WikiLeaks cables: British Muslims travelling to Somalia for ‘jihadi tourism’

Are we talking about Jihadi Tourism because it is still a real ‘threat’, a popular topic, scaremongering, or just because it sells stories and therefore newspapers?

”The United Nations special envoy to Somalia was so worried about rebels linked to al-Qaeda that he urged the United States to launch targeted strikes against extremists in the region…In January last year, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the UN Special Representative for Somalia, told US diplomats that the country was becoming “a terrorist incubator”. “We are facing a very serious threat by people with money and organisation,” he said, adding that a “high number” of foreign fighters had joined the armed opposition, including American and British citizens.”

Personally I believe it is a real threat, but not perhaps of the scale many officials lead us to believe.

Coming from Northern Ireland I am well aware of the inflated news stories of terrorism, mixed in with very real and very devastating outcomes of ignoring the threats… so perhaps, whatever the reason, we still need to be taking it seriously. Omagh bombing in the 90’s is a good example of innocents who get killed in terror when we take a ‘threat’ too lightly.



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