Carbon Tax Sunday

Comic courtesy of The Punch

Yesterday, 1 July, was Carbon Tax Sunday.  The Carbon Tax (aptly misnamed) is a consumption tax that is meant to curb carbon (dioxide) emissions by Australian businesses and, by extension Australian voters.

The issue is, the Labor Government is trying to have it both ways.  It’s trying to sell a tax as a “win-win” for people against “polluters”, but is really wealth re-distribution disguised by the moral cloak of envionmentalism, to buy the votes of low/middle income earners who have been deserting the duplicitous Labor party.

This new Carbon Tax will do nothing to avert climate change.  The tax (and the associated sell-job) is predicate on treating Australian voters like idiots.

The point of a tax is it’s *meant* to hurt.  It’s meant to shut down Industries that are carbon intensive, as well as secondary emitters where emission is not part of their core business.  It’s meant to drive away investment from Australia of Carbon intensive business.  It’s meant to slow down Australian growth and consumption as contrition for our environmental sins.

It would be suicide for the Labor government to stick to principles and point this out.  Instead, Labor have opted for a dastardly scheme to sell their tax.

The aim is to have a “delayed reaction” so that voters do not notice the effects of the tax sliding in.  Labor know this.

There is a Labor campaign to point out “oh noes, the prices have not gone up!”  Of course it hasn’t gone up in the first 30 seconds of the tax going online, but those costs will go up before the next election.

Treasurer Wayne Swan tweets that the tax has not increased the price of groceries. (YET, I say). It’s all a part of the sell strategy to delay the impacts of the tax to make it easier to sell.

They have a punitive watchdog in ACCC to ensure that “no unauthorised price rises happen” to enforce this delayed effect, to ensure that businesses cannot pass on the additional costs.    In fact, this “carbon (dioxide) tax” is not just paid by “the 200 biggest polluters”, those big companies service every facet of our economy.  They will pass on the price rises, especially since Australia is paying one of the world’s most punitive carbon taxes (fixed at $23 a tonne) when other places, who have allowed emissions trading, have fallen closer to $5 a tonne.

But you, the voter, will be “compensated”, yes?  Other than my suspicion of election bribes to the Labor base and getting voters addicted to paid welfare and wealth redistribution, the real aim of the “compensation” it to lock in this ludicrous tax by threatening the Liberals with “they will take your welfare away”, Labor wants voters on welfare.  Welfare that would not have been necessary without a Carbon Tax.  Note how any mention of the Carbon Tax is missing from the “family assistance packages” that Labor is spuricking?  Labor is selling a lemon, and it knows it.  There is talk of voters being “worse off” or not…

… of course voters will be “worse off”, or the new tax would not have been proposed in the first place!

And it doesn’t matter if you receive a payment if your employer can no longer afford to employ you, and you lose your job.

So, the Labor government are trying to prop up businesses that might actually go broke or leave the country due to this Carbon Tax, such as the Alcoa Aluminium Smelther in Geelong, full of traditional Labor voters, defeating the point of the carbon tax in the first place. The Carbon tax is designed to shut down those energy intensive industries in the first place (Aluminium smelting being one of the most energy intensive due to the enormous magnetic fields involved).

And there are galling claims that this will somehow “help the environment”.  It will do no such thing, the deception is predicate on voters confusing “carbon” (dirty soot) for “carbon dioxide” and ignoring the fact that Australia produces roughly 1.5% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, and that even the whole human population’s emissions make up less that 5% of the entire planet’s system.  One volcano eruption can undo twenty years of Australian carbon savings in a fortnight.  So a useless gesture that will cost the average family $300 on power bills alone will have little or no environmental impact, and the Labor Government knows it (hence they refuse to answer it as a “nonesense question”, although a core selling point of the tax is it is meant to help the environment.)  The environmentalists know that Australia and its impact is small, but try to shift the consumption to a “per person” measure to compensate; another fudge.

In truth, this is all to justify a tax increase, using environmentalism as a new religion to blugeon heretics.  Labor knows it.

The “Clean Energy Future” itself is a lie as well, and the $10 billion of taxpayer money directed to be blown by the Greens is part of this lie. Not only was this a bribe to their partners, the Greens (who have ruled out certain technologies due to their own agenda), inventions do not occur when governments “pick winners…” invariably the government will pick losers such as solar and wind energy, while ignorning nuclear and other feasible technologies.  The Greens and Labor are basically proposing to replace Australia’s competitive advantage (cheap baseload coal) with a technology that doesn’t exist yet!

