Let’s Talk About Race Baby: Non-Whites Behaving Badly [3/4]

In part one of this series I explored the developing psyche of the self-loathing white person and attacked the credibility of taking responsibility for other people’s moral failures.  In part two I expanded my rebuttal by pointing out that a lot of white people just simply don’t know their own history to the point where the typical white person is a culturally disembodied sheep just begging to be lead astray.  In this part I will be pointing out that the malice and cruelty typically associated with the white person is in actual fact part of human nature.

Before I begin, since publishing the first two sections I’ve had some new insights into this self-deprecating behaviour of white people.  While on Facebook I came across a thread regarding September 11 where someone (a white person) was saying how much we, the West, deserved to be attacked because we’re just so wicked.  They stated that ‘we’, the West, had killed 700,000 civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.  By sheer coincidence I’d just been looking this figure and immediately posted a comment correcting them that the true figure was somewhere between 75,000 and 90,000 civilians.  I merely corrected their figures, I did not state whether I was for or against the wars nor did I make any political comments of my own, however, my comment was immediately interpreted as a “pro-war” stance, which is certainly not true.  Apparently, one can measure the thickness of ones moral fibre by how far one is willing to make up fake statistics on the civilian death toll.

As if to confirm my hypothesis another poster (also white) ‘corrected’ both figures by proclaiming the actual civilian death told was 1,455,000.  Intellectual honesty is somehow incompatible with morality these days; what is needed is an emotionally over charged and exaggerated account of reality to prove to other people your own personal moral superiority.  I honestly don’t think those two people seriously gave a damn about the people getting killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, I think their primary concern was appearing to other people as if they did.  Probably because they felt guilty for not feeling as shocked by the deaths as they thought they ought to.  This is the problem when we let our emotions get over involved in moral thinking: we lose objectivity.  I suspect a lot of white people feel guilty for not feeling appalled enough about the treatment of non-whites by whites and so they’re trying to out do themselves with self-loathing and self-pity just for the appearance of being morally superior.  But this is a cheap, self-serving morality that does nothing to improve the treatment of our fellow human beings.  How can we help others to find their own dignity if we have none ourselves?  However self-gratifying it might feel to say, “I’m a dirty white person,” it still doesn’t help at all in making this a safer, happier and stabler world to live in.

When Non-Whites Demand Racial Purity: Korea and Japan

For many people Korea and Japan are countries steeped in mystery or the less charitable would call them steeped in weirdness.  What many people don’t realise is that both peoples are obsessed with a belief in the purity of their bloodlines and that they’re a unique race that must be protected from being made impure from blending with foreigners.  If you’re a person of non-Japanese descent, why don’t you try to immigrate and buy land in Japan or Korea?  Be prepared for rejection.  They don’t want filth like you contaminating their gene pools.

Adolf Hitler karaoke Bar, if this wasn't in asia would it be still be funny?

Korea is interesting because one of the things the North and South have in common is a paranoid fear of foreigners, in fact South Korea is probably the only country on Earth that can provide a figure like “144,385” as the number of interracial marriages they have, the vast majority (61%) of those are with Chinese.  Still, the Chinese are an impure race and such marriages are viewed with distaste by the discerning Korean.  Meanwhile in Japan, political parties compete with each other to reassure the public they don’t trust any foreigners to get more votes.  This newspaper article offers an interesting insight into Japanese residency policy.  Imagine what would happen if any European country tried to protect the ethnic purity of their bloodlines?  Even if a small European country wanted to protect the ethnic purity of their people it would be considered an embarrassment on all white people.  Never mind the fact that every tribe on Earth has at one point or another been concerned about such ridiculous concepts like racial purity, if a white person does they’re racist, but an asian can hate foreigners to their heart’s content and we’ll just ignore it.  That’s because if you’re only looking for racism amongst white people, that’s the only place you’ll find it.

