Socialism: unethical, unnatural and unapologetically genocidal

Socialism, also known as cultural Marxism or early stage communism, is the chivalrous belief that the rich ought to hand over their money and property over to the poor without conditions.  This is simply taking money and property from those who have it and giving it away to those who don’t.  It sounds generous.  It sounds kind.  It sounds like something Jesus would do.  However, it’s a crime and it doesn’t solve any of life’s problems.  Yes, you heard it here first, socialism is theft sexed up to appear respectable.

What is Socialism?

If you ask a university student they’ll bamboozle you pseudo-economic babble about some utopian society where no one is free to spend their money how they would like to, but somehow everyone is happy about this.  If you ask me, I’ll tell you it’s what happens when a professional thief decides to write a manifesto explaining why she ought not to be imprisoned or flogged.

Socialism is the impulsive and irresponsible sharing of other people’s resources without consent.  Giving someone money they haven’t earned is encouraging them to behave irresponsibly and childishly.  People who earn their things look after and protect them.  Compare the quality of the gardens around houses people own versus the gardens around houses provided by the housing commission or the houses inhabited by tenants.  People don’t respect things they are given or borrow, people respect the things they earn or own.

It is no surprise that Eastern Europe looked like one vast housing commission suburb during the cold war?  That’s what nations of people with no pride looks like.

Dining in the USSR

In the USSR all food was confiscated by the state and rationed out to the people. If the people didn’t work, they weren’t fed. 7 million people were starved to death in the Ukraine alone for defying the state.

I’m a firm believer that everyone should have the opportunity to prove their worth and have an opportunity to own their own home.  But affirmative action programs and limitless government hand-outs don’t let people have this opportunity.  By denying people the opportunity to work toward owning their own property, and their own responsibilities, socialists deny people their basic human dignity, instead they breed a class of people without pride or dignity.  Sure, some people will not be able to handle being independent.  But it’s the same situation when trying to rescue a person who can’t swim, if you jump in too soon to rescue them, they’ll just drag you down with them.  I believe these people can still be rehabilitated, but I’m not going to treat them like honoured guests in my country and let them breed like rabbits until the state is bankrupt from spoon feeding them throughout their sorry lives.  If you want to help someone, teach them to help themselves, don’t just sit there handing them fish everytime they ask and patting yourself on the back each time for being so understanding and generous.

A System Tested and Found Wanting

A lot of leftist apologists (cultural Marxists) will tell you that socialism has never been properly tried, or something similar like communism or feminism (socialism with women as an oppressed class) has never been really tried.  If they tell you that then they’ve either just lied or they don’t know what they’re talking about.  The Soviet Union was an excellent example of socialism, a casebook study.  The thing that a lot of people seem to forget is that the Soviet Union had a president called Mikhail Gorbachov who publicly stated that socialism had been tried and had failed.  He then started to introduce a new series of reforms to reduce socialism and introduce capitalism.  This is a fact of history.  However, thanks their airy-fairy intellectual allies in our universities, they’ve got an endless stream of useful idiots pouring out of our universities like sausages and spouting denials and apologies for the atrocities of communism.

I’m very wary of people with too much education and not enough common sense, the airy-fairy hippies that inhabit universities and academia often see people and/or groups of people as linguistic constructs and human nature as something as pliable as play doh.  Hard working scientists and engineers earned the respect that these intellectual frauds are benefiting from by association, and it’s high time we called ‘bullshit’ on these intellectual frauds.  Socialists aren’t biologists, they don’t understand how nature works, nature isn’t kind, she’s cruel, sadistic, merciless and relentless.  All the kindness in the world comes from human beings, but all the stupidity comes from those who deny empiricism’s effectiveness.  Socialists refuse to acknowledge that while we’re out of the jungle, we still have the jungle inside of us, imprinted on our genes, and short of a radical genetic re-engineering of our species, that isn’t going to change no matter how much they shame or brutalise decent hard working folk.  Socialists are the same sophist reality deniers the human species has been struggling to deal with since the beginning of civilisation.  New name, same shit.

