence. Of course, the push for this comes in the face of “modernise or die” probably due to dwindling numbers, a last-ditch-effort for Churches around the world to back away from their traditions and rules in order to stay relevant to the masses who don’t identify with their out-dated “clubs”. But geez, this is not a right of the people to demand, this is a private decision by a private ‘club’.

Yet this headline is plastered around the world, presumably right next to the news that the lead singer of INXS is not allowed to be a woman, that gentlemen’s strip clubs won’t allow men to take to the podium on a Saturday night or that men aren’t allowed in a female-only gym.

Why give so many fucks? It’s a private closed group. You can either join it if you like it, or you can leave it if you don’t. There are scores of other Christian break-away churches that have exactly the values you’re looking for, so why does the world care about the rules of what is fundamentally just one group? Should the Amish all be allowed iPhones now and Muslims allowed to eat pork? Good or bad, we don’t expect a cult like the KKK has to start allowing black African Americans to join it’s ranks, or for Scientologists to allow anyone who isn’t rich to join their club (I kid, I kid, don’t sue me).

If you don’t like a Church for what it stands for, don’t be a part of the Church.

Are you Catholic? Did you choose to stay with the Catholic church when it didn’t excommunicate it’s hoards of outed paedophile priests? Well then shut your goddamn mouth.

In a knife-edge decision at a special sitting of the Synod in London, bishops and clergy voted through the change by large majorities.

But the measure failed to secure the required two thirds support among representatives of the laity by just 6 votes.

Although 324 members of the Synod voted in favour of the change, 124 voted against and 11 abstained.

The result was met with dismay in the Synod chamber at Church House in Westminster.

Twitter also reacted with anger with many Christians saying they were ‘ashamed’ to be part of the Church of England.

Source: The Telegraph

Yeah, all words no substance as usual, most of you Twitter users. Accept it, or move on, they don’t owe you anything.

As one blogger puts it;

“Ok, so the Church of England has voted against women becoming Bishops. Yes, sure, I agree they’re probably sexist. But they’re a private group and so long as they’re not interfering with non-CoE members such as myself and my friends, I really don’t care what rules they have and I don’t understand all these non-CoE members getting upset about what a group of people choose to do in their own club. You can certainly debate the merits of their decision, but you have no right to demand they do what you want them to do.”

Another adds;

It’s also worth noting that the churches that have tried to modernize have seen their congregation numbers dwindle almost to nothing. This is actually the most conservative move the CoE has made in years. Apparently, Churches have to change their religious beliefs to suit women, liberals, gays, atheists and everyone else that hasn’t set foot into a church and never will

The bottom line is this: there are still those who are happy about the Church Of England’s current beliefs and don’t want to see them changed. This Church is for them, it’s not for you. Let’s not forget the Church of England itself is a break-away Christian religion. Those who demand it change to suit them, why not start another?

Clearly if so large a majority of people want to be part of an alternate Church that supports women priests, gay priest or whatever policies and rules the people expect, it would exist, it would have the numbers to the point it also had political consideration. You can’t seriously be that passionate about the issue if your idea of a protest is to send a tweet or click the “like” button.

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One Comment on “Who cares if Church of England says “NO” to women bishops? What of it?”

  1. gwallan
    November 21, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    Couple of years ago the Reef Club in WA was under fire for not allowing women to join. It’s one of the old stuffy, deep chair, gin and tonic style of gentleman’s clubs and is owned fully by the members. They were charged with denying women opportunities for networking and mentoring.

    The individual leading the charge was the president of the Western Australian Women Lawyers Association, a publicly funded group with, according to the pledge on their website, a responsibility providing opportunities for networking and mentoring for women only.

    The irony, not to mention the lunacy, is sometimes galactic in scale.

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