I'm so cool, I have a Swastika armband

The other issue is, why does desiring racial purity upset so many people?  I’m sure this comment will set the “racist alarms” off in a lot of reader’s heads, but think about this for a few moments: Were the Nazis evil because they hated ‘foreigners’, or were they evil because they exterminated ‘foreigners’?  Many people fail to realise that between being non-racist and racist is a little thought about middle ground called ‘ethnocentrism’.  Personally, I’m not that upset by Koreans and Japanese being so suspicious of foreigners, they’re extremely stable societies, mostly because large demographic shifts have been directly linked to the vast majority of international and intranational violence.  Keeping a tight control on immigration increases the stability both socially and internationally in a society.  Some might say that these societies are too stable and that they lack innovation and creativity which are also good criticisms.  But the question remains why white people are not allowed to make this choice to limit their immigration.  White people aren’t allowed to be anti-immigration without being racist.

When Non-Whites Claim to Be The Master Race: Arabs

In the Sudan, Libya, Egypt and many other North African countries there is a tendency for the locals to call themselves Arabs.  Some of them are descendant from Arabs, they usually speak an Arabic dialect, but at best they’re mongrels.  However, there is still this emphasis on being Arabs.  The reason?  Because Arabs are the master race.  This idea, spread by Islam, which also promotes the idea that God speaks in Arabic and that it is the most beautiful language in the universe, is based on the notion that the Arabs were Allah’s chosen people to rule the world.

The good old days, when Africans knew their place at the feet of their Arab masters

In Yemen there are black people desperate for work, but they’re mocked by their Arab overlords because of their racial inferiority they are good for nothing but servitude.

In Darfur province of Sudan, Arabs are carrying out ethnic cleansing because they’re superior to the genetically inferior locals.  They have no shame for the genocide they are committing, and why should they?  Only Arab life is important.

In Egypt right now, the Coptic Christians are getting closer and closer to being exterminated in a holocaust to rival the Nazis.  Take careful note of their name: Coptic – and old word for Egyptian.  The Copts are the last remnants of the indigenous people of Egypt after centuries of ethnic cleansing from their Arab overlords.  Genetically speaking, most “Arab” Egyptians aren’t really full-blooded Arabs, but don’t say that out loud to them.  In the near future expect to hear a lot more about massacres of Copts in their home country on the news.  Post “Arab-Spring” the Arabs are bolder than ever in killing their indigenous population in the interests of asserting their national identity as Arabs.

Interestingly, the Arabs are the most useless civilisation in history to my knowledge.  War, slavery, religious oppression and destruction appears to be their only cultural export.  That and the whole idea of being the “master race” is something they probably copied from the “chosen people”.  Some might say that they helped preserve the writings of the ancients but if they hadn’t conquered the Roman and Persian Empires not only would there have been no need to preserve those texts in Arabic but there would have been a lot more preserved.  Like people who think they’re more important than everyone else, civilisations which think they’re more important are just as pathetic and irrelevant.  I’m not letting over patriotic Americans off the hook with that statement either, they’re just as useless.

Yet, white people often feel guilty for their civilisation that not simply spread war, but also spread the enlightenment.  Look at the middle east right now.  The only ‘peaceful’ solution the Arabs are prepared to accept is the total extermination of the Jewish people.  Yet they’ve somehow guilted many white people into thinking the Arabs are the real victims.  It’s moments like this I really wish more white people knew about the history of Islam and the Arabic empires.  It takes a profound level of ignorance to think that the Arabs are innocent victims.  Here’s some more about how we must accept that Arabs are the master race.

When Non-Whites Enslave Their Own People: Africans

In the last installment of this series I pointed out that white people have enslaved more white people than any other group.  Slavery is primarily about economics, not ethnicity, except if you’re Arab, then everyone else is a slave because you’re the master race.  One very poignant example of this is Liberia.

