Strange elongated skulls fuel debate

Archeologists in Siberia have discovered an unusual series of ancient, misshapen humanoid skulls buried in a forest, dating back to the 4th century AD . While no solid explanation is forthcoming, the accepted theory so far is that they are homosapien, and that ancient civilisations deliberately deformed the skulls of infants, perhaps to try and achieve improved mental capabilities.

However, no theory is without it’s problems. With no knowledge of neuroscience, it is unlikely that such patients would have survived to adult age. The debate over whether the brain actually filled the larger cranial hole and what mental advantage this may have given, remains disputed.

Despite the strong claim that this is evidence of a cultural practice called cranial binding, no record of the practice has been described in historical records by any ancient culture. This is despite almost exact duplicate skulls having been uncovered at several sites around the globe. In South America, they are referred to as “Star Beings”. Unlike the 6000 year old Siberian find, these are estimated to be tens of thousands of years old. However, cranial binding is still undertaken in certain cultures today, akin to the Rat Children of Pakistan.

The find has fuel the debate between evolutionists, creationists as well as the belief in an extraterrestrial link. So… fact? Or misinformation?

Video: Strange Elongated Skulls Discovered Video by Diagonal View –

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