Call for Hammer Ban

Let’s Just Ban Genitals Because Rape Exists

(It would do about as much good…)

Rugby league star Johnathan Thurston has expressed a desire for racial harmony in Logan City, despite the bashing death of his uncle Richard Saunders (inset) in a Woodridge park in 2008. Read more:

There’s one thing carrying knives, machettes, guns etc on the street, carrying pencils, that may be used as a weapon quite another.

Well, ok so it’s not quite a pencil.

A hammer is a weapon when thrust at your skull, I admit. But what is going to happen if we become any more PC? Are we not going to be allowed to make objects with corners in case we use them as weapons?!

How about put punishment in place to deter the hammer wielders in the first place? There’s a reason the countries with corporal punishment have a lower crime rate. Steal something? Lose a hand. End of.

So right before I get all the complaints letters for intolerant statements I  am not saying bring in the death penalty. Just something enough of a deterrent to actually stop (or reduce) the crimes in the first place.

(And yes, I’m one of those annoying people who believe ‘Life’ should mean life, and prison should be an unpleasant place to go, not somewhere my grandmother’s knitting circle might feel at home.)

‘THE Queensland Government should look at introducing laws to restrict carrying hammers which might be used as weapons, a judge suggested today.

In the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Justice Ros Atkinson was taking submissions on the second day of a hearing in which eight men are being sentenced for the bashing death of rugby league star Jonathan Thurston‘s uncle Richard Saunders. Prosecutor Todd Fuller, SC, and defence lawyers for the four men and four juveniles completed their submissions on sentence today. Mr Fuller asked for sentences ranging from 10 years, with an automatic serious violent offence classification meaning eight years must be served, to five years detention with an immediate release order after time served. Justice Atkinson will sentence all eight on Thursday. During submissions for a juvenile offender, Justice Atkinson noted that while he was not the one to use the hammer in the attack the juvenile had been carrying a hammer before the events of the night. “It is such a dangerous thing to do and it is almost inevitable that somebody would be hurt,” she said. Justice Atkinson asked Mr Fuller if there should be legislative reform to make carrying a hammer in such circumstances an offence. Mr Fuller replied he was isn’t in a position to comment but police were aware of the situation. He said there had been legislation introduced in other areas of concern such as spray cans which were used for substance-sniffing and graffiti. Justice Atkinson also asked if a formal reconciliation of some kind could be arranged between the Samoan community and the Aboriginal community in Townsville, where Mr Saunders’s family lived. In March a jury found Vaai Saua Emelio, 19, Likisone Siliga, 27, Len Junior Wilson, 19, and a juvenile, now 17, guilty  of the manslaughter of Thurston’s uncle Richard Saunders, 38, but all four were found not guilty of Mr Saunders’ murder. They were also found guilty of various assaults on two other men in the park, Gordon Dale Willis and Harold John Bond. Before the trial four others – three juveniles and a fourth man Salomona Tie Tie, 20, – pleaded guilty to manslaughter and various assault charges on Mr Willis and Mr Bond. Charges were dropped against a ninth man after a key police interview was ruled inadmissible. The trial had heard Mr Saunders was bashed to death and two others hospitalised after a relatively minor altercation between the men and a group of Samoan teenagers later escalated into a full-scale brawl.’ Read more: 

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4 Comments on “Call for Hammer Ban”

  1. June 9, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    Other potential weapons we could ban being carried in a public place if this becomes precedent:

    – Martial artists
    – Cutlery
    – Scissors
    – Umbrellas
    – Work boots (steel capped)
    – Cars
    – Wrenches and mechanical tools
    – Shovels, gardening tools
    – Glass

    Sounds to me like a lame and desperate effort to blow any savings on last year’s budget for that wing of Queensland Government before July 1st.

  2. June 9, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    “(And yes, I’m one of those annoying people who believe ‘Life’ should mean life, and prison should be an unpleasant place to go, not somewhere my grandmother’s knitting circle might feel at home.)”

    Re. to this, I am glad that David Cameron has put enough pressure on Kenneth Carke’s ‘reforms’ to make Clarke back down from dropping shorter jail terms for rapists. Seriously, to even suggest giving rapists, and other serious offenders, a 50% sentence discount in return for early guilty pleas? I understand the desire to cut the costs of prisons and to make places available for offenders, but this is hardly the way to go… So much for law and order! Maybe if the government didn’t waste resources on war… Or didn’t put so much money into making prisons a place where our grandmother’s would take tea…

  3. James Hill
    June 10, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    The Australian government would prefer to you to go about completely defenseless, submit meekly while being robbed and/or glassed then wait in court 12 months later to see your attacker get off with a suspended sentence. The threat of weapon attacks has already been used to disarm law abiding citizens and impose random searches on innocent people. It’s too late to worry about being drawn into a nanny state, we’re already in one.

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