Feminism: A Tale Full of Sound and Fury

Feminism is an intellectual fraud that needs to be challenged and laughed out of academia.  For anyone who has spent a few minutes thinking deeply about any feminist issue, one finds that reality is a lot more complicated than what feminists make it out to be.  For example, during the Rwandan genocide it was noted that ~80% of the people in refugee camps were women, this has been cited by some feminists as proof that war harms women more than men, however, anyone with half a brain will appreciate that men were under represented in the camps because they were either fighting to protect the camps full of women, or far more often, it was specifically the men being massacred and the women allowed to escape with their lives.  Yet feminism is often taken so seriously that we allow media outlets to hire ‘journalists’ purely on the qualification that they hate men at worst or consider them non-persons at best.  We allow affirmative action programs to put women in power when quite possibly many better qualified men had to be passed over for promotion just to put enough women’s bums on seats in the name of political correctness.  But perhaps most horrendous of all, we allow our universities to be turned into schools for raising women filled with hatred and contempt for half the human race and thus not only ruining their chances of happiness in life, also doing great harm to the fabric of our society.  This article is a short guide on how to combat feminist rhetoric whenever it gets up your nose.

Having the Discussion

The first problem you’ll find in having a discussion about any topic to do with feminism is that unless you immediately agree with the feminist you will not be allowed to speak.  Feminists know they have very shaky intellectual foundations so they specifically avoid having calm, rational and thoughtful discussions because they know it’s going to expose feminism as vacuous lie and conspiracy against men.  They’ll raise their voices, they’ll accuse you of ridiculous things like, “you hate women!!” or “you’re a raving chauvanist pig!!” which, even if they were true, still have no relevance to an intellectual conversation, nor justification for abandoning one in favour of a bitching session.

Sadly, feminists have been more successful than any other group I know at getting away with using this gagging technique.  While they love to talk to a receptive crowd, as soon as any criticism of feminism appears they’ll end the conversation and walk out hence people only get to hear the positives and an illusion of concensus is created by silencing any and all dissent.  It is important to not be intimidated by any feminist who tries to stop you from having the conversation.  Calmly point out to them that we are a civilised society and calm debating and discussion of topics is one of the cornerstones of a civilised society and that their rhetorical tactics are anti-social.

Feminists will often keep changing the topic by introducing more anecdotes of female victimhood and subject changes than you can count in less seconds than it takes to do up your fly.  It is extremely tempting to go for this bait and bite onto another one of the topics being thrown at you but, if you do so, then you’ve just lost control of the discussion and this puts you in a weaker position.  Sadly, it’s a fact that in a debate just looking weak will cause people to side against you even if no real arguments have yet been articulated against your position.  Also, by succeeding at changing the topic the feminist has succeeded in avoiding the discussion again.  It is important to be self-disciplined and to keep the discussion focused on just one issue instead of conflating it with a dozen separate and unrelated issues.

These tactics of shouting, name-calling, constant subject changing etc… are a type of intellectual warfare, a “shock and awe” approach that can easily leave a person reeling back in surprise.  But with determination, iron self-discipline anyone can learn to hold their down against such an onslaught and keep control of the conversation to steer it where feminists fear the most: a fair, balanced, open discussion of feminism.

Three Examples of Circular Logic used by feminists

Feminists employ a lot of circular logic, whenever you find yourself in this situations waste no time pointing out how absurd they are and humiliating the feminist by informing everyone of the feminist’s mental insufficiency.  This still takes some practice to get right, it’s hard to humiliate someone when you’re red in the face, but stay calm, let them froth at the mouth for you and gently coax them into self-abasement.

This list of feminist illogic is hardly exhaustive, if you know any more please tell me in the comments, but here’s my favourite three examples of feminist stupidity:

1. Men are aggressive –>  Loudly and ruthlessly attack and slander men for being aggressive –> silence men when they complain that this is not-true –>  Point out that the men are now red-faced and angry as proof that men are aggressive and repeat procedure until the men have exhausted themselves with their own fury.

