Rebecca Black Quits Middle School After Bullying

Rebecca Black Quits Middle School after constantly being Bullied. Too bad for them. She's kinda awkwardly 14-year-old looking now, but I have a feeling she'll get the last laugh... in just 4 short years she is going to be on the cover of every glamour magazine and possibly topple Katy Perry as hottest brunette in the music business. You heard it here first! | Intentious.

YouTube sensation Rebecca Black might have gone from anonymous California middle school student to online celebrity overnight, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still bullied like millions of other kids.

Black’s viral song “Friday” has amassed more than 167 million views on YouTube, been parodied by celebrities and musicians and was covered on the hit show Glee. Mainstream artists like Katy Perry andLady Gaga have given their support to Black and “Friday.” Black has even poked fun at herself and the song’s lyrics.

The song might be derided and mocked (and at Mashable, we’re certainly not immune from taking part in some of the mockery), but it’s also been one of the biggest viral sensations of 2011. Five months after the video first appeared online, 14-year-old Rebecca Black is a bona fide star.

Fame has its consequences, though. In an interview aired this week on ABC’s Nightline, Black revealed that she was forced to quit middle school because of real-world harassment. Constant bullying over the lyrics of “Friday” and harassment over her newfound fame made it impossible for Black to continue going to school. Black’s mom is now home-schooling the teen.

Teenage harassment, online and off, is a sad, if unstoppable, part of life. Although politicianscelebrities and activists are doing what they can to try to stop cyber-bullying and harassment, most of these initiatives aren’t designed to deal with the type of harassment that comes from overnight success and online fame.

Black is famous, in large part, because “Friday” is loathed and despised. It’s developed its own place in popular culture, but the reality is the song and the artist are famous because of online mockery. It would be naive to think that that online mockery — some of which crosses the line from joking and into territory that is vicious and cruel — wouldn’t have real-world consequences.

So the question becomes — is online fame worth the real-world consequences? Let us know by voting in our poll and sounding off in the comments.

Author: Christina Warren, Mashable
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Rebecca Black Quits Middle School After Bullying | Christina Warren, Mashable

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3 Comments on “Rebecca Black Quits Middle School After Bullying”

  1. August 15, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    I wonder if she was bullied before she became a star. I also wonder if it was mostly girls picking on her for daring to stand out from the crowd. Being more successful than your peers is suicide for women. Personally I don’t like “Friday”, but I’d never pick on her for it, I’m completely jealous that she’s been far more successful than me in her short life, but I have to admire her for it, not destroy her just because I feel it displaces me away from the centre of the universe.

  2. August 16, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    Ok, I know what I’m going to say is on the odder side of the fence, but just after reading Mary-Ellen’s article about children used inappropriately in photography I have to admit, Rebecca Black looks highly developed in that picture up there. Way more attractive than most models in fashion magazines. As she’s only 14 is it ok to use her in such photos if she’s well developed? Can there be some room for judgement in these things or should we just say that children should never be sexualised when they’re below age x? Because for me, looking at the picture I’d swear she was 17, if she was standing next to someone I would probably see her as younger though.

    • August 16, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

      I agree, she doesn’t look 14 at all. That’s not a bad thing. Or is it? In part it’s probably the make up, style and pushup bra though, but girls do this to themselves, every teen has strived to look “older”. Guys do it too, boys go to the gym and work out to get pecs early as possible…

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