High Greed Internet: Billing By The Gigabyte

Megabytes used to be thought of as HUGE amounts of data. My dad had a 40MB hard drive in the 1990s and he chose to partition it into two 20MB hard drives because there was “no way someone was going to use all of that space”. Nowadays, a megabyte is superficial and scoff-worthy. A gigabyte, is more standard, but that too, is quickly becoming superficial as we all move to downloading HD movies which are 5GB a pop, and games which are sometimes larger than our entire operating system.

So with that in mind, you would think that the world would be moving AWAY from capping internet usage by the gigabyte, or anything for that matter. Unfathomably, this is not so. Canada is the next to try and push through metered internet usage. Poor Australians have never had the freedom of unmetred internet usage, well, unless you pay out of your teeth, and even then, it’s ferociously policed via various “Fair Use” policies.

Are we taking a backwards step and stifling global online innovation? Deadmau5 tweeted today voicing his displeasure, pointing people to sign a petition against charging by the gigabyte.

Greed …or fair?

More: YouTube – The Impending Metered Internet

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Author:Andrew Beato

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