This attack is quite an ingenius form of rhetoric because it exploits a weakness in human nature: the need to save face.  Excluding sociopathic violence, all other violence appears to result from a person feeling they had been humiliated by someone else.  By slandering men as brutish neanderthals with no self-control one is provoking them into aggression, which fulfils the feminist propaganda that men are naturally violent.  When dealing with this paradox it is essential to point out that the feminists words are a form of aggression in themselves.  Point out that saying men are aggressive is the same as saying, “all black men are violent,” which has been used before in the past to get the same result.  Also, watch how my criticisms of feminism make feminists writhe like savage beasts, the truth is this tactic works just as well against women as it does men, because we’re both human.

(It is also very useful when dealing with any feminist argument to substitute “men” with “black” and “women” with “white” so the hatred and double standards are now blatantly obvious to all – more on this later)

2. Men are losers –> Complain about the failures of men to be perfect to around boys –> boys grow up feeling unsure of themselves and develop anxiety disorders about their imperfection –> boys grow up into anxious losers –> complain about the failures of men to be perfect etc…

This form of circular logic is probably the most harmful.  Whenever, ever, you see a group of feminists bitching about men not doing enough for women (that’s the only fault a man can have by the way: not doing enough for women) pah-lease make sure there are no boys around and if there is sit down with them and reassure them how awesome it is to be male, especially because being male means you’re not so pathetic as having to bitch about other people not doing enough for you, you can go out and do things for yourself when you want to.  In the end, once all the boys are safe, feel pity for these feminists, they’re so trapped in their victimhood they can’t do anything for themselves to help themselves out of the misery that’s leading them to bitch about men not doing enough for them.

3. Feminism is about Equality for men too –> Then how come feminists aren’t taking to the streets about violence against men/unfair child support laws/male rape/men’s complete lack of reproductive rights? –> because feminism has to be a voice for women  –> then we need to form a men’s rights movement to work with feminism –> no, feminism is about equality for men too you don’t need a men’s rights movement, don’t be stupid etc…

Feminism has gained a monopoly on the subject of gender studies.  Men don’t have a gender identity anymore, only women have a gender identity and an intrinsic value to society whereas men are only useful so long as they can do something (for women).  Feminists have declared war on the concept of authoritive, strong, independent, passionate and intelligent manhood from our culture, labelling all men as aggressive losers, so when a young boy reaches the age where it’s appropriate for him to be initiated in manhood we find the whole idea of “reaching manhood” laughable when every other culture considers teaching a boy to reach manhood is essential to the well-being of society.

Women can look after boys, but only men can teach boys how to be men, hence the boys raised by single mothers commit the vast majority of crimes in our society.  When faced with this problem of circular logic, humourously point out to the feminist that until she’s walked a mile with a penis attached to her groin and a head full of testosterone, she has no clue what she’s talking about when discussing the problems men have to deal with in their lives.

If this doesn’t work you really just need to laugh at her, because if this is the intellectual standard of feminists then they’re no match for men.

The only Some Feminists are Radicals Myth

All feminists are radicals.  There are no exceptions.  None.  If a woman believes that the patriarchy really exists, for the benefit of men to the detriment of women, she is stark raving mad.

You will never have this conversation with a feminist, she will stand up and walk out of the room or she will sputter and spit as though she’s having a fit.  It goes like this:

“If women in Australia had the vote in 1901, have always been the majority of voters, have always spent the majority of money earned, yet hardly went to work compared to men to earn any, had the majority of men pay for their housing, food, clothing without complaint, have always lived longer than men, were given a free education without ever being barred from access to higher education and suffer a mortality rate less than half of what men do before the age of 64, seldom commit suicide in comparison to men, cannot be conscripted to fight in a war against their will and then every single time they’ve lobbied the government for a law change in their favour they have won it within a few short years… then how were women oppressed before feminism?”

*cue feminists walking out of room or sputtering epileptically*

Feminists might say, “because they were brainwashed into thinking they were powerless,” which is equivalent of saying, “because women are mentally retarded.”  I have never met a women who wasn’t lightning fast to realise when she had gained some power, I find it hard to believe women spent 62 years in Australia being oppressed and only just noticed it in 1963.  Your opinion of women would have to be very low indeed to believe this.  About as low as mine is for feminists.  I’m sorry feminists, but I refuse to accept that women are that stupid, I just have too much respect for them.

But every feminist believes this oppression myth, despite the facts, this makes every feminist a radical because clearly the patriarchy never existed and feminism is the radical notion that men should be enslaved to women.  I wonder how long before a feminist decides that it isn’t worth sending boys to school anymore?

