Christianity rules the global population in 2011 / 2012

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A major worldwide study of religious numbers has revealed that the total number of Christians spanning the globe is 2.18 billion.

This makes up 31.7 percent of the entire human population of Earth, which currently sits at nearly 7 billion.

The Pew Research centre can successful appease fearmongers who believe that Muslims are taking over the world, or that Christianity is losing out to Atheism or agnostics. However, by religious extension this also means that according to inherent Christian belief, 68.3% of the world are therefore going to hell.

“Christians are so geographically widespread, so far flung, in fact, that no single continent or nation van indisputably claim to be the centre of global Christianity, ” they report. Significantly, this study shows Christianity has clearly shifted from its traditional European centre.

Breaking that 31.7% down further, the research centre revealed that:

  • 50% are Catholic,
  • 36.7% are Protestant, and
  • 11.9% are Orthodox.

Out of all nations in the world, the populations with the largest number of Christians are the US, Brazil and Mexico.

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