Mobile customers given green light to walk

This isn’t exactly today’s news. It was reported by The Daily Telegraph almost 2 months ago. However, the fact that almost everyone I know is not aware of it, makes it a story that needs to be spread again.

Vodafone customers given green light to walk |


Vodafone had sold services that had not worked well for a sustained period… that constituted a breach of contract.

“If the product isn’t fit for purpose, you could argue that the contract hasn’t been fulfilled and therefore could be null and void,” an ACCC spokeswoman said.

“They are not offering the service we are paying for”

If you are locked into a contract with any mobile service provider where, for whatever reason, you are constantly plagued by bad reception, drop outs, partial reception, horrible customer service quality or frequent roaming, you probably have the green light to walk, says the ACCC.

How close are you to doing this to your phone?
How close are you to doing this to your phone?

Once you make that phone call and receive your reference case number with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (Australian phone number: 03 8600 8700) the investigation they undertake on your behalf usually takes 1-2 months. For consumers barely tolerating the next 6-12 months contracted into a sub-par service, this is a much more attractive option.

So… what is your mobile phone service provider like? Tell us below.

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