Jerusalem UFO vid fools news worldwide, but why?

Many of you have seen the video “UFO hovers over Jerusalem Temple Mount” in the past week. That’s because, for some odd reason, it’s been covered worldwide by news sites around the world:

Now, believer or not, it takes 5 minutes of Googling to figure out not only that this is fake, but just how easy it is to fake a video like this. In fact, the city scape is just a processed, digitally zoomed version of this image from Wikimedia Commons, with some fake panning, wobble, and post-production lighting added in.

This YouTube video breaks it down to show you how, in about 3 minutes, you can create the exact same effect over a still image. To give the video apparent credibility, a second, even less convincing video was made from a different angle. Again, a quick search on YouTube confirms this is also a fake.

What has become of UFO-ology? It’s a big fat joke, all thanks to the media. Anything that may be authentic is lost amongst the countless fakes that get picked up and dragged around the press like a hot potato, not to mention the total loons they choose to give airtime. People think UFOs are fun entertainment, and their supporters worthy of Jerry Springer timeslots. These papers obviously support proliferating deliberately fake “evidence”, but to what agenda?

Why is this special? Far superior, authentic-looking CGI videos get created every single week, and yet they do not make world news. Interestingly enough, a theory has surfaced that this is a paid stunt.  Could this be a paid viral marketing campaign intended to reawaken people’s fascination in UFOs and ETs? It is no coincidence that one of the biggest sci-fi blockbusters of the past decade is coming out in exactly 1 month’s time, centering on exactly this type of religious+UFO enigma.

Personally, I think this video is way more believable.


Wikimedia Commons: File:Jerusalem night 7088.JPG

Full Original Video: YouTube

Battle: Los Angeles (2011) – IMDB

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