Starting in the 1820s Black American volunteers went to Africa to liberate their people from slavery. Hence the name “liberia”.  It was supposed to be the beginnings of a United States of Africa that was every bit as liberal and economically successful as the United States.  However, the native Africans didn’t take too kindly to having their way of life violently upturned by the Americanized Africans.  To deal with this the Americanized Africans promptly enslaved the native Africans and dominated the running of the country in a South African style dictatorship of American Black privilege.

You might want to hold firmly onto your jaw here, if you haven’t dropped it already, the Liberian regime criticised the South African regime until their own government was violently overthrown by the indigenous Africans who had been oppressed for so long by their elite Americo-Liberian rulers in 1980.  Sorry, elitist Blacks, exploiting their own flesh and blood, criticising South Africa?  You’d never have thought black people had it in them to be so shameless.  Did you think that only white people victimized their fellow human?  Nonetheless, Liberia has since moved on to become one of the most politically unstable regimes in Africa promoting civil and international wars in Africa.

If you don’t know much about Liberia, it’s probably because it’s rude in our society to talk about the mistakes of black people – even though they’re the same mistakes white people have made.  Personally, these cases remind me how clearly we’re all human beings, all of us, white, black, yellow, Arab etc.. because we all have the same weaknesses and tendencies to do horrible things.

When Non-Whites Attempt Genocide: Indians

In India there is a caste of people called the Dalit or the untouchables.  (Ever noticed how our “class system” is evil but the Indian “caste system” is ok)?   They total over 170 million people.  Despite being protected by special laws to prevent more atrocities being carried out against them, India might as well be an apartheid state in name as well as practice.  Even Ghandi claimed the Dalit needed no special representation because he was enlightened enough to speak for a caste he was light-years removed from.  Hypocritical git.  The Dalit are considered by so many Indians to be sub-human that the life of a typical Dalit can be expected to end in being burned alive, flogged to death or being lynched for such crimes was touching a well, looking at a dog or eating rats to avoid starvation.  For some background into the joys of being part of the underclass in India read this.

Dalit man cleaning a sewer: if he didn't do it someone valuable might have to.

In a country like India, with far too many people and not enough responsible government to put in place firm family planning programs to stop their relentless population growth, it is hardly surprising that of the 200 million people near starvation in the country nearly all of them are Dalit.  If you don’t know about how bad corruption in India is, read this.  It’s hardly surprising the Indian government don’t miss an opportunity to call Australians racist when we’re one of the least racist countries on Earth: It’s all about distracting the people from their own dirty laundry.

Now, if this story disturbs you because you cannot comprehend how so many people working in and for the Indian government could conspire to take food away from over 56 million people in an effort to starve the Dalit to death while making a small bit of profit on the side, then you need to wake up.  If 50,000 people could be found willing to sell food set aside to help the poorest of the poor for their own personal enrichment then Indian society is riddled with rot and corruption.  The world is full of evil people, not just evil white people.  Any attempt to lay an attempted atrocity like this at the feet of white people is senseless and counter productive.

When Non-Whites Refuse to Help Themselves: African Americans/Aboriginals/Palestinians

African Americans have something very wrong with them.  They’re failing miserably in all of their demographic markers.  It isn’t their genetics though because African immigrants to the USA out perform the African Americans at every turn.  What’s different between Africans and African Americans?  Africans don’t have a chip on their shoulder about being victims: one thing that is glaringly obvious to me when every black artist in American seems to make a music video like this.  The first assumption of every African American is that they are struggling not because they’re not trying but because there’s no point in trying because white Americans will beat them down.  There’s a black man in the white house at the moment, this self-defeating victim rhetoric shouldn’t fly anymore.  Even Obama told them to stay in school because no white president could get away with sending that message. When are we going to admit to the fact that African Americans would rather be victims than equals?  Life is so much easier when you aren’t responsible for what happens to you.

