Duluth Police Officer Richard Jouppi Assaults Wheelchair Disabled Man

Duluth cop juppi punches wheelchair bound man in the face repeatedly - intentious

Source: YouTube

Footage has been released showing a Duluth Police officer named Richard Jouppi, 34, who on September 21st at the Duluth Detoxification Center, repeatedly punched a 50-year-old, intoxicated, wheelchair-bound man repeatedly in the face in aggressive assault.

The wheelchair-bound man, whose name is reportedly ‘Jackson’, was taken into the detox center and was being ordered to take his jacket off by a female book keeper. He then mouthed off saying something like “Ok then. Want me to throw it at you?” while barely able to actually remove the jacket due to a mixture of intoxication and disability.

Perhaps because of his menacing “threat” to throw the jacket at the woman, the cop, Jouppi, placed his hands on the man. As Jouppi used progressively more force, Jackson eventually took a swat at the cop’s face, landing his hand open-palmed over Richard Jouppi’s face.

Jouppi then responded by unleashing a torrent of entirely disproportionate blows to the wheelchair-bound man’s face, bending his head at the neck so far back he toppled the drunk out of his wheelchair.

The bookkeeper, who was completely shocked, began to intervene, stepping towards Jouppi and saying, “Dude!”

The cop immediately responded saying, “Shut up! Back up! I’ll arrest you too!” then scolded her saying, “You don’t think people in a wheelchair can assault people?”

“Yeah, but..”

“Turns out he just did.”

He then turns his attention back to the drunk Jackson, attempting to call his bluff and ordering him to walk as he is arrested. Of course, this turns out to be foolish also, and they eventually resign to getting the man back in his wheelchair.

Information Liberation reported:

It also “turns out” the cop has a history of complaints against him, and he had just signed a “last chance” agreement after he was caught tipping off a friend he was being investigated for criminal sexual misconduct.

The cop may reportedly face misdemeanor assault charges in relation to this incident. His lawyer has responded by attacking the wheelchair-bound man’s character.

“This is not a helpless guy in a wheelchair,” [Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Legal Defense Fund attorney Fredric Bruno] said of Jackson on Friday. “He had trashed his room in the public facility he was living in. He was taken forcibly to detox and alluded to the fact that he had a .38 pistol and a .45 pistol. He punched Officer Jouppi, disorienting him. He was a subject being subdued. He’s (Jouppi) got some concerns about him. The guy (Jackson), at a minimum, should have a disorderly conduct at the facility, probably a terroristic threat against detox staff and probably a fourth-degree assault against Officer Jouppi. He’s not exactly a sympathetic character as he’s being portrayed.”

Watch the video and judge for yourself who was acting “terroristic.”


Source: Cop Punches Wheelchair-Bound 50-Yr-Old Repeatedly In Face | Information Liberation

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3 Comments on “Duluth Police Officer Richard Jouppi Assaults Wheelchair Disabled Man”

  1. disabled vet
    October 17, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    I watched this and I don’t think he reacted “aggressively”. This man wasn’t having trouble with his coat! He took it half off with no problem and after he threatened AGAIN to throw it the officer restrained his hand and warned him. He hit the officer and then he reacted in defense. He got him into a position he could control the man in. Once the man was on the ground and restrained the officer attempted to cuff him. I suspect the disabled man is getting sympathy because he is disabled. He assaulted an officer and he should be charged accordingly. Just because the officer has had complaints before this doesn’t mean anything. We don’t know what they are for or who they came from. I am disabled, wheelchair bound, and served in Afghanistan. If he wasn’t disabled, people wouldn’t make such a big deal. My husband is a police officer as well, they risk their lives everyday. Emergency service personnel deserve much more respect than we give them.

  2. November 2, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Reblogged this on For the Cognoscenti.

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