Nokia signs with Microsoft, Windows Phone 7

UPDATE: Nokia has officially signed with Microsoft. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop explains the decision here.

Asking around the office, the consensus is that Nokia phones “are pretty shit these days”. That explains why the only countries who are still buying Nokias in droves, are developing countries too technologically behind to know the difference.

This is huge for Nokia though. After years of fighting to keep their tried-and-true Symbian and fledgling MeeGo operating systems, it seems they’re waving the white flag and are rumored to be partnering with Microsoft… which means running future Nokia smartphones with the ever-more-solid Windows Phone 7 operating system.

This is good news, interesting news, and bad news, depending on who you are. If you’re an Apple fanboy, you’ll most likely scoff at the thought of two fledgling smartphone companies trying to join forces to bring down the big guns, and merely start counting the days until that deal falters and both die.

If you’re a Google Android user, you’ll find it interesting and probably declare it a good thing for consumerism all-around. And this should come as little surprise, with the likes of big brands Motorolla, Samsung and HTC all jumping on the Android bandwagon. You’re probably just wondering why Nokia doesn’t do the same.

If you’re in your mid to late 20s, you might feel a touch of old-skool admiration at the thought of the phone companies you grew up with in highschool making a powerful comeback, hand in hand. Alternatively, you might be horrified: why should Nokia think Microsoft can do any better?! They should go it alone!

Then again, perhaps you’ve been burned by the horrible software and hardware that Microsoft and Nokia have unleashed upon you over the years, one too many times, and you just want to see them dead at all costs. The market has no room for non-innovators!

In any case, we are interested: would you ditch your current smartphone for a Nokia powered by Microsoft? Are you currently a Windows Phone or a Nokia N-series phone owner, and if so, how have you found it? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Rumors have Nokia jumping on Windows Phone 7.

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