Next in line we have the Aboriginals in Australia.  Shortest life expectancy, least happy, most imprisoned, least educated, most likely to die from alcoholism and most likely to live in squalor.  I have no doubts that the Aboriginal people have suffered horribly in the past, but in the 21st century there is not one rational reason why they shouldn’t be living as we do in mainstream Australian society.  Even if there weren’t affirmative action programs for them there is no reason why the Jews (who suffered worse things than stolen generations) out perform the typical white Australian in every category much more the Aboriginals.  The only difference between the Jews and Aboriginals is their attitude.  The Jews see themselves as tenacious survivors while the Aboriginals see themselves as powerless victims.  Well, not all of them, the hundreds of thousands of Aboriginals who have integrated themselves into mainstream Australian society don’t have these hang ups.  If they want the benefits of a modern civilised society they must accept that integration into such a society is their only way of achieving this.

If the Aboriginal people want to live longer, they need to adopt our lifestyle, if they want to not be imprisoned, they need to stop committing crimes, if they want to be educated they need to send their kids to school, if they don’t want to live in squalor they need to move to the cities and towns, if they want to stop dying from alcoholism, they need to stop drinking.  Even if there was an organised white conspiracy against them, these are still things Aboriginal people could do for themselves.  How much longer must we white Australians feel guilty for their irresponsibility?  It doesn’t help them!  Affirmative action programs and throwing money and houses at them won’t ever help people who won’t help themselves.  Just as our ancestors turned away from the nomadic and primitive life, the Aboriginal people have to too if they want to have parity with white people in living standards, they can’t have it both ways.

Meanwhile in the Palestinian territories they’re asking for a two state solution and autonomy.  But every time they are given an inch they carry out atrocities like firing guided rockets into Israel at schools and hospitals.  To give into such terrorism is to reward terrorism, that’s a no brainer, hence no progress towards peace.  The Israelis are fighting for their survival, the Arabs living in Israel don’t want to leave Israel because they have more rights as Israeli citizens than they do in any Arab country, even after the “Arab-Spring”.  The Arabs have attacked Israel so many times in the last 60 odd years that the only argument the Arabs have against them is that they just keep winning.  Those bastards!  Winning against the odds and surviving.  How can you not admire such tenacity and courage?  For those of you without the patience to read a few dozen articles on Wikipedia about the Arab-Israel conflict here’s a 10 minute documentary.  If there is to be any hope for peace in the middle-east the Arabs need to acknowledge they’re the ones starting the violence.  They need to stop belly aching about not being allowed to carry out ethnic cleansing and they need to stop trying to drag the rest of the world into their problems by blaming white people for them.

Nothing says "I'm a victim" like an unprovoked rocket strike on civilians.

Concluding Remarks

If this article shocked you, then I sincerely believe you need to spend more time reading foreign news and learning about history.  There are no easy problems in the world with easy explanations and solutions.  A lot of the time cynical media and political types manipulate the facts and stories to gain greater readership or to win elections by playing on people’s fears.  One needs to constantly question why a person is telling a story in a particular light, even me, ask yourself what my motivation is.  Then when you have an answer don’t just say, “Oh that’s a good or bad reason,” actually think for yourself, “why is it bad?  Why is it good?” There are no easy good or bad positions, just shades of grey. This article is of course too brief to thoroughly explore the in and outs of all of these issues and I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to take responsibility to inform yourself on these issues instead of relying on others to dictate what you should think or support.

In my last article I will be talking about whether white people owe the world an apology for their behaviour in the world today.

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Author:Jason Sutherland

Resist the temptation to assume that you're always right or wrong. Never succumb to thinking you're so insignificant to trust your own thoughts and feelings. Always be responsible and listen carefully to others before passing judgement. Don't trust governments bearing stolen goods.

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10 Comments on “Let’s Talk About Race Baby: Non-Whites Behaving Badly [3/4]”

  1. Jimbo
    October 11, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    “Just as our ancestors turned away from the nomadic and primitive life, the Aboriginal people have to too if they want to have parity with white people in living standards, they can’t have it both ways.”

