Microsoft declares Windows ‘better than Mac for photos, hands down’

This verdict was delivered by Brian Hall, General Manager for Windows Live. Not like he’s biased or anything. What else would you expect him to say? “We’ve been working hard all year but we’re still not as good as Mac?”

I’d like to point out that he deliberately left out any mention of Google Picasa 3, the free image organiser & photo-sharer platform that has all but cornered the PC market.

So, what the hell, Microsoft? Your latest YouTube video for Windows Live Essentials (view: below) is proudly boasting photo face recognition and sorting software like you invented it? Is there anyone left who isn’t either doing this already on an Apple product or using the free Picasa from Google If so, do these people really care enough about photo optimisation?

Honestly, the only decently impressive thing here is the group/panoramic stitch tool and the new Remote Desktop integration into Windows Live, which allows anyone to access their home PC (provided it is left switched on) while they’re away. But these are hardly new technologies, either.

SkyDrive, Microsoft’s free remote file storage service, like all Windows Live cloud services (Windows Live Mail included) is dead slow, lately performing like it’s being run on a single laptop server from 2006.

I am not an Apple Fanboy, nor am I a Windows Diehard. I do want to see Microsoft bounce back to innovation beyond merely playing copy-cat with the competition. Instead of finding myself saying “wow, that is a clever idea” like I do when I watch cutely-animated YouTube videos from online startup companies, I am once again rolling my eyes thinking Microsoft still has no idea how deeply they’ve lost connection and relevance with their home consumers.

Microsoft, don’t pretend you’re the first to get there unless you damn well are the first to get there. I would consider replacing Picasa 3 only if Windows Live Essentials had a slew of amazingly tight, speedy, easy-to-use integrations that addressed all of the competition’s weaknesses and publicised it. Like Windows Phone 7, the Windows Live brand seems to still be teetering in 3-years-behind limbo. But unlike Google and Apple, the Windows Live brand is already tainted by lag, spammers, hackers and bloat, and for all that legacy, there’s hardly what anyone could call innovation there. It’s sad, really.

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