Earth Hour more harmful to the environment

Earth Hour Imbeciles

Earth Hour Imbeciles

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Excuse me. Am I meant to believe that some magical hippy fair will fly out of my light switch and register a vote for me?

No. Earth Hour is just a pile of wank and I encourage that during the hour you turn on every single light and appliance you can. Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is a vote against environmental wankery.

Serious, what is the point of Earth Hour? The only thing I see it doing is giving corporations an excuse to claim they are environmentally aware. Fuck that shit. If they want to make a difference why not do it every day of the year? And if this is such an environmentally aware cause then why the fuck do I see heaps of Earth Hour fliers floating around the gutters and foot paths of the CBD? Seriously, so much Earth Hour propaganda has been printed and discarded that any “savings” made by switching the lights off for an hour will be worth nothing.

Earth hour is bullshit. Leave you lights on.

While it may seem noble of you to publicly declare your love for saving the environment by not contributing to the burning of fossil fuels for 1 hour of the year, what most people fail to realise is that what you do because of Earth Hour does more harm to the environment than if you left all your lights and appliances on.

Listening to the radio the afternoon before Earth Hour, they were taking calls. “What are you planning to do for Earth Hour this year?” quite a number of people called in and declared that they’d be hosting some kind of get-together, lighting a fire in their local park or backyard and enjoying living in the stone age for one hour.

Wait a minute. Rewind just a second. Lighting a fucking fire?

Lighting a mere tea light candle for one hour leaves a carbon footprint ten times worse than having one incandescent lightbulb on for an hour. What positive impact then, do you suppose burning a campfire will have? These kinds of people are either too naive to deserve the right to leave any carbon footprint on this Earth at all, or else are truly the poster-children of selfish behavior, happy to lure friends and colleagues into their public display of “caring” when all they’re doing is turning an environmental event into yet another all-consuming good time.

If Earth Hour’s goal was truly to care about the environment instead of being a farce “giving corporations an excuse claim they an environmentally aware“, Earth Hour would not be a globally public event burning a massive carbon footprint for it’s mere marketing campaign. It would be quietly held with no fanfare between 3 and 4am while you’re fast asleep, perhaps when power companies could voluntarily hold a global blackout in your neighbourhood for one hour a year. In fact, it would be called Earth Night, and it would happen every night, you know, when you switch off the TV and all the lights and go to bed.

It’s empowering to realise that by merely sleeping last night I saved the environment harder than anyone I know who observed Earth Hour.

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