Both of the “Clean Energy Future” and the “help the environment” are a feint.  The aim of the tax is to increase tax reciepts in a way shrouded from the public, then use those tax reciepts to bribe Labor voters, who have been deserting in droves.  Labor want to have their cake and eat it.  This is all predicate on digging a hole to fill another hole, ignoring the fact that you lose earth en-route by doing so (not to mention also covering the bureacratic costs of digging holes).  Not only that, we have to buy “Carbon Credits” from overseas, sending billions of dollars out of our economy to pay for scams eager for an injection of money, such as a piece of paper claiming a rainforest was planted for millions of dollars.

All of this with not an iota of change in the climate.

The third (flanking) prong is to control the media about this.  They are terrified that Fairfax will come under the control of Gina Rinehart, so they propose a “good character test” i.e. only people sympathetic to Labor can buy media companies. This is to buy more time for their deeply flawed, deeply unpopular tax policies.  The media have been giving the Labor party a great run, focusing instead on Abbott’s “negativity” and parrotting the government’s propaganda and talking points regarding the Carbon tax.   The government wants to keep this run of good press going.

Nevertheless, voters are not fools.  They can tell when Labor is deceiving and spinning the electorate.

The Labor Party have form on decieving the electorate.  For example the “increased super contribution” is not paid by the Mineral Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) as claimed by Labor, it is paid for by your employer, at no cost to the Government, sold as “spreading the benefits of the boom.”    Labor has form on overspending your taxes on its hairbrained schemes and, after leaving a huge debt it looks for ways to justify new taxes to cover for the party’s incompetence, and for Labor’s love of regulatory intervention and big government.  After all, the socialists know what’s best for you… in fact they are aiming to make this tax as difficult to repeal as possible…

It’s all quite insidious.

All of this after the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard said, “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.”

Show you are smarter than this, smarter than the spin.  DO NOT vote Labor.  Oh, and the Greens too… they are crazy and delusional, but at least they are not crafty.

I don’t like the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott either; this is a war between evil and stupid.  Except now that Labor have adopted the mantle of both “evil and stupid. ”  I didn’t think it possible for things to get worse after Julia Gillard’s coup, and I have been proven wrong.   Labor are the moderates, occupying the middle ground and choosing the WORST of every side of every debate.

No wonder they are receiving a drubbing in the polls.  I am upset, and it seems that my sentiment is shared as opposition to the Carbon Tax is running at 62%.  Labor’s primary vote is 28% and, if an election were held today, it would result in a 10% swing which would wipe out every Labor MP in Queensland.  I think there is a clean energy future to be had, but not through any veiled means of Labor social engineering.  It’s time they started representing the workers again, instead of latching onto every fashionable socialist cause they can build a pulpit out of.

It’s easy for Labor voters to vote for someone else to pay more tax… except when they are voting to put out of business the employer that pays their wages, for no discernable gain.


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Author:Richard Lee

Food Critic

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6 Comments on “Carbon Tax Sunday”

  1. July 2, 2012 at 11:07 pm #

    I am surprised at the level of anger this debate seems to be generating. I don’t know if anyone out there caught QandA tonight, but it was great to see some calm explanation and analysis about the issue. I also don’t think we’ll see Sophie Mirabella for a while.

    In thinking about the anger surrounding the carbon tax, is it to do with Gillard’s ‘lie’? Well, politicians are one of the most untrusted groups in society, it is basically expected that they will lie. I don’t remember this amount of vitriol with Howard’s ‘core and non core’ promises or any other ‘lies’ by governments. Just because politicians are expected to lie does not of course make it ok, however the borderline hatred channeled at Gillard because of her ‘lie’ seems quite unnecessary and hysterical.

    Are people worried about the cost and is that why they are angry? Here the Coalition should be applauded, in a political sense, because they have generated the idea that every price rise in every walk of life, over the next 12 months, can be attributed to the ‘carbon tax’. It is brilliant in its simplicity and has created real tension in the community. Without wanting to sound like an apologist for the ALP, Greg Combet did make a good point tonight that electricity prices have gone up in NSW 55% in 3yrs, without compensation and people have survived. If prices go up people will adjust and change their behaviour accordingly – they will also be compensated.

    I hear the argument that people say it will not have any effect on the environment. Are these people angry because they love the environment so much and they want something stronger? I doubt that. While the ‘carbon tax’ may not have a major impact on global environments, it will on ours, is that not worth anything?

    • July 3, 2012 at 6:34 am #

      Thank you for your response Stu, measured and scholarly as always. Please excuse my passion, it is not directed at you but at my infuration at “stupid” running Labor.

      I don’t know if anyone out there caught QandA tonight, but it was great to see some calm explanation and analysis about the issue. I also don’t think we’ll see Sophie Mirabella for a while.

      I should watch that episode of Q&A. Nevertheless, I find their explanations often incomplete and they do not address the points I have raised above. Incredulity is often what I feel; Labor is playing the voters for fools, and the media are helping them out.

