Burger Hospitalises Another Diner in USA

Not salmonella, nor other dangerous food safety related issues, but from a burger and the sheer fat and calorific content consumed.

Vegas – City of Vice, has what everyone wants, quite literally. The motto here is if you can pay for it, we will squeeze it all into the one city so you really don’t have to leave. From gambling, to girls, Vegas is known for being a one stop entertainment stop, so it didn’t really surprise me when the Heart Attack Grill opened there. Their ‘thing’ is calorific, anti-doctor-advised food, and the fact that they boast about the huge calorie intake means they don’t feel they are liable for penalty as they aren’t hiding anything.

This is true. Nothing is being hidden. The fact that diners are called ‘patients’ should give away that they don’t expect this treat to extend your life span any. In fact, the quadruple bypass burger is now about to be entered into the Guinness book of records as the most calorific sandwich on earth with 9993 calories per burger. I’m betting that’s considerably more than one or even 2 days of my average food consumption (and I’m not a dieting fan)!

The owner, Jon Basso, said on Monday that he wishes the customer a swift and full recovery. But, he added, the woman got exactly what she asked for – a brush with death.

”We attract an avant-garde clientele – thrill-seekers, risk-takers,” he said, adding it is a ”bad for you but fun” restaurant that ”attracts people who don’t really take good care of their health”.

The condition of the woman was not immediately known; she was wheeled out of the restaurant by paramedics.

She had been downing a margarita and smoking a cigarette before she was stricken, Mr Basso said.

”She was eating, drinking, smoking, laughing, dancing, having fun,” he said of the woman, who fell unconscious on Saturday night. ”But when you treat your body like that, day in and day out, eventually your body is going to give out.”

It leads me to wonder should money making schemes/opportunities like this and other fast food, have some kind of restrictions placed on them? We have free will and we can of course choose to eat here or at McDonalds, or go and get a salad – great! Inevitably we want what we shouldn’t have.Fast food tends to appeal to our innate fat/calorie seeking genes which, I guess, were placed there back in our foraging for food days when we had to stock up up sugars and fats when we could.

Innocent though it may seem it is quite clearly landing people in hospital with fat dripping arteries. Should we intervene and blanket ban specific foods or is that taking big brother society too far?

Frankly I don’t think it needs something as heavy as a ban because we should all know better and be able to control our behaviour, but there will be those with addictions who will eat themselves to death if we can’t figure out a way to somehow regulate this type of food intake.

With the right to sell this crap comes some level of responsibility on the owner – past mentioning the calorific intake (or even bragging about it) – but as to how this could be regulated, I’m not quite sure.

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6 Comments on “Burger Hospitalises Another Diner in USA”

  1. April 26, 2012 at 3:27 am #

    It probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that I’ve eaten there a couple times.

    In all seriousness, a ban would be an over the top reactionary measure to an issue of simple common sense. The article states that the woman was smoking too – that doesn’t have a blanket ban, and I would argue it has more of a detrimental effect than calorie immersed-food. Anyone who treats their body with that level of disrespect will most likely have repercussions. The issue here isn’t the food, it’s the people eating it, and I doubt that they’ll alter their ways, much like a habitual smoker won’t kick the habit. I exercise, don’t eat like that every day (more like once every 4 or 5 months if that) so the food is fine – in moderation, just like mostly anything else. So long as it’s a very long time between meals there. It probably doesn’t help that they advertise you eat free if you weight over… I think it’s 350lbs, but in Vegas, that kind of thing is hardly something to gasp over, considering what else goes on in that town (which I adore).

    Food’s good at least. If I die, I’ll die happy.

    • dah
      May 31, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

      Cardiovascular disorders are the #1 cause of death in adult males. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are very correlated with cardiovascular problems. So you could say that these kinds of foods are much more dangerous than cigarettes.
      sorry ):

    • April 25, 2017 at 2:39 am #

      Apelapntry this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

    • May 18, 2017 at 12:40 am #

      Ha ha I completely sympathise with ya!But just cause my common cold probably has turned cold against me, I shall say this in defense- it is a friend Easier to say no to all the yummy stuff when you taste anything! And ya as I presently sit in the car which my aunt has loaded with foul smelling soaps, dying in the car but me cause hey- I cant smell a thing (I can already feel my common cold smiling from all the praise) hehe

  2. April 26, 2012 at 9:05 am #

    C’mon, this is not the burgers fault. If I purchase bacon grease and drink a glass daily, is it my fault that I’m in bad health, or the person selling me the bacon grease? People need to exercise common sense.

  3. April 26, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    You raise a very good point really. It’s kinda like opening up a poisons booth where you charge people $14 so that they can down a vile of liquid that may or may not fatally harm them. Would such a business be legal?

    Then why should a 9993 calorie burger be legal? If we place restrictions on plane flights for example, so that anyone with a listed heart condition is not able to fly, then shouldn’t this extend to responsible serving of food?

    If we enforce liquor laws on those who are under 21 or 18 depending on where you live, then shouldn’t we enforce certain food consumption laws as well?

    The reality is, people are stupid, and their self-imposed shitty health choices cost the taxpayer money.

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