62kg, four years old: obesity “mystery” to parents

Lollypop in mouth. Mystery indeed. What a head-scratcher!

Meet Hao. He is around five times bigger than the average child his age. Born at a healthy 2.6kg, the Chinese boy’s weight ballooned to 132 pounds, or 62 kilograms in his first 4 years, bolstered largely by a voracious appetite and an apparent aversion to exercise, the Daily Mail reported.

Hao’s weight gain started to accelerate faster than normal at just three months old, with his parents claiming he puts on pounds even if he only gets 3 large bowls of rice at kindergarden or how many lollypops he has in his mouth while he exercises.

“Doctors said his hormones are at a normal level,” father Lu Yuncheng said.

“It’s hard to know why he could be so big. Our biggest hope is one day Hao could get slim.”

While he didn’t say it, Hao’s father probably also secretly hopes his son can get into the Guinness World Records, be a Sumo wrestler, and earn their family hundreds of thousands of dollars doing A Current Affair interviews.


Chinese Hao demands more food and gets every bowl

His parents have tried to push him to exercise more, but they say it only makes him hungrier.  They also drive him to kindergarten on their motorcycle because they say he cries non-stop if he has to walk. They’ve taken him to several hospitals (they took the junk food out of his mouth first), where the reason for his obesity remains unknown, though it has been said that it is possibly due to dietary habit.

Source: Parents mystified by 62kg four-year-old boy (NineMSN)

No, this is not a news story from “The Onion“, believe it or not.

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