Banned by Apple: iPhone 5 “just works”, dare you say otherwise

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This piece by John Davidson of The Financial Review deserves a re-post. Here is an excerpt for you to discuss with regard to Apple’s obvious monopolistic control of media. Clever, but hardly fair really.

The folks at Apple really do believe in the Apple mantra, “It just works.”

They believe in it so fiercely, they’ll punish journalists who suggest that Apple products don’t always just work, as I did in several reviews of the previous iPhone. When the iPhone 4S came out last year, I tested its voice response system Siri, and published some of Siri’s more absurd misinterpretations of my Australian accent. Apple officials accused me of fabricating the reviews because there was just no way that Siri, which just works, would make absurd responses like that.

For that and for other blasphemies against the Apple mantra – I once wrote about jailbreaking an iPad, which no one in their right mind would do, given the way iPads just work – I’m now on Apple’s unofficial but very real blacklist: I don’t get devices to review, and I don’t get invited to Apple briefings. If you were wondering why there were no reviews of the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in The Australian Financial Review, that’s why. Apple officials told me I didn’t subscribe to the Apple mantra sufficiently to participate in the review program.

With the iPhone 5, I now see that Apple was right to punish me like that. Apple’s products do just work, and I was out of line to question it. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

Take the new Maps feature in the iPhone 5, for instance. In the new version of the iPhone software, Apple has replaced Google Maps with its own app, Maps. It’s the most significant new software feature in the iPhone 5, and it just works.

Forget the absurd renderings Maps makes when you put it in 3D “flyover” mode that has been on the pointy end of so much hilarity these past few days. The iPhone 5-owning public and the iPhone 5 reviewers must simply be making those renderings up. Buildings and bridges looking like they’ve been melted by a giant hair dryer? Giant mounds of earth appearing in suburban streets? No way! Maps just works.

Forget, too, the sub-optimal route guidance in Maps that at times is so sub-optimal as to be potentially disastrous. (Asking for guidance to Sydney International Airport will take you to the domestic terminal, for instance.) Who cares about route guidance? Maps just works.

Of course, you have to change the emphasis a little to pull that off. It just works.

From a hardware perspective, the iPhone 5 does just work, mostly in the way the mantra is meant to mean.

From a software perspective, well it’s not quite as good. It doesn’t just work. But just wait. It just might.

Read the full piece:

Since seeing this piece below I’ve had a good think of just how many official reviews I’ve read about Apple posts that are undeniably negative. Unofficial, sure. See the related articles for one example. However, big media outlets, despite touching on the criticisms; I literally can’t think of one review right now that ends with a conclusion akin to “don’t buy this product, it is not up to standard unless you jailbreak it or are willing to forego features.” Is that because Apple products always are up to standard, pushing the boundaries like the media and Apple marketing gurus would have us believe? Or is it because people like John Davidson receive the silencer if they step out of line?

How have you found your iPhone 5 experience since owning one?

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One Comment on “Banned by Apple: iPhone 5 “just works”, dare you say otherwise”

  1. James Hill
    November 5, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    Apple certainly have a blacklist of journalists that have proven to be too difficult to manage:

    and they’ve been known to go so far as to delete forum postings on their website they don’t like

    Steve Jobs was very good at managing journalists and public image, so people still have the impression that Apple are a “cool” company, but if a company like Microsoft did a tenth of the things Apple did, there’d be public outcry.

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