Policeman bombed in Northern Ireland. Just one more murder… right?


Here we go again. What? You’re bored hearing about the same thing? Interesting, because I got bored of living with it and it’s not even like I was alive during the worst years of the civil strife. How much more ‘over it’ must the older generations be?

In the grand scheme of things, you can be forgiven for thinking that there are more pressing issues in the world lately. Japan‘s impending nuclear fallout, the Middle East (to generalise, but not to take any of the importance of the individual conflict issues away), and street crime in general that results in deaths from gang warfare.

Isn’t it a crying shame that we have been desensitised to death and warfare?

It shouldn’t matter if one or ten people are killed, we should be horrified nonetheless. Realistically of course this is not the case. We are not overly horrified at those killed in African political or civil strife, nor the Iraq [insert feuding country here] wars to the extent that we should be.

The local newspaper reports:

“A young police officer has been killed by a booby-trap car bomb in Northern Ireland.The device exploded under the vehicle outside his home in Highfield Close, off the Gortin Road in Omagh, Co Tyrone, just before 4pm today.

It is understood the 25-year-old was a new recruit to the Police Service of Northern Ireland and was a Catholic.

Shadow Northern Ireland secretary Shaun Woodward said: “This evil and cowardly attack will sicken everyone across Northern Ireland.

“These crimes are targeted on those who protect the community.

“We all deeply mourn the brave young man whose life was taken by this savage crime.

“We all have a duty to stop those behind it from succeeding.”

Politicians north and south of the border condemned the bomb attack on the residential housing estate.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said his party was determined that those responsible would not set back the progress of the peace and political process.

Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore, the Republic of Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister and deputy leader, warned that those behind such violence have no mandate and are acting contrary to the democratic will of the people of Ireland, north and south.

The blast will send shivers through the people of Omagh, where 29 people, including a woman pregnant with twins, were killed when a Real IRA car bomb exploded in 1998.

Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny described the bomb attack as a heinous and pointless act of terror.

“Those who carried it out want to drag us back to the misery and pain of the past,” he said.

“They are acting in defiance of the Irish people.

“They must know that they can never succeed in defeating the democratic will of the people.”

It is believed the young officer was from Omagh and only graduated from police training college three weeks ago.

He was in the car alone when neighbours rushed to the scene seconds after the bomb exploded.

About 2,000 people taking part in the Omagh Half Marathon passed the nearby entrance to the estate just hours before the blast.

Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliott said those behind the murder had one aim – to take Northern Ireland back to the dark days of the past.

“The deliberate targeting of a new recruit to the police by these criminals is utterly reprehensible,” he said.

SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie said the policeman’s killers were enemies of Ireland.

“This has not only stunned the people of Omagh, it has stunned the entire country,” she said.

“This is not what the people want. They cannot be allowed to continue their campaign.”

Meanwhile, party chairman Joe Byrne, who was at the scene within minutes, said the attack had stunned a community which had finally begun to come to terms with its past.

“Those responsible have no support in the town of Omagh. Nobody wants them,” he warned.

Northern Ireland should know better, as a Westernised country who do not have the political and unlawful strife central Africa has been subject to due to severe corrupt persecution. It is, as others have pointed out to me, in Northern Ireland’s case, self inflicted.

Controvertial though it may seem, I have an unbiased view on this, and it is an issue very close to my heart as it will always be my homeland. The issues that we are culturally placing upon oursleves here were some of the reasons I chose to leave Northern Ireland, a country that I will always think fondly of and encourage others to visit and spend time in. It is worth noting that I don’t think the rest of the world has a particularly good impression of Northern Ireland when we keep appearing on their news bulletins for issues like these. They assume we are being petty and should (and I quote) “just get over it”.

For those of us from Northern Ireland, we know this is a much more delicate high wire to tread than that. Nonetheless we need to realise that in stepping back from all this, we are bogged down in little political details and missing the point. Northern Irish people do not want to, nor do they deserve to, live in fear for their lives, country or religious choices – nor should they be punished by executing their right to freedom of choice.

The vast majority of the people do not want this violence, and this 25 year old has paid the price for it. The overwhelming condemnation among the communities (on both sides may I add) show you that this is simply unacceptable.

How many more people have to die or be maimed before we grow up and get over the fact that these ‘reminder’ attacks, showing dissidents are still in existence are nothing but a power play, attempting to instill fear into the lives of those simply trying to get on with their lives in the community.

This is a beautiful country, with stunning landscape, architecture, and some of the most friendly people in the world.

Lets not ruin it for ourselves.

Catholic policeman murdered in bomb blast in Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland, Local & National – Belfasttelegraph.co.uk.

Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/catholic-policeman-murdered-in-bomb-blast-in-northern-ireland-15135229.html#ixzz1IQ4w0Rsw

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