Gay wedding ban in church may be lifted

So I know I’m no saint, and therefore not really entitled to cast the first stone on this one, but I can’t help wondering how this is feasible for the modern churches in the UK, notorious for having kicked up a fuss when Sunday trading hours were introduced, let alone gay marriage ceremonies in traditional churches.

“The move, likely to be announced by Lynne Featherstone, the equalities minister, would lift the ban on civil partnerships taking place in religious settings in England and Wales. Same-sex couples are currently not allowed to use hymns or Bible readings in civil ceremonies, but it is unclear whether this would change or whether civil partnership ceremonies in places of worship could formally be described as marriages.”

What anyone does in their own time is entirely their own business, and I’m not going to judge that. However, I don’t think that this is the right move for churches, despite not actually being a ‘marriage’ itself legally yet. It’s no surprise to see “The Church of England, which has said it will not allow any of its churches to be used for civil partnerships, said the reported proposals could lead to “inconsistencies” and “confusion”.”  They are right. This is not about anyone’s civil rights or the lack thereof, it’s actually about a belief system. These high churches are preaching against gay weddings, so to hold them would be inconsistent. It’s a fine line, because that’s not to say those partaking in these ceremonies are not Christians. “The Catholic church and Islam sanction marriage only as a union between a man and a woman.”

I think each to their own, but since Christianity, and Islam are supposed to be a pillar for the morality that they teach, I think logically therefore it would be wrong to open their doors to gay marriages. That is no judgement on gay marriage itself, simply logic based on thousands of years of belief, and the appropriate actions to follow through on the beliefs taught. It’s great that two people of whatever gender are in love enough to show that commitment publicly and I am all for that, in fact, ironically these marriages may even last longer than their heterosexual counterparts’ marriages statistically for all I know. But a belief system is a belief system. It’s hard to take beliefs seriously once you compromise what you have spent so long reinforcing for whatever reason.



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3 Comments on “Gay wedding ban in church may be lifted”

  1. February 14, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    I’ve always supported the idea of gay civil ceremonies, even so far as calling them “marriage” in the context of a legal union. However I agree with you: to politically or morally pressure a long-standing belief system, regardless of whether it’s Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism etc, to adopt gay marriage is completely not anybody’s right, and it’s highly hypocritical of any religion to change it’s belief system to what is “popular”. It completely undermines the credibility of any belief system. So here here!


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