Why A Vote For Obama OR Romney Is A Wasted Vote

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney | Image Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/oct/11/national-polling-state-polling-alternative

Do you vote for “The Lesser Of Two Evils”? | Image Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/oct/11/national-polling-state-polling-alternative

Back during the 1996 U.S. presidential election campaign season, I read a columnist who said, “The difference between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole is that Bill Clinton wants to run the country off a cliff at 100 miles per hour, and Bob Dole wants to run the country off a cliff at 60 miles per hour.”

Or vice versa. Whatever. The point is the same. Ditto this election cycle pitting Mitt Romney against Barack Obama.

I’m writing in Ron Paul in November because I’m just not voting for the lesser of two evils anymore, since doing so would still be voting for evil, and I’m done with that. I’m also writing in Ron Paul because I’m tired of enabling the long, slow, frog-boiling death of the United States.

My vote will not be a waste, precisely because I am voting. Not voting can be rationalized. “Were they sick? Were they kept late at work? Did they miss the bus? Who knows?”

However, voting for another candidate, especially one not even on the ballot, sends a clear message that neither of the two main choices represent me. It says that I’m on to them. I’m not drinking their Kool-Aid anymore. And unlike Obama or Romney, there is no ambiguity about who Ron Paul is, and what his real convictions are. By voting for Ron Paul, there will also be no ambiguity about what I want in a president and why the Republican and Democratic nominees are not providing that.

Conversely, a vote for either Obama or Romney is absolutely a wasted vote, because both have established that they intend on continuing their respective flip sides of the same ever-expansive, domestic and foreign interventionist model of governing that has created, sustained, and exacerbated the very morass, permeating the social and fiscal, that characterizes the state of our union today. One candidate might move slower or faster than the other on given issues as President, but both will continue on the same trajectory. So a vote for either Obama or Romney, if change is really the point, is truly a wasted vote.

Honestly, I’m fine with the country getting worse faster if that’s what it takes to wake up the populace enough to demand real change, and not just another run of the Establishment stroking us with one hand and stirring their cauldron with the other.

Because I’m done supporting rich globalists and their pawns, regardless of whether they are shirts or skins. The mindset of winning elections as ends to themselves is indicative of the parasitic, self-serving nature of those who control the process, the operative word here not being “hope,” “change,” “freedom,” and certainly not “values,” but rather “control.”

As far as I’m concerned, as a country, we can change or we can die. In that lies the real choice Americans have to make. The United States of America was born of a certain independent spirit. If we are giving up that spirit, then we need to give up any pretense to it as well, call ourselves by another name, and move on (no pun intended).

If, as a country, we can’t figure that out in time to save ourselves, then we will eventually be forced to admit what will have actually been true for a long, long time. Or, if I may twist the words of Shakespeare a bit, “That simply called by the name of a rose still does not smell as sweet.”

Submitted by Charlie Brown, writer for American Parser
Original Article: Why A Vote For Obama Or Romney Is A Wasted Vote | American Parser, 2012

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