Why did the Soviet Union decide they had to ditch socialism and move back towards capitalism?  To understand this we need to understand motivation and incentives.  People who lack motivation are lazy, slow, weak and depressed.  You probably know about depression, it’s a big problem in our society, you can thank socialism for that, but I’ll explain better that later.

Imagine that you got paid the same amount for your job regardless of whether you turned up late, took too long on your lunch break or even couldn’t be bothered coming into work.  Oh and no one can fire you from your job under circumstances such as poor performance.  Would you put 100% into your job?  Of course you wouldn’t, and that’s what happened in the Eastern Bloc.  Shops might not open until midday, so there would be this huge queue outside, then the people working in them wouldn’t care about giving quality service to anyone and eventually couldn’t be bothered and close the shop early leaving most of the people without the items they spent the day lining up for.  This was typical under communism, because there were no incentives to work hard.  Anyone who has worked in any large organisation knows how hard to it is these days to sack lazy, useless and disruptive employees, that’s socialism creeping into our culture.  We need to protect the weak, stupid and disruptive at the cost of every hard-working, intelligent and honest person.  Do you feel motivated by this system?  I think most of you already understand a little of what it was like growing up in Soviet Russia.

“But surely not!” you’re thinking, “how can that be, the USSR was a seriously powerful and industrialised nation!” You’re quite correct, the USSR did industrialise and become a significant world power under the socialist system, and it was achieved by Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin all using the ingenious method of shooting or starving anyone who didn’t work hard to death.  Under Joseph Stalin 20-50 million soviet citizens were shot or starved to death by the state while being worked up to 20 hours per day in forced labour camps.  This is how the socialists incentivised people to work harder and it ‘succeeded’.  However, they were killing people faster than they could breed them, so this policy had to end.  Not surprisingly, as soon as they stopped killing people the USSR’s rapid industrialisation started to slow down and by the 1970s it had ground to a halt.  Between the 1970s and the end of the cold war the soviet economy had completely stagnated, in 1989 the soviet union was still using 1960s built factories and equipment because they couldn’t motivate their people to upgrade anything. They were faced with two options: start shooting people again or re-introduce capitalism.  This practice of forced labour wasn’t limited to the USSR: Mao worked 30 million to death, Ho Chi Min executed almost a million vietnamese ‘kulaks’ who didn’t fall in line and Pol Pot killed 2 million people in forced labour and re-education camps.  Do I need to bother mentioning the communist regimes in Africa?

The Cultural Marxists Are No Different

Ultimately, socialism will always lead to this situation, the cultural Marxists don’t tell you this, but it’s inevitable because they can’t change human nature.  People need incentives, rewards and ownership of their labour to feel pride and dignity.  Every application of socialism from the USSR to hippy communes has eventually failed.  In every situation it collapsed as soon as the people pushing it lost the will to keep coercing people into it.  Socialism; the political ideology of self-hatred through shaming and blaming their own people for not making the system work; they’ll start by telling you that you’re too racist, too elitist, too greedy, too selfish etc… and when they still can’t convince you to hand over all of your money to help the undeserving, they’ll start arresting you, enslaving you and ultimately shooting you for “treason,” however absurd that is because they’re the ones who sold you and your country out to people who didn’t earn it.

To understand why cultural Marxists, socialists and communist eventualy resort to such violent methods of coersion one needs to understand how human motivation works.  If someone asked you to put your hand into water so cold that it hurts would you do it?  I most certainly hope you would say no.  If however, they offered you an incentive, any incentive, such as money, some of their labour or to borrow something of theirs then yes, you might put your hand into that water.

The concept explained here is critically important to your ability to experience a happy and satisfying life.  Ask yourself these questions:

A. What kind of person puts their hands in freezing water for no incentive?

B. What kind of person doesn’t put their hands in freezing water for no incentive?

C. What kind of person puts their hands in freezing water for an incentive?

D. What kind of person doesn’t put their hands in freezing water for an incentive?

These are four possible options that exist in this scenario.

