China pissed with Australia over US troops deal

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While Australian and US media gleefully talk up the geopolitical banter going on between US President Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the moment, take a moment to realise that China’s all-powerful communist machine is watching closely, with glaring eyes.

Over the last 24 hours, Air Force One arrived in Canberra, Australia’s capital, for a whirlwind two-day schedule that sees the US President snub Australia’s three largest capital cities in favour of an entire day in Darwin, the north most city, closest to South-East Asia.

Curious. Strategic. Deliberate.

As rumoured, Ol’ bama announced an expanded, permanent US military presence in Darwin, although avoiding too much explanation as to why or what these troops will be doing there besides wooing Australian country girls by the bucketload, the move is widely seen as a concrete renewal of the US-Australia alliance to “keep China in check”.

Everyone is curious about China. They are the new world power that stands to eclipse the US, yet deliberately lacks the freedoms, human rights & beliefs that the US espouses.

Obama, during a parliamentary address, stated that China’s continued rising rule in every market of the world was a “win-win”, but only if the nation “played by the rules of the world”.

“We are here to stay,” he said, not just talking about the 2500 troops he plans to deposit in Darwin. Obama was talking ballsy-talk, directly at China.

Meanwhile, over in Beijing, the widely distributed communist publications are utterly reeling.

“Apparently, Australia aspires to a situation where it maximizes political and security benefits from its alliance with the US while gaining the greatest economic interests from China. However, Gillard may be ignoring something – their economic cooperation with China does not pose any threat to the US, whereas the Australia-US military alliance serves to counter China.

Australia surely cannot play China for a fool. It is impossible for China to remain detached no matter what Australia does to undermine its security. There is real worry in the Chinese society concerning Australia’s acceptance of an increased US military presence. Such psychology will influence the long-term development of the Australia-China relationship.

It is true that China does not have many cards to play to respond to Australia. The US military presence in Australia will not change matters in the short-term. 

It remains to be seen how Australia will behave in the future and how China is going to respond.

But one thing is certain – if Australia uses its military bases to help the US harm Chinese interests, then Australia itself will be caught in the crossfire.”

Source: Beijing’s People Daily |

China, ever the wary ally of the democratic world powers, loves Australia,  you see. There is a need, a symbiosis, between the two countries. Australia is so close, with a land mass the size of the United States, most of which is richly deposited with raw materials there for the taking. China wants to control the monopoly on Australian resources as badly as the US wants to. It’s good business for rapid growth.

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Australia, too, loves China back. If not for China, the nations economy would be but a fraction of what it is today. It’s because of China’s business with our mining industries that Australians get to live so well and not go into spiralling debt like some European countries. China pays many of our bills.

So, the obvious questions arise:

  • What possible harm can 2500 troops stationed in Darwin by 2016 do to China?
  • Won’t they continue doing what they like with their Australian interests, anyway?
  • If so, was this merely a “symbolic” gesture?
  • Is Australia trying to lessen it’s reliance on China?
  • Can we afford to piss China off, even just “symbolically”?

One commenter calls the announcement: “One of the most foolish pieces of diplomacy ever committed by ANY Australian Government. This country should be forming alliances across Asia, not hanging on the shirt tails of a spent USA. That was yesteryear. The future is Asia. We should be part of that future.”

Another commenter questions the move: “I wonder whether the Australian government would be willing to allow China the same military presence privileges as it has given the US? That would be a real test of Australia”s neutrality.Is Australia really neutral?As an Australian, I did not vote for politicians to collaborate in these dangerous power games.”

Perhaps, the reasons for this move, is because the powers that govern “The Lucky Country” as Australia is known, recognise that if we don’t start to control our reliance on China, they will become all-consuming.
Another clue that this move signals a gradual break from Australia’s increasing reliance on China, was Ms Gillard’s controversial backflip this week: announcing she wanted to reverse a ban on selling uranium to the emerging powerhouse of India.
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India and China aren’t exactly friends… China may see this move as helping a potential enemy, or as China likes to officially put it, again “harming China’s interests”. Australia strategically supplying essential elements for use in “that other giant Asian economy” will be used to strengthen offensive and defensive weaponry, as well as dramatically increase available power to the super sized nation. Australia is playing with giants and in the long run, it’s a dangerous game.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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