Sex girls trading dignity for digger dollars

Controversial News | Sex worker girls booming in lonely mining towns | Image Source: The Advertiser

There’s a new mining boom taking shape across the vast expanses of rural Australia. It’s not for precious metals or rare earths. Rather, it’s for another type of rare commodity: women.

It’s no secret that miners are a lonely bunch.

A short walk from Australia’s largest open-pit gold mine, 35-year-old driller Matt Brown swigs a beer in the Rock Inn Hotel and laments one of his biggest problems: “You get lonely,” he says of life in dusty Kalgoorlie, 375 miles from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. “Relationships are the hardest thing about mining.”

“You’ve got to pretty much give up your life,” says Douglas, 24, who split up with his girlfriend in February. “A lot of my friends have been eyeing some quick cash in the mines, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” 

(Australian miners are well paid but lonely, August 29, 2011|Angus Whitley, Bloomberg)

In spite of the new resources tax and carbon tax imposed on the industry, mining has never been healthier Down Under, with expansions and aggressive drilling happening so fast that there is a constant shortage of workers in all manner of fields, jobs which, traditionally, men take and women avoid, leading to a colossal imbalance of the sexes in these mining towns.

Adding to the imbalance, Australian women who grew up in remote towns are increasingly moving away to the major cities for work and further education. When they get there, they find men in short supply.

“I’ve got a bunch of single girlfriends and we’re looking, but we’ve been scratching our heads wondering where all the decent men are,” one girl says of the “man shortage” in one capital city.

Meanwhile, miners, most of them heterosexual young bucks in their mid 20s and early 30s, can go weeks without so much as eye contact with a girl. They wall up the frustration and it chips away (pun intended).

“The fly-in, fly-out [miners] destroy the community. They’re the ones who go crazy” says a supplier of workers for BHP Billiton.

Fortunately, there’s an answer, exploding in popularity week by week.


Now I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…

Dubbed “coal girls”, young opportunistic prostitutes are putting ads in the local papers and then being flown out from as far as New Zealand in order to pleasure the men of the mining towns.

And while a miner can typically take home a lucrative AUD $2,200 a week, the weekly paychecks for these savvy girls, sometimes staying for weeks on end, are almost double.

Men in these areas habitually scour the local paper on breaks and screen for the latest sexy young women offering themselves as a full-packaged deal. If there is a new attractive girl’s face featured one week, it can even get quite competitive among mates.

Now, many women will hold their heads high in disgust at the thought of trading dignity for dollar, but for some single girls open to the idea of playing the field, earning their degrees without accruing a debt, single mothers wanting to provide fast, and those hit hard by economic times, the lure of “big dollars for a meaningless fling” is too great to ignore.

“Yesterday I made $1000. Last time I was here I made $1750 one Friday,” a petite blonde from New Zealand told reporters from The Sunday Mail.

“I went home with $16,000 and I was here for three weeks. I was really rapt because I have three children and the oldest is at university.”

Other girls recognise the service they are providing the miners in terms of female company. “Some (men) just want physical touch. They haven’t been near a woman, stuck in those dongas sometimes for weeks at a time. For some of them it’s a bit lonely.”

To me, this isn’t a sad scenario of double-dignity loss. Rather than scoff at the prostitution industry for taking advantage of men, society should hopefully be seeing this increasingly in a positive light; happy for the men who get to reset their heterosexual sanity, and admiring the women who come to the profession not out of “no other choice” but out of genuine choice – as reasonable a choice as a man who chases the ‘danger money’ of mining.

I say win-win.


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Author:Andrew Beato

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3 Comments on “Sex girls trading dignity for digger dollars”

  1. James Hill
    November 9, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    In both cases we have young people engaging in work that seriously inhibits their ability to form stable, healthy relationships in return for lots of money. How is that a win/win? I wouldn’t pretend to know better than the men and women who choose a life in the sex industry, and I believe we should make laws to protect them, rather than drive the trade into the hands of criminal syndicates. But let’s not pretend though that there aren’t very high, long term costs involved in going into sex work, including harm in creating long term relationships and the stigma associated with sex work.

    What’s really interesting in this story is the social isolation that miners are going through. Matt Brown talks about the loneliness and the difficulty of relationships being a miner. I wonder how many of these miners are really buying company.

  2. Anonymous
    November 9, 2011 at 11:06 am #

    People in life make their own decisions,both in work and play. I feel as long as the sex workers choices are their own and not being persuaded by outsiders wanting their cut of the action in these mining towns, then yes, maybe it is a win-win for all involved. The only thing that troubles me about this is the fact that children are being left behind in some cases so the mother can earn some cash on the side . Not good in my eyes.


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