A Royal Waste Of Time?

What a lovely couple, Kate and William. Such a romantic occasion. Lavish, extravagantly opulent. I have nothing against the couple, I’ve never met them. However, I am sick of hearing about it. We do go on a bit much about the fairytale British Wedding. So far there is:

The movie in particular makes the whole affair seem pretty cheap and tacky to me. They could have at least made the movie appealing. So far, reviews have said that it is “awfully unwatchable“, “so bad it transcends awfulness“, the “trashiest creation ever” and others say that “Twilight is a masterpiece in comparison”. This leaves me to wonder if Michael Bay has anything to do with it. Wait. There are no explosions… Yet.

You begin to wonder what the happy young couple have done to deserve this.

Yes, they are a big deal and the world clearly wants to know about them (or do they). But how does the nuptials of this striking couple affect us all the way over here in Australia? What do we gain from it, besides a corny love story?


Yes, there are benefits to being tied to this monarchy, but I do get the feeling that now is the time for Australians to start moving out of Mum and Dad’s house. I believe we should raise the Republic Referendum once again to part ways with a country whose many inhabitants still think of us as a penal colony. Let’s move forward as another entity. Not another country still subjected to British rule and inane Royal films.

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Author:Aaron Hackett

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