Botched Border Control – Unicorn Passport Gets Through Customs

We all know how much of a crack down border security has become in the recent years since 9/11. Coming from Northern Ireland myself I’m no stranger to being stopped ...

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Dissecting Copyright Laws: A Much Better Piece of Silence

If you are a musician, or know someone who is, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that you probably agree with me that copyright laws have gone ...

Newborn baby found trapped in sewer pipe in China, Liveleak

Sewer baby somehow survives, Chinese fathers not accountable

This video is heartbreaking. I don’t have a transcript of the entire thing but later in the video one of the rescuers can be heard saying “Be careful, be careful! ...

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I regret having children | Intentious, Controversial Topics

My Butt Is Covered In Moss — So Is Yours; You Just Won’t Admit It

Here, I offer a hearty congratulations to Mr. Andrew Beato. On October ...
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Offshore processing is not working – end it now.

Already as reported on the ABC, the Christmas Island detention centre is ...

Amy’s Baking Company Nightmare: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?

In the last few days I’ve enjoyed among the most entertaining moments ...
Live Leak Syrian Cuts Heart Out Eats Heart Rebel Syria

Fuck Both Sides of Syria

As reported this week by The Huffington Post, Gruesome footage of a ...

The Cold Dead Heart of Modern Art

Art and culture are the heart and soul of a people.  Without ...

Journalism: the Art of Intellectual Prostitution

Just for once, I would like to read a mainstream news article ...

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Meat equals guilt

Why I Am No Longer a Vegetarian

My niece asked me the other day why I became a vegetarian.  There was an awkward pause from me as I thought.  In the past the stock standard answer was because I was concerned about health (this is true) and about the destruction of the Earth from human overcrowding (this is also true) however, these […]

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Equality in the workplace: Ladies, could we shut the **** up?

Peta Southcombe of media agency Maxux last week posted a controversial opinion piece in Australia‘s media, marketing and entertainment news site, mUmBRELLA, entitled “Ladies, could we shut the **** up?”. Intentious has a look at the reaction, below. Ms Southcombe begins her piece with “I don’t mean to be a traitor to my gender, but if […]

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No Such Thing As A Good Muslim

Once again, Islamists are killing and maiming our people, in our streets and in our countries.  What happened in Boston was a tragedy that never would have happened in the days before multiculturalism and endless colonial wars in the middle-east were thrust upon our people and our nations by those claiming to represent our interests.  […]

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Your Work Wardrobe Could Affect Your Performance

We already know that dressing appropriately for work is usually part of the condition of many of the jobs out there. Dressing inappropriately could result in not getting that job, getting fired for it, or even just giving the wrong impression. Uniformed jobs have it the easiest, let’s face it that removal of choice makes […]

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Indian Millionare Advertises for a ‘Slim, Childless, Meat-Eating’ New Wife.

I’m all for getting what you want, and being open and honest in going about doing so, but I’m always intrigued by different cultures and classes interpretation of this. Only last week saw an Indian millionaire, now living in Mexico, take out a full page ad in The Times of India to seek a wife. […]

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