Here are my answers:

A. A person with no self-respect, a weak willed pathetic person who is little more than a slave

B. A person with self-respect who is responsible and can hold their own against at least some opposition.

C. A needy person, but one with self-respect.  They believe their life has value.

D. A content person, who has self-respect.

If you could choose, which of those four people would you be?  In a capitalist society, being person A is going to be a huge disadvantage, you will never progress up the social ladder, you will never have satisfying relationships and you will never be content. But any of the other options could be helpful for you to either survive comfortably or find happiness.  However, socialist societies have to eliminate all incentives to be more than mediocre.  Socialism is about helping the weak become mediocre, but it’s also about making sure the strong fail to shine else it will create inequalities that could disrupt the whole system, thus enforced equality is fundamentally anti-nature.  However, socialism still needs people to do things without incentives.

How does socialism get people to do things without the incentives of money and social prestige?

Broken "utilities" in the USSR

Hollocaust victims? Wrong! These lucky people were fortunate enough to live under a socialist government. The communists made the fascists look like genocidal amatuers.

Like I said earlier, it shames and beats them until they’re like person (A) because only person (A) will fit into a socialist society.  The others will get frustrated, angry and demand to be to free to live their lives as they want to.

Socialism promotes depression by removing the incentive for the rewards that motivate people.  By guilting people for desiring comfortable houses, high social status, big pay cheques, fast cars, interesting exciting sexual partners or simply preventing people from getting easy access to these things by banning them, socialism essentially takes all the fun out of life.  In education, competition is exciting to boys, but it’s not good for socialism because it promotes talented students to excel instead of wallowing in socialist mediocrity.  So competition is stifled and boys tune out, develop depression, fail to fit into a meaningful job (to them) and position in society and atrophy in depression until they either commit suicide or drop dead from self-neglect.

Don’t be sucked in by the slogans and the obsession with blaming the Nazis for everything: cultural Marxists don’t want you to know about the history of socialism and communism.  They’re experts at rewriting history and spreading propaganda.  If challenged they’ll play the victim and call you the oppressor, but the tyrant always hides in sheep’s clothing: crying helpless, misunderstood and neglected but unwilling to help themselves or take responsibility for their own mistakes.  Socialist politicians and academics have a hundred and one excuses for why communism has killed so many people, but they’ll never acknowledge that they share so much in common philosophically with communists.  Feeling depressed?  Frustrated?  Lustless?  Like you can’t get any satisfaction?  Need a self-help book?  No.  You just need to reclaim the self-respect our cultural Marxist politicians have been beating out of you and say, “fuck you!” I’m going to become as self-sufficient as possible, I refuse to accept state intrusion into my personal and family life, and I’m not paying for slackers to live the good life at my expense.  The poor are not celebrities and they shouldn’t be treated as such.  Give them jobs so they can earn their keep, don’t give them hand outs.

Want to know more about the evils of Socialism/Communism/Cultural Marxism?

Visit the Global Museum of Communism.

Take this test to see how much you know about Communist atrocities.  (This test is very hard, I only got 37.5% correct)

Want to have some mind-numbingly stupid and frustrating conversation with a communist apologist?  Visit your local university and follow the hammers and sickles and ask them to explain how they can create communist societies without murdering millions of people.

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Author:Jason Sutherland

Resist the temptation to assume that you're always right or wrong. Never succumb to thinking you're so insignificant to trust your own thoughts and feelings. Always be responsible and listen carefully to others before passing judgement. Don't trust governments bearing stolen goods.

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11 Comments on “Socialism: unethical, unnatural and unapologetically genocidal”

  1. May 11, 2012 at 11:34 am #

    For once I do not violently disagree! I was going to write a similar piece on Wayne Swan’s class war, and why it is wrong

    cue the haters and the firestorm

  2. May 11, 2012 at 4:27 pm #


    It’s always disturbing to hear people touting communism like it’s a social panacea. What’s the absolute worst thing is that people aren’t seeming to equate welfare programs with socialism. It’s creeping into society like dry rot.

    Though I have to say that I don’t completely agree on one small point. ‘I believe these people can still be rehabilitated…’ Maybe it makes me cruel or unsympathetic but I don’t believe everyone can be redeemed. Or that they even want to be for that matter. That’s the other angle of this problem. You approached it from a slant of ‘everyone wants to have worth’. The reason that this system that so obviously is very broken keeps getting brought up is because of a far greater evil. The person that genuinely wants it. These are the people that aren’t going to be redeemable. They’re not envisioning working hard for their fellow man. They’re seeking a free ride and that makes them a different class of human.

