“Forever Alone” 4Chan prank creates Involuntary Flashmob

Notorious trolls and pranksters Anonymous pulled off a rather funny, if mean spirited prank in New York City earlier this month. According to Viceland, 4chan and anonymous staged what could be the world’s first Involuntary Flashmob in Times Square:

Last night in New York, a group of (presumably) single guys gathered by a couple of phone boxes in Times Square. On the face of it, there’s nothing too remarkable about that – people date all the time in New York, right? It’s what Americans do. But then again they were these phone boxes, with a public access CCTV camera trained upon them 24 hours a day (navigate to Cam 2). There was also a cut-out of that “Forever Alone” guy’s face stuck on the side of them, and 4chan had lured all the single men there by pretending to be women who wanted to date them. Stir that all up in a big, cruel pot, and you have yourself a “Forever Alone Involuntary Flashmob”. We grappled with our consciences and managed to pin them to the ground long enough to send a couple of photographers down to capture the sadness.

A man stands in front of a NYC phone booth with the forever alone meme posted

I don't understand the "Forever Alone" meme either.

I have to admit, I had a guilty laugh reading about this. There is something inventively clever about tricking people into forming an involuntary flash mob that I find appealing. It is a very cruel and mean spirited prank, but that is how 4chan operates. I expect this prank will be repeated in any major city where you can find lonely people.

A black and white photo of men tricked into the forever alone flash mob

Apparently there was a Kevin Smith lookalike involuntary flash mob organised in the same time and place

No doubt the poor men tricked by this prank must feel pretty embarrassed, but honestly, do they have anything to feel bad about? They took a risk and decided to go out on a blind date. This one ended pretty badly, but at least they’re putting themselves out there and trying to meet people.

Two men, one in a fedora, giving the bird to the cameraman

Although wearing a fedora is a pretty good way of guaranteeing that you'll be Forever Alone

I hope the irony of spending hours in front of a computer trolling single men on dating websites isn’t lost on anonymous. The guys that got pranked here can at least rest easy knowing they’re much more likely to find a partner than the awkward shut ins that tricked them in the first place. If there are any interested single ladies in NYC, please feel free to contact any of the men you see here. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

A young man stands in front of a Forever Alone sign with a single rose

So Lonely

All pictures courtesy of Viceland

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4 Comments on ““Forever Alone” 4Chan prank creates Involuntary Flashmob”

  1. May 22, 2011 at 7:11 pm #

    Soooooo epic in it’s imaginative cruelty and hilarity at the same time. I feel sorry for these guys, but as you said, they knowingly took the risk going on the blind date in the first place. Also, I loved your ironic point: “I hope the irony of spending hours in front of a computer trolling single men on dating websites isn’t lost on anonymous. The guys that got pranked here can at least rest easy knowing they’re much more likely to find a partner than the awkward shut ins that tricked them in the first place.” So true. May our many hot, single, female Intentious readers make themselves known so that these guys can regain a bit of pride 🙂

  2. Richard Lee
    May 23, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    It shows the importance of empowering men so they are no longer so desperate. Why aren’t each of these men meeting enough women so that they do not have to do the blind date from a dating website ??

    the information exists, we just need to get it to them

  3. James Hill
    May 24, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    I think a lot of men just feel very nervous about approaching a woman and making their intentions known. There will always be a place for blind dates and dating websites for people that feel uncomfortable breaking the ice, or would just rather explicitly state they’re looking for a date rather than dance around the issue.

    I honestly don’t think the men here have anything to be ashamed about. They put themselves on the line and they didn’t end up getting the girl. That’s how the bulk of flirting/dating goes. Building confidence is all about learning that rejection happens to everyone, and it’s usually not personal but merely the fickle nature of attraction.

    I hope a couple of guys come away from this experience with the realisation that looking silly in public isn’t the end of the world. Maybe that will inspire them to approach the next cute girl they meet at a party and say hello, instead of being too shy to even look her way.

  4. A. Nonymous
    June 8, 2011 at 3:00 am #

    I’d heard about this a while back on the “Forever Alone” comic site.


    I figured this was a funny idea, but that word would get out and no one would show. It would end up like a police sting that criminals avoid because a leak got out.

    To see that the joke actually worked is hilarious. I applaud all those at 4chan, well done.

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