89 year old woman tied to nursing home toilet, dies.

How is it that nursing homes are less humane than jails?

AN 89-year-old woman who died after being tied to a toilet for two hours at a Victorian nursing home was a distressing case which should not be allowed to happen again, a Victorian Coroner said this morning.

Widow Gwendoline Gleeson was put in a restraining belt and placed on a toilet at Barrabill House nursing home in Seymour in August last year and forgotten by staff who later found her dead.

There was no physical reason why the nylon restraining belt was used on Mrs Gleeson other than it being used to free up staff who would otherwise have to supervise her, material before the Coroner’s Court states.

Coroner John Olle said the circumstances of the death were particularly distressing and he sent a public message that such restraint practices should not be tolerated and that nursing home residents should be supervised at all times when necessary.

“If it’s happening here (at Barrabill) it might have happened elsewhere, it might be happening elsewhere,” Coroner Olle said.

In fact court material showed at least two other residents at Barrabill, with the knowledge of relatives, were being subjected to the toilet restraints at the time of Mrs Gleeson’s death.

But Mrs Gleeson’s care plan contained no family authorisation for the restraints and stipulated she be supervised during toileting.

After being seen by a doctor on the morning of her death, Mrs Gleeson was placed on the toilet about 2.45pm by staff from the morning shift.

A number of staff were disciplined and faced further training as a result of the incident.

Source: Coroner says nursing home toilet death should not be allowed to happen again | News.com.au.

What happens to the negligent, uncaring staff responsible?

They get more training.

Awesome punishment! Justice at its best.

Nursing home industry, I’m calling you out. Give yourselves a round of applause. Your powerful lobbies mean you can protect your own to the same degree as Catholic priests. Ok, so not every nursing home is bad. If you are rich and can afford it. I don’t buy these bullshit excuses that neglect and hastened deaths are all tolerated because nursing homes are understaffed or because staff can’t afford to attach emotionally, or because “they’re on their way out anyway”.

There’s more love and respect shown to animals at the dog pound.

I wish they would crack down on nursing home standards, hard. After all, these are the prisons we will all be forced into later in life, and it truly terrifies me after seeing the kind of cold, patronising indifference a number of my own elderly relatives were subjected to. Maybe when I hit 80, I’ll break the law and get myself put into some low-security jail for some proper luxury and care.

Or maybe I’ll forge some papers, pretend to be a migrant and get myself put into 5-star asylum-seeker detention.

Much more attractive options at this point in time, don’t you think?

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Author:Andrew Beato

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3 Comments on “89 year old woman tied to nursing home toilet, dies.”

  1. Anonymous
    September 19, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on the nursing staff and owners. How dare they let this happen, we are not living in third world countries,but it is of no surprise to me.
    I have been in the Pharmacy industry for over 35yrs and have been in close contact with nursing homes both professionally and personally.
    Some are great,some good,some ok but on the whole most are disgusting and thats putting it mildly. Having just lost my 88yr old beautiful and precious mother to breast cancer and the thought of what happened to that elderly women Gwendoline sickens my stomach and saddens my heart.
    Would these so called professionals let it happen to their mothers,probably YES as they seem to have no compassion for other peoples mothers.
    The whole industry needs a bloody good shake up and these people made accountable for every crime against the elderly in these nursing homes that happens. We hear of a lot of the cases but how many hundreds or thousands dont we hear about. We spend millions on our pets,and millions making sure our criminals are comfortable in their cells, why not our loved ones.


  2. April 7, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    Thank you for what you’ve. This is the most beneficial post I’ve read


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