The ‘All Women are Feminists’ or the ‘Attacking Feminism is Attacking Women’ Myth

Feminists love to pretend that if one is attacking feminism what one is really doing is attacking all women.  The reality is that most women aren’t feminists, never have been and have no motivation to be one.  Also a lot of men are feminists.  I suspect these are men who get turned on by femdom, and that’s totally ok, I respect their sexual orientation.  But the fact is a majority of women prefer men in charge, will vote for a man over a woman (if you want to depress yourself check out just how much more popular Tony Abbott is with the female voters than the male voters, yes that’s right, women don’t vote for women, even if the alternative is Tony Abbott).  This does not mean women are oppressed, but considering how many women have fantasies of submitting to a dominant man is it hardly surprising that Twilight is the most popular book series for women?  Feminists are out of touch with women and what women want, yet they have the audacity to tell women they need to act like men?  This sounds like the kind of things lesbians would do if they had conspiracy to destroy heterosexuality… oh wait, I’m entering into some dangerously political incorrect territory again, it’s almost as if political correctness was invented to protect feminism as some kind of intellectual affirmative action program to give bad ideas a chance against better ideas.  I know Australians love the underdog, but really, only when the underdog has a case is it worth going for the underdog.

Anyway, if you’re a man or woman, please don’t embarrass yourself by calling yourself a feminist just because all the other cool hipster people are doing it.  Find a cause that’s worth fighting for and stop this man-hate as a way to inflate your self-worth by blaming others for your own inadequacies.

The Myth of Male-Only Violence

Feminists love to talk about rape.  Rape this, rape that… but don’t you dare underestimate how horrible rape is!  Rape is a horrible crime of power against women… umm… no.

Rape is about sex, again, those over-educated idiotic feminists have confounded a perfectly obvious fact by inventing a power myth.  It is committed against both men and women, although many many feminists will insist that only women can be raped.  Even though evidence is starting to amass that the majority of paedophiles are women who rape their victims with broom sticks, broken bottles, tree branches etc…  Usually this is women raping girls without any male input whatsoever.  This is about people with perverse sexual fetishes inflicting them on other people and infringing their rights to personal safety and security.  It is committed by both men and women and it needs to be treated as a human problem, not a man problem.

But really, the vast majority of violence in our society is directed towards men (this source is strongly biased against men, but just reading the stats, 76.5% of murder victims are men).  Even if we exclude deaths in combat, it has always been more dangerous for a man to walk through the streets at night than a woman.  The other thing is that domestic violence has always happened in a roughly equal ratio of male against female and female against male.  Except the data suggests that women are the worst offenders with 70% of non-reciprocal violence being dished out by the female against the male who never fights back.  And if that male ever fought back he’d lose his house, family and liberty to the woman who beat him into a cowering mess for years.  Remember, women who run away from abusive men have the full support of the government, while men who run away from abusive women will get no support and lose everything.

The law is clear: violence against women is not ok, but violence against men is fine, that’s what men are there for: to suck up everyone else’s shit because they don’t want to have to deal with it themselves.

Rape is a perfect example of this though, and tell this to every feminist you manage to have a conversation with: even though it’s not only men who rape, it is only men who do something about rape.  Women don’t stop rape, men do.  When a women finds another woman getting raped, she calls a man to help, she doesn’t try to help out by herself.  Men stop rape.  If men refused to do anything about rape, it would just be a fact of life because no woman is going to stop rape.  Don’t let the feminist say “only men can stop rape,” correct her by pointing out that, “only men do stop rape.”

Women’s Lack of Self-Responsibility

This brings me to the last issue with feminist illogic.  Feminists supposedly believe in equality and that women are just as capable as men.  Yet all feminists seem to be doing is demanding men fix women’s problems for women.  If a person covers themselves in blood and lowers themselves into a hungry lion’s cage, do we take the person seriously when they demand compensation for a lion biting their arm off? No.

So, if a woman, dresses like a slut (covered in blood), goes out to dodgy night clubs (lion’s cages), hangs out with dangerous men (hungry lions) and then claims no responsibility for putting herself in danger when she’s raped, does she really deserve any pity from us?  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve still got to arrest and punish the rapist, rape is a terrible crime, but this woman is still an irresponsible nitwit.  And this needs to be said and acknowledged.

