Can’t Blame the Taliban

Mazar-i-Sharif attack

Just this morning reports came in from Afghanistan that a UN Compound located in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif was attacked by an angry mob.  So far there have been 14 confirmed deaths, eight of them foreign nationals.  The nationalities included a Swede, a Norwegian, a Romanian and at least four Nepalese guards.  Many of them were shot in the back of the head execution style and there have been some unconfirmed accounts of two people being beheaded.  The mob, who had just left a Friday prayer session were armed with knives and guns.

Of course, we’re used to hearing about violent incidents like this from Afghanistan all the time.  The Taliban have for over two decades been committing atrocity after atrocity against humanity as well as culture.  However, this time the Taliban are innocent.

“The Taliban had nothing to do with this, it was a pure act of responsible Muslims,” spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told the Reuters news agency by phone, “The foreigners brought the wrath of the Afghans on themselves by burning the Koran,” he said. (

This spontaneous act of “responsible Muslims” originated from the very people we have not only been sending huge amounts of money and personnel to, but quite literally the blood of our soldiers to protect their freedom.  Something they do not appear to appreciate or feel indebted to us for. What inspired this act of brutality against Westerners?  On March 20, Pastor Wayne Sapp, presided over a Kangaroo trial for the Koran.  The “jury” found that the ancient text was guilty of inciting murder, rape and terrorist activities.  Although this event barely registered in the Western news because most people were far more concerned with protecting the lives of the Libyan people than what a few Christians like to do in their spare time for kicks.

However, at least three mullahs in Afghanistan felt this was worthy of a street protest.  A protest to try to pressure the US government into arresting and charging the people involved in the Koran burning for blasphemy; in other words, terrorism 101.  Yes, the medieval world just clashed with the modern world again.  If you don’t believe in such a thing as a clash of civilisations, I advise you to stop reading now because guess what?  It just happened again in Kandahar as I’m writing this.  More riots, more Muslims being ‘responsible’, and more killings of innocent Western bystanders.

What I’m about to say right now is of mind boggling importance.  In the last few months pastors Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp have proved that they wield more influence over world events than Presidents, Prime Ministers, Monarchs and dictators.  Afghanistan is a tinder box and if someone wanted to they could turn it into a Vietnam with every man and his dog attacking the Western forces from all directions (assuming they aren’t already) .  This could be tested by anyone.  Just take a Koran, douse it in petrol and set it alight in the middle of your nearest city street and bang!  Like clockwork people will start dying somewhere else around the world even though they have nothing to do with what you’ve just done.  All conventional morality is out the window because apparently something so trivial can stir a Muslim horde into violence.

This means that the people who want our governments to pull out of Afghanistan have the power, through the shameless manipulation of Muslims, to make it happen.  The man on the street can challenge the leader of their nation and force them out of office because by simple burning a Koran he can dramatically increase the death toll in Afghanistan.  And why would he do it?  Neither the left nor the right have any intention of backing out of Afghanistan so millions of people don’t even have a political party they can rally behind to push for a decision.  Out world is coming down to this: rule by the mob.  But it isn’t really that simple, you can’t make people do things that they don’t already want to do, you can only give them an excuse to do it, and that’s what this outrage over Koran burning is: an excuse to carry out acts or barbarism against non-Muslims.  They want to kill or oppress us, not for any supposed crime we’re committed against them but simply because we’re not like them.  It is fascism in its most distilled form.

Like many Muslim protests before, it wasn’t peaceful, and the clerics were not trying to calm people down, instead they were actively inciting anger and hatred towards Westerners.  Don’t forget the Danish cartoon incident!  Make no mistake about it, the crowd attacked the UN because they were Westerners and therefore infidels and unworthy of respect by the Muslim master cult.  Ironically, they also made it clear that the verdict from Pastor Wayne Sapp’s show court was reasonable and accurate: Islam does inspire violence.   Here’s a fun fact, last year around May it was reported that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard burned hundreds of Bibles.  How many Christians took to the streets killing and terrorising Muslims?  None that I’m aware of.  See Christians would have done that kind of thing 500 years ago, maybe, but the world is all too familiar with Islamic violence now to ignore the truth.  Islam is a religion of hatred, violence, lies and intolerance. The uncomfortable truth is, Afghanistan is a primitive, savage, backward culture because of Islam and we’re kidding ourselves if we think they are going to turn into a friendly pro-western human-rights observing state anytime soon in the future.  When one can’t tell the difference between the Taliban and the people we’re trying to protect from them maybe it is time to face up to the real enemy: Islam and its Islamic republics.

It is time to stop taking the crocodile tears of Muslims seriously and hold them accountable for their actions.  Murder is wrong. Violence is the worst way to resolve a conflict.  Any tolerance we show towards them on this matter will be interpreted as weakness and cowardice to them.  They attack innocent people like those at the UN compound because they see us as being all the same: infidels and therefore unworthy of respect.  We need to make them respect us and that means standing up to them.  We need to stop blaming the victim and focus on making the perpetrators of these crimes accountable.  If our governments won’t stand up to them then maybe we should all start burning Korans just to let them know that we aren’t scared of them and we aren’t going to let them terrorise us into submission.

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Author:Jason Sutherland

Resist the temptation to assume that you're always right or wrong. Never succumb to thinking you're so insignificant to trust your own thoughts and feelings. Always be responsible and listen carefully to others before passing judgement. Don't trust governments bearing stolen goods.

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2 Comments on “Can’t Blame the Taliban”

  1. Richard Lee
    April 7, 2011 at 12:48 am #

    Brave words.

    I was thinking about the Good Friday concert, where all the Satanists were trying to set up a death metal gig, and Ted tried to stop it. Would they dare do it to Mohammed or the Koran?

    Perhaps Christians don’t have to be more violent, but take their religion more seriously.

    • April 7, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

      Since writing this article my attention has been drawn to this video that makes a very interesting claim: it isn’t fundamentalists that are the problem in a religion, it is the fundamentals of the religion in question.

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