Petrol prices: Woolworths & Coles fuel discounts exposed for the lie they are

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Petrol companies in Australia are finally starting to be exposed for years of falsely inflating petrol prices beyond the actual pump price in order to reduce potential savings motorists might get due to shopper dockets. But not by the federal or state governments, oh no. Expect them to remain ignorantly silent on this issue. The expose comes from the AAA, Australian Automobile Association.

Across the continent, drivers have been conned for years into thinking they are saving 4c to 8c per litre using discount vouchers for being loyal and shopping with the partnering supermarket, Coles or Woolworths. The reality is, the real saving is only a fraction of that amount, or in some cases no discount at all, research obtained exclusively by The Sunday Mail reveals.

A study of fuel prices by the Australian Automobile Association over the past two months found drivers were being duped when double discounts on fuel were offered because the supermarkets inflated their petrol prices to reduce the hit on profits. When single discount (4c per litre) dockets are used, driver are in fact paying more per litre than the actual price of fuel.

In one case, Brisbane motorists with an 8c-a-litre off docket really received zero cent savings because the price of petrol was needlessly inflated by 7.8c a litre.

During discount periods last year, the research showed that fuel prices were inflated 5c per litre beyond the fair cost of fuel.

“Families are being misled,” AAA managing director Andrew McKellar has declared.

This comes at no surprise to many. The only karma I can hope for is that sooner or later, a law firm with deep, deep pockets starts a national class action against fuel companies – the same way class actions have been started against the powerful banks and telephone companies for unfair fees – to expose the lies and refund motorist who have kept records of their receipts. Corruption is rife in the public sector: don’t be a fool.

Hard-working motorists who avoid the supermarket-linked chains altogether, are actually the ones paying the highest cost of all.

Up to 2c a litre more during supermarket-led promotions are being charged to motorists who fill up at other service stations because other petrol retailers are “forced” to follow the supermarkets’ lead in raising their prices as well, lest they lose revenue to the supermarket monoliths.

“Motorists are paying a higher fuel price every day in their fuel cycle when compared to fuel cycles before the 8c per litre discount,” the AAA report said. What I wish the report also said, is “Coles and Woolworths can go and get fucked.”

So what is the slice of profit the petrol companies get to take from motorists following a supposed “discount” period? A whopping 20%. That’s twenty percent more profit than a non-discount period. Disgusting.

For business to be able to hold the entire country ransom, monopolising on something that is almost as essential as water, is beyond corrupt. It is uncompetitive behavior and this rampart bullshit needs to be reigned in once and for all by a government with balls big enough to change the laws despite the lobbying shit-storm that will most likely occur.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission‘s petrol commissioner, Joe Dimasi, has been accused of failing to stop drivers being ripped off by not intervening. What is the point of an ACCC that is completely powerless, at the mercy of monolith business and organised monopolies? Fuel price is determined by oil, which is a world-regulated price.

Just as a company finds itself in illegal territory if it scrapes an extra 1c off the bill of every customer without explanation, so too should the fuel companies be held accountable for basically stealing from consumers without explanation.

“There’s clear consumer detriment but it seems there is … a reluctance to act or to put pressure on the major supermarkets to hold them to accounts for their impact on the market,” Mr McKellar said.

Why the reluctance? Utter corruption.

Once again, changing things falls to the people. Now that you know you’re getting ripped off by using a shopper docket, I urge you to

a) Spread this article to as many people as you can.

b) Permanently boycott all Coles and Woolworths service stations.

They aren’t doing you any financial favours, why should you hand over extra money when almost all of you can’t even afford to pay off your own debt?

Enough is enough. Intentious declares no more filling up at Coles or Woolworths.

Are you with us, people?


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Author:Andrew Beato

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7 Comments on “Petrol prices: Woolworths & Coles fuel discounts exposed for the lie they are”

  1. Chris Tan
    February 14, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    So you are telling me that i should boycott a service even though i get my groceries and get my discount for say 4c or 8c a litre? The service stations that don’t actually provide the supermarket discount, is still actually the same price as the coles/woolies partnered stations prior to said discount.

    Don’t get me wrong, its disgraceful that the inflation of petrol prices actually exists – and am aware of the price hikes. But me being the thrifty being that i am, if coles/woolies gives me a discount docket – i will use it. As the alternative is to pay full price at a competing station.

    • February 14, 2012 at 12:48 pm #

      Yes, save your $1.60 per full tank if you really want/need. But for half the price of a cup of coffee, you too could collectively hurt the chains. That is worth it, to me.

      By the way, what you should have said is “if coles/woolies gives me normal price fuel – i will use it. As the alternative is to pay higher than normal price at a competing station.”

      To be clear, there’s *no* discount being applied, and even with an 8c per litre discount, your average driver saving is a measly $3.20 per week. Sacrifice that and send Coles and Woolworths a permanent message.

      • James Hill
        February 14, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

        It’s important to understand that these “discounts” are part of a longer term strategy by the supermarket chains to dominate the market. It all appears fine and dandy now while they still have competition to eliminate, but things will get a hell of a lot worse when there’s an effective duopoly.

  2. February 23, 2012 at 11:08 am #

    We aren’t paying 4c discount on fuel, we are bringing vouchers in not to get slugged 4c while the big supermarket chains try to manipulate the fuel price

  3. March 22, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

    When you live in a regional area, and woolies/coles fuel is the same or cheaper than all the competitors, then it seems only logical to use a voucher considering the the price of fuel rarely moves in these areas.We sat on 145.9 a litre for months and months with no price change at all. Now that coles has been having “special” promotions to increase that discount, then yes I will use it. I don’t go all out and buy this that and the other to ensure my spend in store is enough to receive a bigger discount. I only buy essentials, and only bulk buy if they are on special. Since the start of the year, when Coles decided to offer discounts of up to 18 cents, we’ve been filling up the car plus jerry cans to increase the discount.

    So whilst you sugget that boycotting might be a good idea, in areas where there is little or no price fluctuations, it’s illogical to not take the discount.

  4. Anonymous
    February 20, 2013 at 10:26 am #

    I found Coles a rip off. A Coles servo near Chermside was charging $1.52.9 cent for diesel and claiming that you saved 8 cents with your docket. I filled up at a Woolworths servo only 4 km away and they were charging $1.44.9 cents for diesel and with my 4 cents off docket it made it $140.9 and if I bought my fuel at Coles it would have cost my $144.9 cents with their 8 cent docket and they say there is no price fixing.

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