Men aren’t responsible for women, women are responsible for themselves.  If women want men to be responsible for them, then they need to surrender their voting rights.

That’s the biggest problem with the feminists, they tell young girls they have the right to do anything, but none of the responsibility that comes with having those rights.  Self-respect and self-responsibility are slogans you’ll never hear feminists teaching girls, instead they teach self-pity and self-indulgence.  Self-pitying and self-indulgement women are ugly women.  Thanks to feminism, Australian society is now full of sluttily clad women, with ugly personalities.  Women who can’t get a date, women who can’t keep a relationship, women who can’t understand why every man they meet is a loser and women who can’t figure out why they feel so miserable and unfulfilled in life.  That is what feminism has done, that is feminism’s legacy.  It makes life miserable for women, and unbearable for men.

Concluding Remarks

So that’s my brief guide on how to argue with feminists, it’s still a work in progress and there are a few points I haven’t added: like the enjoyment feminists get out of hurting men who fight back aggressively because they love male attention, it validates their sorry existence to see a man bleed.   It’s very important not to feed the feminists, to hold onto your balls and keep the conversation focussed on specific issues, the facts and looking at both sides of any issue.  But overall keep your head on and keep your dignity intact.  Remember feminists are an endangered species: their irresponsible behaviors have made them vulnerable to STDs, socially infertile and often just too pathetic to love.  If we stop them from indoctrinating our children they’ll die out in the next couple of decades.  True, we are going to have to endure the coming revival of conservatism during this time because only the conservative women bothered to breed, but at least this cultural degeneration that was kept alive by affirmative action programs and overly sympathetic social policies will soon kill itself out and leave the women with self-respect and self-responsibility to inherit the Earth.  So if you think it’s cool to call yourself a feminist, remember that ultimately feminism is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

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29 Comments on “Feminism: A Tale Full of Sound and Fury”

  1. mensvoices
    January 21, 2012 at 4:39 am #

    This is excellent! Thankyou so much for writing it; you have articulated it so well.

    Since you requested more examples of feminist illogic in the comments, may I direct you to the following article?


    • January 21, 2012 at 8:40 am #

      Just read that article, it was brilliant! Did you write it? It pleases me no end that someone else has seen the link between Marxism and feminism on an ideological level. I would add that it is not entirely Marx and Engels fault, they are also victims of “liberty at all costs” idealogy which is a sacred value of Western culture and has caused more bloodshed than any other we have. Liberalism is about creating conflict between two groups: workers and capitalists, men and women, rulers and ruled etc… It consequently makes it seem normal that any dozen random people in our society can’t co-operate for five minutes to put up a tent without having a slanging match calling each other ten different types of oppressors. Most bloodshed in the world today exists because Westerners have been spreading liberalism around the world telling people it’s for their own good. But it’s all about creating false identities. I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water though because liberalism is quite useful once one has the checks and balances in place. But our inability to criticise people just because they want liberty (even if it’s the liberty to oppress others: ie non-muslims, non-Hutu, non-whites, non-women etc) means we’re saying we think the violence that results is acceptable until after it has happened.

      • mensvoices
        January 21, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

        Hi Jason,

        I didn’t write that piece; I read it some time back, and your article brought it to mind.

        On liberalism, I am of two minds; perhaps because there are two liberalisms.

        Enlightenment/classical liberalism, as far as I know, was not about pitting people against each other, or identity politics, and so on. Rather, it yielded those traditions that are now established as the bedrock of civilization: due process, the rule of law, equality before the law, accountability of the executive power, freedom of trade and commerce, and so on.

        The degeneration of liberalism from the late 19th and through the 20th century, however, gave rise to ‘social’/modern liberalism, which is really a different animal altogether. Almost the complete opposite. Having fused with fundamentally illiberal identity movements (including socialism and feminism), it now demands the exact opposite – preferential treatment of certain classes, big government, arbitrary rule, restrictions on trade, an end to due process, mass social engineering, etc.

        Although, I have seen it argued, that ‘social’ liberalism was inevitable, and just as much of a product of classical liberalism as due process and the rest of the good things.

        Which would mean that liberalism, even in its earliest, purest form, carried in it the seeds of its own destruction, and will inevitably, eventually, yield to the most illiberal forms of rule.