    “How much longer must we white Australians feel guilty for their irresponsibility?”

    These are harsh words indeed. Though sometimes harsh words need to be said. I must say I find it refreshing that someone has finally had the courage to come out and say them. I too am an Australian of Anglo Saxon decent and I must say that I am growing quite weary of being blamed for others irresponsibility. This is an issue that needs to be looked at very seriously in Australian culture with a fresh new perspective.

    When one becomes an adult, you start to take responsibility for your own actions, your own well being and the well being of your children. If you fail to take this responsibility and you and your children suffer for it. You have no one to blame but your self. This is a simple truth that we all must live by… Including Aboriginals.

    I am proud that the Australia I live in today is one of the most livable countries on earth where everyone has equal opportunity to prosper and live a happy healthy and safe existence. Sure she has her difficult moments as every country does. Personally I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I can not see why Aboriginals can not enjoy the prosperity like the rest of us. (They do need to keep their culture alive though as it is too a precious commodity to lose. As they are!)

    • Jimbo
      October 11, 2011 at 5:09 pm #

      As for the rest of the article: I personally found it to be an interesting take on human nature. People both now and through out history seem to be bastard coated bastards regardless of what genetic lineage they happen to have! At least that seems to be true in my experience.

      • October 11, 2011 at 5:49 pm #

        Thanks for your feedback!

        To be fair on humanity, our behaviour has far more to do with the circumstances we were caught up in at the time. When times are desperate, we lash out in desperate ways. Jared Diamond and other anthropologists are quite astute in pointing out that the agricultural revolution and settling down did a lot to unhinge us psychologically and we’re still not fully recovered from this catastrophe.

        That said, I sincerely believe that unless we emphasise individual responsibility for our actions we cannot escape war and global catastrophe. These attempts to pin responsibility of the world’s problems on other people are completely counter productive.

  2. October 12, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    Myth: Aboriginal people destroy houses

    A common misconception among white people is that Aboriginal people willingly destroy the houses they are given by the government.

    Sara Hudson from the Centre for Independent Studies in St Leonards, NSW, says that “although vandalism to houses is evident in some communities, the widespread assumption that Aborigines destroy their houses is false” [3]. Rather, “studies conducted over a seven-year period (from 1999 to 2006) found that the major causes of ‘house failure’ were lack of routine maintenance and faulty construction and design.”

    “Of the 4,343 houses surveyed in 132 communities, only 11 per cent passed national standard safety. In 50% of houses, there was no tub or bath to wash a child in, and only 35 per cent of houses had a functioning shower.”

    Architect Paul Pholeros confirms this view. According to his experience, 60% of housing problems arise from poor maintenance, 25% from poor initial construction and only 8% from damage and abuse by its tenants [8].

    The state of Indigenous housing across remote Australia is the most visible and enduring evidence of the failure of governments, over decades, to address Indigenous disadvantage.
    —Jenny Macklin, Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister in 2009 [4]

    Read more: http://www.creativespirits.info/aboriginalculture/land/indigenous-aboriginal-housing.html#ixzz1aXErlltB

    • October 12, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

      It makes me so angry when I find out just how incompetent the government are with our money. Mind you it is important to know where the money for those houses came from. Was it from the housing commision? If so, government incompetence *again*. Was it from ATSIC before it was abolished?

      Playing devil’s advocate:

      8% destroy their own houses. How many non-Aboriginals destroy their own houses? 0.1%?

      While the vast majority of Aboriginals look after their houses, considering the cost of losing ones investment, can you blame a rental agency not giving a house to an Aboriginal? If 8% of white people did that, no one would let out a house to them either.

      “In 50% of houses, there was no tub or bath to wash a child in”
      ^ Were these houses built without these facilities? If so why? This isn’t negligence, considering it is state money, this is a crime.

