China’s Brutal Censorship Strikes Again

The wife of jailed Chinese Nobel peace prize laureate is allegedly now a hostage in China.

Isn’t it about time that the censorship ‘rights’ that are prohibited in China for one reason or another, get the same treatment than the ‘human rights’ issues that are used to validate the wars in the Middle East? I’m assuming the world stays out of China’s affairs due to the sheer number of their population and order of their reigime. If half of this happened in the Middle East (again, where there is oil) I really think the world might be back into another World War again. The countries who tend to lead these wars are, I think, scared of the outcome and testing of their forces by a country where communism has reigned supreme for so long. The people are still fed false information, and yet, we seem to turn a blind eye.

Of  course, it’s not actually our fight to get involved in, but neither were the rest of them really.

“Supporters have been unable to reach Liu Xia since shortly after October’s announcement that her husband had won the award. It was initially thought she was under house arrest at the couple’s home in Beijing, but it is now believed she may be being held at her parents’ house.”

” “I don’t know how I managed to get online,” Liu Xia wrote in the five-minute chat on Thursday night. “Don’t go online. Otherwise my whole family is in danger.”Asked whether she was at home, she added: “Yes. Can’t go out. My whole family are hostages.” She added: “So miserable. I’m crying. Nobody can help me.” The chat ended when her friend asked her to log out because he was concerned he would cause her more trouble, adding: “We miss you and support you. We will wait for you outside.”Liu Xiaobo is serving an 11-year sentence for inciting subversion of state power for co-authoring Charter 08, a bold call for democratic reforms, and other essays posted online. The author was represented by an empty chair at the Nobel ceremony last year because none of his family was able to attend. The authorities placed his wife under house arrest when he won. Her communications were cut off a few days later, although she had said she was able to visit him in prison after the announcement. In her online chat, she wrote: “I only saw him once,” apparently in reference to her husband.Liu Xiaobo’s case has sparked international condemnation. Campaigners are particularly alarmed at the treatment of his wife, because she has never been accused of any crime.” “

China, she has a voice, let her use it.



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