The real Charlie Sheen, “performance art”

The most common question Scott Dooley‘s had since meeting Charlie Sheen is, “What’s he really like?”.

Charlie Sheen and Scott Dooley

“I found Charlie Sheen to be an eccentric, rich man. Which means that when he has an idea that may seem ludicrous to you and I, he has the means and the staff to make it seem as natural as possible. If I were to suggest that we sit on a boat in the middle of the ocean and watch Jaws in order to heighten the tension of the film, your first reaction would be to that I don’t operate heavy machinery for at least 48 hours. When you’re Charlie Sheen, someone will pick up a phone and make sure the yacht is staffed, there’s a DVD player and that there’s plenty of fresh fruit on board.

After our interview, Charlie and I sat by the pool with one of his girlfriends, Natalie, and had a chat. It was then it all became clear, with Sheen describing his outrageous behaviour as being nothing more than “performance art“.”

The man is a marketing genius. It takes a ‘fairly’ sound mind and a wickedly cunning PR coach to invent all of the slogans, keep it up for weeks without falter, and be there completely ready to profit in every single way imaginable: book and movie offers, video game cameos, interviews and exclusives, live shows & appearances, right through to t-shirts and pithy merchandise. He even nabs some Guinness World Records along the way. Make no mistake, he has totally, deliberately manufactured this image. Because Charlie Sheen understands what his brand is. Hollywood, people. Entertainment for the masses. Genius.

Read the entire article: The real Charlie Sheen, by Scott “Dools” Dooley.

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