        • January 24, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

          I find every conception of liberty sounds great at first, but once followed through to its logical conclusion turns into something truly oppressive and destructive. I’m leaning towards the “everything in moderation, including liberty, people need some limits on their behaviour otherwise they will harm others and themselves.”

          Although, when it comes to freedom of speech, I’m a bit of an extremist because I don’t mind people speaking the truth as much as it hurts other people’s delusions.

  2. January 21, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    Excellent article and one story that needs to be told by the main stream but there is very little present at the moment. Too busy hiding behind their well intentions and also falling for the AGW hoax which has drawn a lot out and demonstrated how easily they were beguiled. This article needs to surface to stop western countries ending up like Sweden, a femi-central government that promotes wholesale discrimination and anti-male bias as normal. I wonder if Swedish men are even aware of what going on. I have my doubts..

    . “Most bloodshed in the world today exists because Westerners have been spreading liberalism around the world telling people it’s for their own good”.

    I am assuming you are referring to communism in that regard as that has murdered more people than all the wars combined..

    • January 24, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

      To a very large extent communism… although the term “cultural Marxism” is being used more often these days. It’s based on the dialectic approach where two opposing sides must clash to create an synthesis. I believe Marx sincerely meant for this to be a creative process, however, every revolution seems to involve it being used as a destructive process.

  3. Anonymous
    February 13, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    Seriously, you need to do research on what the feminism movement REALLY is. Your view on it is so narrow minded and is based on the stereotypical view of feminism as a bunch of men hating women. If that’s what feminism is all about why are there men who consider themselves feminist? Get out of you little box and really research things before you try to push ideas on people. Feminism is a social and political movement that effects every person, but clearly you do not know that.

    • February 13, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

      Hi Anonymous,

      Many men support feminism because they feel guilty/ashamed for what some men did to some women. See, if you want to manipulate a men, just make him feel guilty or ashamed and then you’ve got control of him. Irrational guilt and shame, that’s only way feminists have gained any political ground. We call then “white knights” because they desperately want to rescue women to prove they’re not as bad as other men. If you’re a woman you probably know these guys as “nice, but really pathetic.” The primary goal of the Men’s Rights Movement is teaching men that this kind of misguided collective guilt trip and chivalry is bullshit.

      You see, once upon a time men worked their arses off to put food on the table for a woman, a roof over her head and shed their blood to keep her safe and in return women used to appreciate and love men for their sacrifices. Now feminists are telling women to jump up and down and demand ‘MOAR! MOAR!!” and call that empowerment. Empowerment, for the record, is getting off your lazy arse and doing the work yourself.

      Don’t just sit there and tell someone else to keeping working until they come back to an opinion you approve of. Get off your arse and Google some feminist websites and read the inane nonsense and hatred they spew out and then check out those Men’s Rights websites and learn what they’re all about so that you have both sides of the picture. This world ain’t black and white, and you’re not contributing meaningfully to this conversation by simply throwing insults about and saying “it isn’t true because I say so!”

  4. Anonymous
    February 13, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    Haha Jason, your ignorance is amusing to me. So you feel we need mens rights groups?? That is absolutely absurd. Men have control over everything as it is, it is because of men that there has been any success in the feminist movement to start of with, which is sad but that’s the patriarchal world we live in today. Its even more ridiculous to think empowerment is as simple as doing work yourself and if you want to stay in that mind frame I will play along for a little bit and say this is exactly what people who are in the forefront of the feminist movement are doing, trying to make changes to get rid of the injustices that exist in out society. You seem to only be familiar with the extremist feminism groups that are all about women empowerment. Every group has this whether its a religious, political or a group based on social justice as the feminist movement.

    You tell me to Google these groups, if Google is the only basis of your information then I have less respect for you than I did before i got to that statement. Now I would tell you to re-Google information and try to find information on what the feminism movement is really about but I would wager that would be too hard of a task for you to grasp giving your clear simple-mindedness of the subject now I can’t blame you for this and I will delve into that later. Therefore I will provide you with some information to give you a little more insight to what it really is.

    Feminism is a social and political movement that is concerned about the patterns of domination and the politics of gender, race, class and sexual orientation. Feminist are committed to addressing problems that happen everyday such as: domestic violence, rape & sexual assault, racism, homophobia, unequal pay, job segregation, sexual objectification, and restrictions on reproductive choices, unattainable standards of gender, beauty and behavior.