      Well, politicians are one of the most untrusted groups in society, it is basically expected that they will lie.

      We should not let the lie, we should hold them to account because our vote is our only way of doing so. That is what happened at the last Queensland election. John Howard as well got turfed out for Workchoices which was smart policy, but too smart by a half, and he didn’t have the mandate to do it (he didn’t take it to the voters), just like the Carbon Tax.

      I don’t remember this amount of vitriol with Howard’s ‘core and non core’ promises or any other ‘lies’ by governments.

      I’m looking out for a soundbite of “the X is a non-core-promise” from Howard, aside from general spending cuts. I think part of the issue is not just the lie, it’s that Labor waste a lot of money, so preceding governments have to find ways of repaying all the debt incurred by Labor and their hair-brained schemes. Look at our $billion desalination plant for example, delayed again because of rain.

      Just because politicians are expected to lie does not of course make it ok, however the borderline hatred channeled at Gillard because of her ‘lie’ seems quite unnecessary

      The “hatred” is self-inflicted, for the reasons outlined above. In summary:
      1- she has celebrated a policy which she and Wayne Swan distinctly ruled out would be in the next election. Voters voted for her hoping she would honour her promise.
      2- the blatant and naked spin in treating voters like idiots after breaching point 1. As one woman in a shopping centre said to Gillard, “I know that I am not stupid”
      3- the need for the policy is to pay for their mismanagement and excesses
      4- the attempt to control the debate through spin, propaganda and media regulation

      If prices go up people will adjust and change their behaviour accordingly – they will also be compensated.

      Compensation which would not have been necessary without the Carbon Tax. The true point of the compensation is to bribe traditional Labor voters who have been deserting in droves, and to lock them in so that Labor can say, “but Abbott the wrecker will take your compensation away.” It is a political ploy, a trap, and it creates another point of addiction to welfare. It is detestable.

      Compensation is a poor penny, however, if you are put out of work. “Adjust behaviour accordingly” includes multinationals investing in other places without a crazy cost impost like the Carbon tax. So the Government tries to prop up industries rendered unviable by the tax… hence rendering it pointless in the firstplace.

      While the ‘carbon tax’ may not have a major impact on global environments, it will on ours, is that not worth anything?

      The aptly misnamed “carbon (dioxide) tax” will have no effect on the local environment at all. That’s the entire point- a huge tax on Australian productivity has no effect. The Government doesn’t dare quantify the effect, because it knows that there is none, or it is so negligible that they will be a laughing stock if they try.

      Instead they try to steer debate away from it.

      I’d be happy if they took money and fixed up real environmental problems, like salinity, like sewage and algal blooms, like cleaning up litter and waste. Instead we are hit with a tax that will do no such thing, yet will bloat the bureacracy and is, by stealth, used to fill government coffers so they can get to their surplus.

      If Labor didn’t waste money on stupid stuff, they wouldn’t need this tax. When the election comes, I’m sure the electorate will send them this message.

  2. July 3, 2012 at 10:10 am #

    partisan yet fun reading! I would like to see the Labor Party’s response to this

    Australia’s carbon tax starts generating $77.3 million per week from today. …Australia’s weekly carbon tax bill is more than three times greater than Europe’s but we emit less than a quarter of Europe’s emissions….
    The design of world’s biggest carbon tax fails every test of its objective and of good public policy.

  3. Vinnie
    July 10, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    Great Read. Its good to know there are other people out there who use there brain. Im so sick of all the bullshit and magic shows. Found out today the gas for fridges has risen under this tax from $40kg to $120kg. Now this is where it gets fun, fridgys knew this was coming for a while so obviously i asked how much did you buy before the tax came into effect, the answer 0, why because your not allowed to store this gas. Then he added wesfarmers owns the gas company and have pre bought so many thousand tonnes for there supermarkets to avoid paying the Tax. Interesting yes. I have searched but cant find any conclusive evidence to support these claims any tips on where i might look would be helpful. and keep up the great journalism.

    • July 12, 2012 at 8:05 am #

      There was a correction during a heated facebook debate which I accept… apparently this does not apply to fuel or the agricultural sector, so it’s “just” the energy costs of the 200 top polluters. We need to make sure the facts are right when debating this.

      There are 18 bills associated with the Carbon Tax… repealing every one in two terms may be a herculean task with Labor’s scorched earth policy.

    • July 12, 2012 at 11:33 am #

      So it would seem that refrigerant gasses are part of the tax as you claim:
      “These are mainly in energy, refrigerant gases, landfill and the building industry.”
      ACCC Chairman Rod Sims

      The issue is that, to investigate these claims, most of this is commercially sensitive that companies keep under wraps.

      You could try FOA requests but that would only work against government bodies, not Wesfarmers

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