    • May 11, 2012 at 6:42 pm #

      I believe they can be rehabilitated because my work with children with learning disabilities tells me one can teach seemingly impossible things to people I used to think were a right off. We can train obese children to exercise and eat responsibly, but people start crying about human rights if we attempt the same on adults. Personally, if I was in charge of prisons, they do only two functions: reform criminals in valuable members of the community, or at least make sure they can’t get out until they do.

  3. nm711
    May 12, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    Great article Jason! But I do agree with Tamiko on the stance that not everyone WANTS to be rehabilitated and two some people can not be, like NPD’s for example.

    • May 12, 2012 at 11:10 am #

      Thanks, narcissists can be reformed, but it requires a concerted effort from numerous people and other people not jumping in to “rescue” the narcissist from the consequences of their actions. For example, how many narcissistic women are spared the consequences of their actions while they’re young and pretty? Yet post age 40 when no one gives a shit about them anymore, they start to fall into a two camps: turning to bitter hateful old women or into apologetic and regretful old women. Just by promoting self-respect amongst men, instead of this pervasive misandry of all boys are stupid and pathetic, we can remove many of the barriers that stop narcissistic women from maturing. I mean, once men stop giving to, sleeping with or helping women just because she’s pretty or just because she’s a woman, the women are going to have to grow some empathy.

      The demoralisation of men to make them think they’re unworthy of women was the socialism of feminism turning men into slaves for the benefit of women, allowing them to turn into the victim-tyrants that are killing Western civilisation.

  4. nm711
    May 12, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    NPD’s are predominately male by the way, and yes both female and male NPD’s do alter their ways in older age and both sexes do become quite bitter with resentment,but just because they appear to succumb to “normalcy” doesn’t mean they’ve changed or even that they care to change. But that topic could be a whole other article or book in itself.
    Is this article the follow up to your Cultural Marxism article or are there still more to come?

    • May 12, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

      Male NPDs outnumber female NPDs? I’ll have to look that up, but the last figures I saw were from around 2007 where they estimated ~12% of males and as many as 25% of females with NPD in the USA. They noted that in past it used to be mostly males but the rate of increase for the female population was increasing much faster. But I’m recalling that from an article I read a long time ago.

      Frankly though, rates higher than 2% for either sex is a serious problem by itself.

      This article is indeed part the cultural Marxist series. I’m torn between my Feminism is Socialism article and an article on Tyrannical Humanism in politics. Obama’s life of Julia is being flogged to death at the moment, but it’s a great example for both topics.

  5. May 14, 2012 at 1:25 am #

    On deeper thought to play devil’s advocate.

    There are two things that socialism got right.

    Firstly, as part of the trade union movement. The union movement itself is cancerous… eating those who work hard by enforcing a front of mediocrity on those who are had in its thrall. But, before the unions, if we live in a “dog eat dog” world purely,

    we would still all be serfs, working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week (maybe we go to church on sundays) like in the Middle Ages, or in the factories as the cities grew at the onset of the Industrial revolution. They fought for reasonable minimum wages and the 8-hour work week. It turned the government from maintaining the “establishment” of serfdom into a democracy for the people, as education and welfare were subsidised by the state to get the masses out of poverty.

    Some of those ideas are great ideas, except for… surprisingly… the greed of the unions. They now “go slow” on the building of a desalination plant so that their members can maximise the time they spend getting award wages.That is why socialism always fails, because it never accounts for human greed. It pretends that greed doesn’t exist then get’s compromised by it.

  6. dah
    May 31, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    socialism is like any other economic system independent from the people who have done wrong in its name.
    The theory behind socialism is that everyone deserves a certain level of comfort (food, shelter, education, culture and health) and beyond that anyone is free to buy any luxuries they want (entertainment, junk food, whatever) It is the combination of the empathy for the poor that motivates communism and the freedom that capitalists say they love.

    Capitalism has a pretty gruesome history itself, the only difference is that nowadays there are still people that justify things as the Japanese internment camps and the atomic bombs as being “necessary”.


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