Kevin Rudd: re-applying to replace Julia Gillard as Prime Minister?

Australia’s shadow treasurer Joe Hockey talks a lot of bullshit, but his latest accusation is an interesting one.

“I would suspect Kevin Rudd is applying to be Prime Minister, there’s no doubt about that, no doubt at all,” Mr Hockey said.

This statement comes after last night’s Question & Answer (Q&A) session in which Prime Minister Julia Gillard accuses predecessor Kevin Rudd of revealing private ministerial conversations revealing deep splits within the cabinet over a flagship policy issue: namely, disagreement over the ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme).

Shadow attorney general George Brandis today said “I have never seen … a government visibly falling apart on live television.”

I would be surprised if Joe Hockey’s suspicion turns out to be correct. The man is paid to be the country’s best bullshit artist. But at the same time, were this to happen, I believe the public – myself included, would not very fazed. It’s interesting that when Julia Gillard stabbed then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the back and seized control of the government, there was an almost unanimous outcry of protest from the public.
In the wake of Julia Gillard’s public opinion slumping heavily, if there’s even a tiny rumor of Kevin Rudd possibly contemplating a re-claim for the top job, the public support will be stronger than ever. It seems that the country increasingly believes Rudd is in fact the stronger leader of the two, especially in the wake of this Carbon Tax backlash. Most recent opinion polls have shown he is once again preferred as Prime Minister.
  • “I didn’t know Kevin Rudd Prime Minister, But I now think I’ve seen a bit of Kevin Rudd the man (after last night’s Q & A)’If what you see is what you get’ I recon that he would make a fair replacement as Prime Minister.” –Bryan Evans, NSW
  • “Just watched it… My god Rudd has seriously found his feet, Honestly, if Labor want the next election, they need to dump Gillard and replace her with Rudd. He’s a smart man, knowledgeable and a bloody good leader. Perhaps the dumping has turned him into the man he is today, and there is no doubt, he is a man now. Not the boy he once was.” — Dave, Sydney
  • Is Julia just trying to stop the public’s preference for Kev? He’s waaaaay ahead on points, right? Of course ministers discuss things outside cabinet: at lunch, via mobile phone while on the can, etc. And, when Julia starts to “err” and “ahh” when asked questions about it, we remember what an unholy liar she is. Well, if Kev got his job back and the contest was between Tony and Kev, I’d probably give Kev a go; let him finish his last term.” –Destry, Sydney
  • “If Rudd leads Labor again watch the Greens vote disintegrate. We will come back to labor Kev.” — John, Kooralbyn
Former Labor leader Mark Latham today accused Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd of trying to sabotage the government and says Prime Minister Julia Gillard should “call his bluff”.The former prime minister could not be allowed to act like a “teflon-coated minister”, Mr Latham told Sky News today.”A desperate Labor party will turn back to him, the grateful public will re-embrace him at the election after that and he can bounce back as prime minister, do a Menzies.”Mr Rudd’s behaviour should not go unpunished, Mr Latham said. 

“Call it sabotage, call it whatever you like, you can’t allow that to happen. It’s no way to govern a country,” he said.

“You’re better off calling the bluff of troublemakers than allowing them to be immune to any form of discipline.”


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3 Comments on “Kevin Rudd: re-applying to replace Julia Gillard as Prime Minister?”

  1. April 16, 2011 at 6:43 am #

    Gillard is finished but Rudd might have a slim chance, although the libs will keep reminding us what a desperate shambles Labor has become.


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