Jetstar Urinator Outed

Urinator on a Jetstar outed as the son of famous Kiwi, Ruth Aitken

As if flying hasn’t got enough uncomfortable drawbacks like no legroom worth talking about, and food only marginally better than I’d imagine space food  to be, without being urinated upon, mid air.

This is exactly what happened for passengers on a Jetstar flight from Auckland to Singapore – a 6 hour flight, made no doubt a thousand fold more uncomfortable by passenger Michael Aitkin urinating in the aisle (and several passengers) mid air shortly after take off leaving passengers to remain damp and ammonia scented for the remainder of their journey.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, one urine soaked man called to stewardesses for assistance was told to wait until she had finished serving other passengers.

I guess, budget airline or not, unless you’re flying ‘Fetish Air’ or similar, you would not be paying for this added extra on a trip.

And, as for the urinator, well, seemingly convenient amnesia has blocked all from his mind. Allegedly waking from slumber to urinate in an aisle is the most odd form of sleepwalking I can imagine. If this was alcohol fuelled (on which I have no knowledge) there should be heavy penalties also to the airline for either letting him fly in that state, or continuing to serve alcohol to him on board (I’m only guessing here.)

Not only would I be seeking some serious apologetic recompense from the offender, potentially some legal action or other form of punishment, but I’d be expecting a hell of a lot more of an apology from the airline than NZ$500.

JETSTAR – ARE YOU KIDDING? Those passengers affected should have been reimbursed that flight, probably their return/next flight and serious grovelling.

I think both Jetstar and Michael Aitkin both got off scott free here, and are severely lucky the passengers have not sued.

The press reports this story as the following:

AN allegedly drunken New Zealander who urinated in the aisle of a Jetstar plane en route to Singapore has been outed as the son of the country’s Silver Ferns coach, Ruth Aitken.

Michael Aitken made headlines around the world as the “Jetstar urinator”, with reports that he woke from a drunken slumber on a flight and peed in the aisle, splashing one man, and soaking a woman’s scarf.

The airline came under fire for letting him off with a warning for answering the call of nature in front of dozens of passengers on the six-hour flight from Auckland to Singapore on June 27.

To get their own back, furious travellers snapped shots of a drunken Mr Aitken sleeping it off, unmasking his identity.

Ms Aitken admitted to the New Zealand Herald her son, a provincial basketballer, was on the flight, but said he didn’t remember anything.

“We have spoken with him and he does not remember anything – but he is hugely embarrassed at what has been reported and the thought that he could have done something like that is just beyond belief really, for all of us – him included,” the coach of New Zealand’s netball team said.

“He’s deeply sorry if he offended anyone and he is just beside himself because he can’t remember.”

The apology is unlikely to impress the victims of his shock behaviour.

Zhe Ma was engrossed in a movie when a stream of urine hit his laptop and jacket, as well as the carpet and a woman’s scarf.

Mr Ma called for help but was told by a hostess to wait until she had finished serving people.

“None of the crew offered me different seats. They said there wasn’t any free seats. Then the captain came and agreed. For the rest of the flight, no one came to ask if I needed anything,” he told the Herald soon after the incident.

“I realise that Jetstar is a budget airline but it doesn’t mean they can under-rate their responsibility of keeping passengers’ trips safe and enjoyable.”

Mr Ma, who threw out his laptop bag and jacket on arrival in Singapore, said he considered legal action over the “poor” handling of the incident.

The airline has since offered the man an apology and a travel voucher valued at $NZ500.


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One Comment on “Jetstar Urinator Outed”

  1. July 10, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    Why are passengers allowed on a flight when too drunk to remember their own actions let alone control them? Perhaps some basic breath-testing should be adopted at security check-ins under the same policy as selective swabbing for explosives. This goes beyond mere uncomfortable and becomes a huge liability to air safety. What if a drunk passenger released the emergency exits, or interrupted the pilot? Amazing. These passengers could sue for much more than just being urinated on.

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