    Now looking at that you can see the role of the feminist movement reaches far beyond that the stereotypical idea that its a bunch lesbians and angry men hating women that are all about taking over. Now lets look into the reason that is the most popular view of feminism, first living in this patriarchal world, men run everything including media, which is where most people get their information. Now you have these men in positions of power that fear they will lose power if feminist are successful in their attempts so they push anti-feminist media. This is what millions on millions of people see and if they have no prior experience on what the movement is really about, they will think that this is what the feminist movement really is. This reason is also why it is important that men are in the forefront of the movement. Now even though I consider myself a feminist (and I am a male as well, and I am in no way “nice, but really pathetic.” as you so nicely stated lol) I feel like the word feminist is a turn off because of its name. Its root word is female and on first sight or without previous knowledge you think its all about female rights and no one else, when that really isn’t the case, but at the same time it makes sense because when you think about it women are at the bottom of the power structure so to call the movement feminism points that out in a very blunt way. So now you see where my argument is coming from and why I think your argument is completely absurd. Looks like I’m not the one who is living in a black and white world.

    • February 14, 2012 at 11:07 am #

      Allow me to present exhibit A. Here we have a feminist automaton who *might* have read my article yet couldn’t help himself from doing exactly what I predicted.

      Ridicule, ad hominem, attempting to silence the debate by avoiding the discussion or dismissing it as irrelevant. Notice just how many words he puts into my mouth, I didn’t say many of these things but he felt so strongly that they should be true, he made them true in his head.

      These people are called mangina’s or white knights (http://i.imgur.com/D9ptX.gif). Apart from infantilising women by indulging them in their fantasies of victimhood. They prey on their fellow man in the hopes of earning pussy points. You know the kind of guy who would push you over a clift if he thought it would help him get closer to some hot chick. It never seems to enter their skulls that the fact they do so many things for women, in the vain hope of getting into their pants, that he is completely demolishing his own argument: If women have that much power (pussy power) and influence over him, then they aren’t powerless and they aren’t victims. There is a dark side to human nature, and women are just as human as men are.

      The traditional role for men in our society is to protect and provide. Protect and provide for whom? Other men? Hell no! To protect and provide for women. That’s right folks. Men have all the “power” and achievements in society because they were competing with each other to please their women. Men are slaves for women and they always were. Until 1963 the vast majority of women, even the suffragettes, were thankful and appreciative to men for all the things that they had done for them. But now we don’t even get praised for shedding our blood for them. We get ridicule and derivision. In psychology this is called “hostile dependency” where you resent the hand that feeds you.

      Well guess what? Things are changing, men are going their own way and mangina’s like Mr. Anonymous up here will be learning the hard way if they don’t wake the fuck up: no woman wants to sleep with a man who is always apologising for his existence, and no man will give an inch of pity to traitor.

      • February 14, 2012 at 11:31 am #

        Roll it back boys, as amusing as this is for me, it’s pretty clear you both don’t like one another due to your different opinions – not personalities. So lets reel back on personal criticisms and attack the issue at large… it’s contentious after all but no one is ever 100% right or wrong remember, there is some event that adds validity to both sides. Anonymous, Jason is very well read and educated professionally on the subject and dare I say you seem extremely well informed too.

        • February 14, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

          I used to get very upset when I discovered that it doesn’t matter how well researched or thought out an idea is, there will always be a thin-skinned hysterical person who can’t handle someone else thinking differently to them. They read what I have to say, it upsets their feelings and they feel justified in launching into a personal attack on me. Again, it is the tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

          If we give into this kind of harassment the result is a society where people are too scared to speak their minds for fear their opinions might upset someone. In other words the society we’re heading for where belong looking at a chick’s boobs through a shoe-string bikini top will get you arrested for sexual assault.

          Mr. Anonymous gives me shit so I give it to him back, because frankly, he is the enemy of a free society and the proponent of George Orwell’s 1984 society.

