Cyclone Yasi = Another Tax Levy?

First there were the locusts plagues. Then there were the floods. Now there’s a category-5 cyclone. Reading the news this morning, it seems this cyclone Yasi has come out of nowhere in the last few days. And let’s not forget the toads… what’s next for Queensland? Maybe we should consult the book of Exodus. Poor Queenslanders. Cairns is going to be all but flattened when this monster hits tonight. Yet another horrible blow,  another “unforeseen” disaster of this size. It’s the “largest cyclone ever observed in Australian waters“.

On the other hand, cyclones are nothing new for this region. Every year they put up with cyclonic weather patterns and floods. How ‘unforeseen’ is ‘unforeseen’ really?

Reading the terribly worrying updates below for Cairns, I couldn’t help but wonder how Julia Gillard must be feeling about now. She’s been fighting tooth and nail to gain acceptance for her nation-wide tax levy to foot the bill for the flood damage. If this thing brings Cairns and the surrounding region to its knees, where will THAT rebuilding money come from? Another tax?

Would you accept another tax levy on top of the first one, if this cyclone turns out to cause another massive damage bill to Northern Queensland? If not, why not? Where do we draw the line?

Cyclone Yasi - Sheer scope is jawdropping

Cyclone Yasi - Sheer scope is jaw-dropping

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Author:Andrew Beato

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