Former train worker shoves passengers from train

Video showing former Metro worker Robert Watson shoving would-be commuters from a moving train.

Video showing former Metro worker Robert Watson shoving would-be commuters from a moving train.

A FORMER Melbourne Metro worker who shoved a passenger from a moving train says he was experiencing severe emotional stress and that he acted out of character.

Ticket inspector Robert Watson rushed at a passenger who was holding the train door open for a friend as it prepared to leave Ringwood station, forcing the passenger to fall from the train onto his friend.

Watson initially claimed he lost his footing but quickly changed his story after CCTV footage showed a different version of events.

The Herald Sun reports defence solicitor Grace Morgan said the footage of the incident showed an “unprovoked attack” and indicated Watson had no regard for the victims. However, she said that he had acted out of character.

Ms Morgan said her client was under “considerable emotional distress” following the break-up of his marriage and had made a terrible judgment of error in his “split-second decision”.

“It was not a situation where he had contempt for the people he was dealing with. He just showed terrible judgment on the day,” Ms Morgan said.
Prosecutor Damien Hannan said the act was ”no more than thuggery” and that Watson had displayed cowardly, dangerous behaviour.

Mr Hannan told the court that though both victims received only minor injuries, both had feared they would be seriously injured or killed.
The prosecutor said Watson’s conduct could seriously tarnish the reputation of Metro officers who are employed to ensure the safety and security of their passengers.

Watson pleaded guilty to two charges of unlawful assault.

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Everybody I know hates Metro with equal passion and we all enjoy seeing our contempt for ticketing staff rewarded when train inspector thugs get what they deserve. I do agree that this is “thuggery” and the man should be reprimanded. There was a huge potential for injury when Mr. Watson shoved these commuters out violently. Instead, he should have fined them both. …If they made it on board safely while he stood there and did nothing, that is.

Ticketing “thugs” are the same breed as nightclub bouncers. They do have a reason to be employed. However, like bouncers, people who make a living on putting their muscle and size in people’s faces often lack the intelligence and self control of their own temperament to make calm and informed choices with whom they exercise their “thuggery” with. Can you tell I resent bouncers?

I find it a little strange though that the news fails to mention that it’s illegal and just as dangerous to life, to be holding open the doors of a moving train. The two teenage passengers were also potentially endangering the lives of commuters and themselves at least enough to be worthy of comment.  Apparently, this dangerous trend of “racing the train” is a huge problem in need of a crackdown across train networks. This includes riding on the rears of trains, riding between carriages, forcing open doors during transit, crossing train tracks when boom gates are down, jumping tracks to get to adjacent platforms, etc. These illegal acts are not restricted to teenagers, either.

It would be enlightening to have some train staff anonymously comment.

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2 Comments on “Former train worker shoves passengers from train”

  1. Anonymous
    July 27, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    Teenagers aren’t adults nor should we expect them to act like adults. It’d be nice if all children behaved themselves but even the law understands that it’s unrealistic for teenagers to make entirely sensible decisions (hence the legal adult age).

    Conversely, Metro is employing adults. Not only that, but adults specifically employed to uphold a key set of rules.

    There is a world of difference between teenagers holding a door open and an adult using violence against them.

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