Illegal immigrant made a citizen, now a smuggler of more illegal immigrants

AT least one of the alleged key players in a global people-smuggling operation was made [an Australian citizen] after slipping into the country illegally a decade ago.

The Herald Sun can reveal former Iraqi man Ali Haidari, 36, of Thornbury, arrived in Australia on an unauthorised vessel in 2002.

Mr Haidari, who has no family ties in Australia and never landed a career job, settled in Melbourne and won Australian citizenship in 2007.

He was one of two people police will allege to be the masterminds of a global smuggling racket spanning Iraq, Iran and Indonesia.

The alleged smuggling ring was exposed as part of Operation Rasbora, which has been operating for 10 months and which police say will continue with more charges to be laid.

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The fact that an illegal immigrant can arrive in Australia with no family ties and never land a career job, only to be awarded citizenship, then spend his freedom smuggling people into Australia, just proves how inept our immigration system – and justice system – really is.

For starters, we spend way too much money housing thousands of illegal immigrants in better accommodation than Australian students pay for, only to set them free among major cities and towns for years upon years following periodic media outcries from minority groups like GetUp! Australia. Many illegal immigrants are never heard from again and spend the better part of their lives undetected by immigration officers living among you and I.

Secondly, the paperwork and processing is so backed up, so behind, that many of them have the valid argument that they can no longer be deported because they’ve built a life for themselves in Australia. They are then waived and granted residency without their past being taken into account, while millions of legitimate immigrants who go about it the legal way, will never, ever gain citizenship in this country.

Perhaps the government is “appearing to” crack down on it all now. More is needed though: it’s clear that, first of all, funds need to be poured into quick and timely processing of legitimate and illegitimate immigrants. Secondly, serious reform to the hugely inefficient, very costly system is needed. It’s time to turn immigration into a lean, well oiled machine that favours the obviously educated and beneficial, gives those whose lives are at stake a chance, but deports non-citizens who set a foot outside of the law regardless of how many years they’ve been here, regardless of what hell-hole they’ve come from.

Reform is needed across the board. It’s a joke that somebody migrating from Europe or America without family here has to spend half a decade crossing his or her fingers and hoping to convince a professional company to sponsor them for such a period of time in this economic climate. Unless of course, they’re a hairdresser… Then they can get awarded a 4 year visa straight away and it’s smooth sailing to residency. So says Aussie law.

Instead of risking lives on boats after paying thousands of dollars, someone should tell these illegal immigrants all they need to do is learn how to cut hair and buy a plane ticket.

Often, refugees will gain media sympathy with typical lines pushed into print by human rights lobby groups like:

“I am trying my best to take my family to Australia,” 

“We are asking, begging, for Australia to accept us, it is our dream to live in Australia.”

“No threat of detention will deter us because things are so bad in <insert Muslim country here>”

This very well may be true. But the law is the law. You bite the hand that feeds, you’re out. Refugee or not. Disagree? Agree? Tell us below.

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Author:Andrew Beato

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3 Comments on “Illegal immigrant made a citizen, now a smuggler of more illegal immigrants”

  1. James Hill
    October 7, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    It’s pure madness to grant residency to criminals and malcontents totally uninterested in getting jobs or learning even the basic skills required to survive in Australian society. Our welfare system encourages them to do no work and to have as many children as possible. Anyone who suggests that A. We should be more picky about who let let into the country or B. We should be more proactive in encouraging the migrants we do have to assimilate, is labelled a bigot and a racist.
    Refugees can and do succeed in Australian society, they’re the ones that come to the country with a strong work ethic and a genuine desire to integrate into the Australian way of life. The ones with 8+children living on government assistance and still don’t know the local language after decades of being in the country are simply a burden on the honest tax paying public. This people smuggler should be put on the first plane back to his home residence, and lets face it, if he was of European origin he probably would be.

  2. October 9, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    This is an important topic that often misses intelligent discussion because many people think it isn’t worth thinking about, because, we should just open our borders and let anyone come in if they want to. There is not a gram of thought in such sentiments. It merely sounds good so people assume it’s good but people don’t want to deal with consequences or responsibilities.

    I want to launch into a whole rant on this topic, but I should save that energy up for another time, in the meantime thanks for having the courage to post a more balanced look at this issue.

  3. October 12, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    For readers who want to extrapolate the issues touched on in this article and in the comments, I highly recommend you read Jason’s new piece, “Let’s Talk About Race, Baby, part 3” ( – take the following paragraph for example:

    “Keeping a tight control on immigration increases the stability both socially and internationally in a society. Some might say that these societies are too stable and that they lack innovation and creativity which are also good criticisms. But the question remains why white people are not allowed to make this choice to limit their immigration. White people aren’t allowed to be anti-immigration without being racist.”

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