The Dark Islam Rises: RE: Innocence Of Muslims


Sydney, Australia has shown it is not immune to violent Islamic extremist protest when on Sunday the central business district became a little bit like the final street stand-off scene from The Dark Knight rises (except that Bane was hidden under a Kaftan).

Batman would have fucked shit up. | Original, unaltered top image, pre-Photoshopped, was sourced from Sydney Morning Herald.

Batman would have fucked shit up.

Like any sensible country leader, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard went public to say the following statements to a bunch of reporters while in Brisbane.

“I absolutely condemn the violence that we saw yesterday.

[The anti-Islam film, which was made in the US, was] truly repulsive, but there is never any excuse for violent behaviour.

I do not want to see in the hands of anyone, particular children, offensive signs that call for the killing of others. This is not the Australian way.

To anybody who wants to replicate that behaviour today, I just want to say very strongly, that this kind of conduct has no place on the streets of our country.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald (

I doubt there’s a single non-Islamic extremist soul out there who disagrees. These fuckers are a bane on the whole world, constantly giving normal Muslims a bad name.

But the problem with her statement, like so many other world leaders, is it doesn’t really address the consequences of those actions by highlighting any effective combative measures. All we know is next time it happens, there will be bigger riots; they’ll come prepared.

Thus her words fall kind of hollow, skirting the safe diplomatic route a bit too swimmingly for my liking. Protest all you want, but act violently and the hammer comes down.

However, NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell had the balls to be a bit more direct with his statement:

‘‘What I do know is that federal authorities in the past have sought to deny visas to people who are prepared to travel the world and come to Australia, to preach bigotry, to preach hatred.

We don’t need them in this country. We don’t want to import into this country the problems we see elsewhere.”

Peaceful Muslims have taken to social media to defend their religion as such, denouncing the behavior of their own kind.

The following graphic is now trending:

But the real kicker, is this open letter, published in the Sydney Morning Herald today by Peter FitzSimons. You can read it below, or there’s a link to a text version of it here.

Open Letter to the Islamic Muslim Protesters

In case you’re curious as to the movie that apparently justifies Muslims going postal on the other side of the world, it is an amateur YouTube movie made by some random, entitled the Innocence of Muslims – produced in the United States which denigrates Islam‘s Prophet Mohammed. It’s free speech, just like protesting is free speech. But when you’re willing for shit to turn violent against innocent people, I don’t care which side of the fence you’re on: you should be out of here.

And because I believe in free speech, even words I personally disagree with as filth… here is the full 14 minutes of excerpts from the movie, below (that’s all you can currently get, online).

Remember, before you idiots comment in the comment section that I’m offending you because I posted it here, that it’s publically available on the Internet and all I’ve done is turn a quick Google Search into a single mouse click for those who want to bother watching it.

(For the record, it’s pretty shit and I want the last 14 minutes of my life back.)

Innocence Of Muslims (at the time of writing, sitting at 5.6 million views on YouTube)


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2 Comments on “The Dark Islam Rises: RE: Innocence Of Muslims”

  1. Amfortas
    September 17, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

    I have met many Muslims. Some have been really pleasant folks to talk with and break bread with. But only to a point… not one in my 60 odd years has resisted either excusing Muslim riotousness or refraining at some point in declaring that all ‘non-believers’ have to be subjugated or killed – because the Koran says so.

    No matter how many times I am told that Islam is the religion of peace, I just do not see it being peaceful. No matter that young australian women ‘converts’ covered from head to toe in black and appreaing on the ABC tell us that Islam is all sweetness and light, I am unconvinced. Even inside Islamic countries islamists are murdering one another in the name of Allah (piss on his name). And murdering Christians and burning their churches like in a competetive event to see who can burn the most.

    No matter how many times Islamic people are told and have it explained to them that offensive words are mearly words (they are happy to say and write on posters “Behead all who offend the name of Allah (piss on his name), which is pretty offensive), they insist on being violent, and stupid with it.

    May Allah (piss on his name) find somewhere in his bag of Goodness and Peace a small item – a rolled-up newspaper perhaps – with which to whack them around the ears.

    The west, and Juliar Gillard, cronies in tow, all go on the defensive, criticising those who object to Islam’s messages of hatred instead of applying the laws they have created against ‘Hate-speech to prosecute these hate-mongering Muslims. It is time for defensiveness ( and blaming and punishing the victims) to stop and for the people of the western nations to go on the offensive.

    So I will henceforth be offensive all over the place. Allah’s (piss on his name) best mate Mohammed was a paedophile, a mass murderer and a shonk. Paedophilia didn’t have a bad press back in his day and marrying 9 year olds was perhaps not so unusual. But it was nevertheless kiddy-fiddling then and now. Mass murder was less known back then, largely because we have raised it to a much higher level, but nevertheless it was as harmful to ordinary peace-loving folkback then as now. Shonks are usually uncovered and shown for what they are in short time, but in Mohammed’s case, he has had 1400 years of cover-up by lunatics who persist still.

    • September 17, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

      Here, here brother! I couldn’t have said it better!

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