Occupy Wallstreet Mom abandons family, gets 85k in divorce settlement

The NY post has a delightful story about Stacey Hessler, the housewife who had a midlife crisis and abandoned her children to go sleep with strangers in Zucotti park with the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Her divorce was finalized this week, and in between brief bouts of bragging about her infidelities with reporters, she pocketed a cool eighty-five thousand dollars from her husband’s retirement fund, while he is left to raise their four children and take care of the mortgage. The NY Post reports:

Professional protester Stacey Hessler is legally splitting from her hubby, Curtiss, but not before waltzing off with a portfolio that includes cash and his 401(k) retirement fund, filled with stocks and other instruments of American capitalism.

The divorce settlement, filed Oct. 16, awards Occu-Mom the $79,585 fund and a $5,800 bank account. Her total take: $85,385.

The filing lists Curtiss’ occupation as banker and says he earns $65,000 a year. Her job is listed in court papers as “protester” and her employer as “Occupy Wall Street.” Annual salary: $0.

Wearing her professional-protester uniform — a bandana and patchwork clothes — she refused to say what her plans were or when she’d be leaving the house.

But she did respond when a Post reporter asked about a YouTube video showing her making out with another protester during an Occupy “Kiss In” on Valentine’s Day.

“I actually made out with four guys,” she said, laughing wildly.

Step 1. Abandon family, sleep with filthy hippies in Zucotti Park
Step 2. 85k profit

The husband, a former Bank of America financial adviser, along with son Peyton, 18, and daughters Kennedy, 16, Sullivan, 14, and Veda, 8, reside in the three-bedroom, bungalow-style home built in 1952 on the ironically named East Rich Avenue.

It’s the picture of Americana, complete with a white picket fence and sprawling back yard.

Under the settlement, Curtiss keeps the $65,000 house and assumes the $13,000 mortgage.

He also gets custody of the children.

“The children will be under primary care of their father,” state the settlement papers the couple jointly submitted.

He has them every weekday, weekend, holiday and school break. She can see them any time, but only when “they want to see her” and only in a “safe environment,” the papers say.

It goes without saying that she won’t be contributing anything to her children beyond giving them some interesting stories for their future therapists. If you were expecting her to have anything resembling shame for her shameful actions, you’d be more foolish than she is. From the NY post article:


Hessler — who has described herself as “midwives assistant, roller-derby queen, rock-star musician, activist, dreadlock princess, African-bee keeper and organic vegan freak” — showed up at Zuccotti Park a year ago and threw herself into the Occupy movement.

The Long Island native twisted her hair into long, scraggly dreadlocks and dressed in raggedy outfits that included a “Make Love, Not War” T-shirt. She slept under a tarp, cozying up to Rami Shamir, a 30-year-old waiter at a Brooklyn bistro.

Asked why she left her family, Stacey once proclaimed: “Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad? I’m fighting for a better world.”

Make no mistake: this woman does not care one iota for social justice. She is in the midst of a midlife crisis. Because her crisis doesn’t involve sports cars and secretaries, but instead involves mooching free food from homeless shelters and kissing random hippies, there are people that will defend her incredibly selfish actions as laudable.

Her attempt to compare her situation to military personnel on deployment is the sort of half baked nonsense you’d expect from a middle aged white woman with dreadlocks. Setting aside the dubious benefit gained by society from a bored housewife slumming it in the park, people who do leave their families for military service and charity work plan it in advance. The children know when mum or dad will be back, the parent stays in touch with their kids as much as possible, they arrange for outside help while they’re gone, but most importantly: they don’t cheat on their spouse while they’re away.

Stacey left without telling her family where she was going, and a few weeks later made a half assed plea on facebook for family friends to help out with her children at home. From her facebook page.

I have a plea for my friends. I need your help and support. I want to stay occupying wall st. I feel my presence is very important in the support of non-violent communication and sanitation(keeping the park clean) I am willing to work tirelessly on these efforts. I need help with getting my kids to activities and stepping up with the things I help lead, such as one small village, jr roller derby, …

That simply isn’t good enough. It’s the kind of lame effort you’d expect from a teenager, not the mother of teenagers. In the long run, she has done them a favour by getting out of their lives. It’s just a shame she had to take 85,000 dollars out of her children’s pockets on her way out. Of course, she could share that money with the Occupy Movement she claims to love, but something tells me it will remain in her pocket.

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2 Comments on “Occupy Wallstreet Mom abandons family, gets 85k in divorce settlement”

  1. Amfortas
    October 29, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    The chances of her having much of that 85k in one year’s time are about as good as my winning $70 mil on Tatts tomorrow night.

    She is not having a ‘mid-life crisis’ whatever that is. She is simply continuing down a long and slippery slide she sat her arse upon many years ago.

    The most pertinent point you make is the one about taking that minor wealth from her children (and husband). She is a THIEF.

  2. October 30, 2012 at 6:42 am #

    This is what your daughters turn into if you don’t discipline them and protect them from the consequences of their actions as a child.

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