Mentally unstable Christie Carr fights to keep mentally retarded kangaroo

News websites are reporting about the bizarre case of a depressed, anthropomorphic, mentally unstable woman living in America who somehow came into the possession of a “semi retarded” Kangaroo who she has since called “her son”. Apparently, when a Kangaroo is a little bit retarded, it acts more like a person.

The pair are inseparable, with Christie Carr collecting dozens of human outfits to dress the kangaroo in, take it for walks, even visit Broken Arrow Nursing Home patients with it.

While her efforts are innocent, even noble, she has managed to go under the council radar and avoid detection of Irwin, her illegal exotic Australian pet, ever since she adopted him after nursing it back to health as an animal sanctuary volunteer. The council has decided to flex it’s authoritarian muscle and excercise mandatory laws that prevent people owning a banned exotic pet that could become a potential pest.

As ridiculous as the story sounds, after reading the below from MSNBC, it seems that she should keep the pet. Are governments not formed by human beings with the higher ability to understand a situation in context? The council of Oklahoma is instead, it seems, run by robots who believe that all laws, no matter how small or what the circumstance, must apply to everyone, even if they have a medical need.

I believe in fairness and upholding law, but I have to agree that if a doctor certifies it as mental treatment, and the animal can no longer survive without 24/7 care, let alone become a pest, then what is the harm of two mentally retarded beings taking care of each other.

“At the advice of her therapist, Carr began volunteering at a local animal sanctuary, where she met Irwin, then just a baby. Less than a week later, the kangaroo named for famed Australian animal expert Steve Irwin ran into a fence, fracturing his neck and causing severe brain damage.

Carr volunteered to take the animal home and, while nursing him back to health, developed a bond. Irwin cannot stand or walk on his own, although he is slowly gaining back mobility and can hop three or four times in a row with assistance, she said.

“Irwin will not live if I have to give him up,” Carr said, adding that she would rather leave town. “I can’t imagine a day living without him.”

Carr, who is unable to work because of her health, changes Irwin’s diaper several times a day. She feeds him salad, raw veggies, kangaroo chow, popcorn and the occasional Cheez-Its or a handful of Cheetos.

The marsupial never leaves the house without first getting dressed. The clothes — a little boy’s shirt cut and sewed to accommodate his neck, sometimes a tie, and jeans or slacks with a hole cut for the tail— are necessary for therapeutic reasons and to protect him against germs, Carr said.

The 1-year-old animal never leaves Carr’s side for more than an hour, often accompanying her on errands and going out to eat. He rides in a car seat before being placed in a pouch when going out in public. Carr’s therapist certified the animal as a therapy pet under the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Source: MSNBC | Oklahoma woman Christie Carr fighting to keep Irwin, pet Kangaroo

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