On becoming an Islamic state

Today I received an email forward that millions of you have probably received before, perhaps multiple times. It typically starts with a line like this:

“Our troops in the World Wars in particular did not fight and die so that <insert country here> could slowly evolve into an Islamic state.”

It continues with a patriotic spiel about how we’re increasingly losing our civil rights at such a fearful speed that you are compelled to be an activist and forward on an email. Some versions of the email cite “evidence”, which more often than not turn out to be downright fabrications. Such emails have swept the world for years. (Source)

Being an Australian, I love that Australia is full of cultures from all over the world. We have entire neighborhoods full of Europeans and Middle Easterners and Mauritians and Africans and Asians and Indians and so on. Over 30 or more years, many of these once culturalclashes” have been absorbed into our Australian way of life. As a result, we have multicultural festivals, cultural art exchanges, world-class restaurants, heavily influence architecture, beloved “China Town” strips, world music influencing mainstream music, significant boosts to professions and industries, significant boosts in our credibility when doing business internationally, partnership programs, increased international knowledge, not to mention mixed-race people who are just gorgeous. Melbourne, for example, is a rare city where within one city block you will come into contact with businesses influenced by every continent on Earth.

Islamic or Muslim immigration is the “new obsession” of the past 9 years. Eastern European, Asian and African immigration were the same in the mid 90s. Given a generation or two, cultures have tended to assimilate to a point that future migrants looking to cause “cultural upheaval” meet strong resistance from their own cultures who have established themselves here. This quashes what was previously perceived as a “threat to our way of life” into a tiny minority never capable of making a nation-wide impact.

This “clash-of-cultures” immigration issue might be solved if we had (in an ideal world of infinite resources) a legal clause stating that, upon arrival, all asylum seekers and immigrants must agree to abide by a simple (very short) list:

— Accept our laws and government without protest
— Respect other religions and beliefs without protest
— Learn to read/write and speak English fluently within 5 years
— Demonstrate full interracial respect
— Respect women as equals

This would require regular audits on a family’s behavior, over, say 10 years, and their activity in things like protests, freedom of speech and so on, building a suitability profile file. Yes, this is in violation of the constitution almost as much as being on the “person of interest” or “no-fly” list. However, such restrictions would surely be more attractive than the conditions of living being fled from. If not, then there really is no compulsion to migrate.

Perhaps some of you realise that in reality, enforcing such a list is totally impossible, given that we can’t even process the paper work back-log for those detained under our current system.

That said, a lot of us Australians seem to have no ability to follow even those 5 basic rules. So if that’s what it means to live in Australia, just how Australian are we?

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Author:Andrew Beato

CEO, Chief Editor and founder of Intentious. Passionate comment enthusiast, amateur philosopher, Quora contributor, audiobook and general knowledge addict.

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4 Comments on “On becoming an Islamic state”

  1. Cyril Soh
    March 2, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

    Change the last one to “Treat everyone regardless of race, age, sex or creed as equals”

  2. James Herron
    March 2, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    The previous waves of immigration came first from Italy and Greece, where migrants already adhered to Western values despite not speaking English, and from South East Asia, where immigrants have notoriously been proactive in assimilating to the point of adopting western names to ease communication. Immigrants from these nations already placed a high value on education, hard work and property ownership and within single generations many families had gone from refugees to full integration into the Australian middle class.

    I do not take issue with Islam as a religion. I take issue with Islamic extremists who openly espouse anti western ideals and advocate extremists positions including forcing worldwide Sharia law and attacking western military personnel. The UK has spectacularly failed to integrate these immigrants, partly because they had no intention of integrating in the first place, but partly because the brand of multiculturalism espoused by the UK appeared weak and worthy of contempt. The UK is now in the situation of having Sharia law courts, problems with home grown terrorists and honour killings on their home soil. The world is full of hard working people that would ache for a chance to experience the lifestyle Australia has to offer. Why are we wasting our time with a very small minority of immigrants that hate our way or life and actively seek to destroy it?

  3. Paul
    March 3, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Are people seriously worried about this in Australia?
    It makes sense for my friends in Malaysia (a democracy with 60% mulsims and Islam the official religion), when they campaign to make sure their country doesn’t become an Islamic state. But who in their right mind thinks our government is going to say ‘ok lets throw out all our democracy and adopt religious rule’? I think we need a reality check on this.

    In a properly functioning democracy, a radical minority should not be a threat…
    If our democracy in not functioning; if fear, or intolerance, or political correctness are preventing honest, open debate, then Islam is the least of our problems…

  4. James Herron
    March 4, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    By definition extremists will always be in the minority– their views are so far beyond mainstream culture that it is virtually impossible that they’ll be adopted en masse. That doesn’t mean they’re incapable of negatively impacting society as a whole. Timothy McVeigh was just a whack job with extremist views on the US government. Australia will almost certainly never live under Sharia law, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t dedicated individuals that will kill people in the belief that they can bring about this extremist change in Australian society.

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