      “60% of housing problems arise from poor maintenance”
      ^ Please don’t tell me that not only are they given houses but the government is expected to maintain them for them too? How does architect Paul Pholeros differentiate poor maintenance from house damage? Neglect versus vandalism? The end result is the same.

      If you built your own house, with the sweat from your own brow, you wouldn’t have “poor maintenance” because you’ve invested in that house. No one feels an investment in a free house.

    • jimmy
      October 13, 2011 at 9:55 am #

      I agree, 8% is still alarmingly high! That’s 1 in every 12.5. In the wider community the frequency of such behavior would be and is unacceptable.

  3. Laura M
    October 31, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    I don’t think that anyone can say that there aren’t problems in Aboriginal Australian communities but I do wonder if there would be as many issues if they were white. Australia was developed to be a utopia for White Australia. It wasn’t until the latter part of the 20th century that this policy was abolished (1973 to be exact). It also wasn’t until 1967 that Aboriginal Australians were no longer considered as flora and fauna and actually considered human. Before this time the government were making policies to breed out Aborigines so that they would hopefully become an extinct peoples. In my opinion this is a terrible part of our history.

    The idea of “Sorry” is also greatly misinterpreted. Think about it – when someone dies, or their marriage splits up or something horrible happens to a person, what do we say? “I’m sorry” is the natural support. Now we didn’t cause that fault to the person, we are just offering them compassion. It is the same here – we are saying we are sorry that that horrible thing happened to you. We are sorry your children were taken away, we are sorry for the way you were treated. Reconciliation is a very new concept and many people still are not comfortable with the idea, and I understand this. However, whether we like it or not there is a nation of very traumatised people living in third world conditions who need to be empowered to become their own people again. You can’t tread on someone for decades and then suddenly say “Well, we stopped now, so you should be all better.”

    I know many of you will not agree with what I am saying here, but I am just giving my opinion, which is I think what you want Jason? Please don’t think I am judging you, I just wanted to give my own response and explain where I am coming from in my views. I think it is good you are talking about all this!

    • October 31, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

      Hi Laura,

      Paragraph 1: I agree, there are big problems. However, the purpose of Australia wasn’t to create a white utopia, it was to send convicts (aka slaves) to make Britain a better place without so many annoying poor people around. The fact that once people got out from under the monarchy’s thumb (i.e. the self-governed colonies) the country thrived, like the USA, was not part of the plan. The extermination of aboriginal wasn’t an official government program at any time, the plan was cultural assimilation, which is a far more complicated kettle of fish. The ideal outcome was for the aboriginal people to interbreed with the white population until they disappeared along with their culture. If there was ever a government plan to exterminate the aboriginals they would have been all dead a long long time ago. However, without racism, there is no chance the aboriginal people won’t eventually be assimilated entirely into mainstream society.

      The evidence suggests disease plus individuals and communities acting independently, and outside the law, carried out the mass killings of the aboriginal people. I would hazard a guess that almost every white Australian with family dating back before the second world war has relatives who murdered aboriginals or kept quiet about such murders. I also suspect the animosity people have for the government is at least in part related to not wanting to accept that their own ancestors carried out such crimes. It’s like saying, “I wish the government had protected the aboriginals from my own ancestors so I wouldn’t have to feel bad about their actions.” Inter-generational guilt?

      Paragraph 2: I completely agree with you.

      Paragraph 3: Thanks Laura! I only get upset when people throw insults, jump to conclusions without reason and not talk about the topic. You’ve done none of those things so I’m very appreciative.

  4. Laura M
    November 1, 2011 at 2:07 am #

    Thanks Jason! I am glad that you appreciated my comments and didn’t find them judgemental. I think that we do have a common ground in there somewhere. It is good when you can have an intelligent discussion without an insult slinging match. I am actually heading off to the NT next year to experience the lifestyle first hand. I think after I get there I will have a much more rounded opinion of what is happening. I will keep you posted. Watch this space!


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