  5. Anonymous
    February 14, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    Lmao, ignorance truly is bliss. I see arguing with you is pointless because you are just too simple to obtain a full scope about how our society really works. Your opinions may make sense to other idiotic men who think alike, you must have had to bad experiences with women or something to have such a fucked up way of thinking. You read my statements and I gave you a spectrum of the movement, unlike you who just say the same simple bullshit over and over again. I never once said I apologize for being a man, if that what you think men in feminism think then you are really much more stupid that it appears. You are the one who needs to wake the FUCK up sir, not me. I’m doing just fine, better off than you are I’d wager. Stop talking about things before you really do research on it.

    • February 14, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

      Tell me sir, what did you think of Slutwalk? That was feminist mainstream right there in nearly all of our streets. It was a protest, but a protest against what? What someone did? What someone did to women? No. It was a protest against what someone said.

      I’ll repeat that for the liberty impaired, it was a protest against what someone said.

      It was a protest against FREE SPEECH.

      That was mainstream feminism, that was global, that was in everyone’s backyard and it was anti-liberty and anti-democracy.

      If you can defend those actions, by all means do so, but if you can’t, kindly prove to everyone you have a brain inside your head and admit: mainstream feminism is fucked up.

  6. Anonymous
    February 16, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    I already agreed that there are these extremist groups, I’m telling you that there is more to feminism that just those groups who happen to get the most attention but you are seeming to see that side of the picture. To base a movement off mainstream views is only a small piece of a puzzle, and that goes for anything, and sadly the things that make it in the media are not always the best portrayal of such groups. This is where negative stereotypes come from. This is also why I’m challenging you go look outside your mainstream box of viewing feminism. I never said i agreed with everything that’s associated with it, because a lot of people aren’t even sure what the role of the feminist movement is and they will call themselves a feminist.

    • March 18, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

      Said by someone who knows nothing about me. First, assume I’m misinformed. Next assume that I’m an idiot. Then when you can’t prove that I’m neither misinformed nor an idiot, then you’ll start calling me evil. Got to love humanity.

      Watch this TED talk and wake up to how condescending and arrogant you sound: http://www.ted.com/talks/kathryn_schulz_on_being_wrong.html

  7. Anonymous
    February 16, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    Jason, to address your comment on me being an enemy on a free society. For one of my jobs I work for an social justice organization that strives to bride the gap between people of all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, or economic status. One of the things I do within this job is I get people of all backgrounds together and discuss topics such as this one so people can get a better understanding of how we all are affected by issues and also get a better understanding of each other and the topic and I like to take topics deeper than you usually would in a regular conversation (hence my rebuttals.). I value the difference of opinions (this includes yours Jason.). but I have to push people to think outside the box, and to think out of what is the “norm”. If you never challenge yourself to look for views that oppose yours, you can never truly have a deep understanding of it because there are always more than one side to a story. There is this great quote that I like that states: “With the clash of opinion comes a spark of truth.” So this argument we are having now even though we do not agree with each other, someone who has never talked about this issue can read these and gain a lot of knowledge on it. To address Andrew’s statement that we don’t like each other, I can’t say I don’t like Jason because of his different view. I can’t like or dislike someone whom I’ve never met.

    • March 18, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

      I agree with most of what you say here. I actually respect people who disagree with me directly because they have a different perspective on an issue than those who simply say, “You’re being intolerant!” because it is incredibly condescending to treat adults like they’re children. Hence I respect religious fundamentalists more than religious moderates because they’re very clear; they believe the Earth is 6,000 years old because the Bible says so. Great. We’ll disagree and argue. But those people who say, “look, let them believe what they want to believe in peace,” all I hear is, “let those silly little children play their childish games and we’ll pretend to respect them.”

      No. The religious fundamentalists treat me with more respect than that kind of snobbery, even if they do wish they could imprison, torture or kill me.

  8. April 9, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    A great article. Some of the best anti-feminism material has been coming out of Australia for years. I, along with other Poms, am doing my best to fight the feminists. I recently joined the Editorial Board of ‘New Male Studies’ http://newmalestudies.com which is hosted by an Australian organisation.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mike Buchanan

    • April 10, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

      Thanks! Even in the last 12 months there has been quite a rise in awareness and activity on the scene. It’s no exaggeration to be saying that the MRM are growing daily. Feminism used to have the public’s ear, but more people than ever are waking up to the pedantic whinging of hipsters.

  9. asejfhsjkhfjkshakjhfjkds
    December 31, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    If you spent a just “few minutes” thinking then you are not very bright, nor are you qualified to discuss the subject given your superficial qualities


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